Lawi Shipping International Next Cargo Dispatch: Monday 15th May 2017


Lawi Shipping is back! Over the last two years, the company has proven to be the most reliable in the industry especially within the market area covering Scandinaia-Kenya cargo shipment. The next consignment will be leaving Stockholm on Monday, 15th May 2017. All cargo must be in on time for packing, clearance and other related paperwork.

One good news is that prices have not changed. To avoid confusion, the company has released the latest price list that applies to all cargo as listed in the flyer. The company is also handling shipment of automobiles at very competitive rates. Customers intending to take advantage of the “Madaraka Day discount” especially on car transportation should ensure that their cargo meets the Kenyan requirements for imported cars. For an assortment of cargo packed in a carton, the company advises customers to stick to “Flytt katong” charged at 500kr to avoid disappointment.

lawi shipping

In the meantime, the Company continues to thank all its esteemed clients who have consistently been sending cargo to Kenya through Lawi Shipping International. The Company would like to assure customers that it will maintain its current reliability especially on the frequency of cargo handling and the guarantee that all cargo will reach home safely.

For further information, contact Lawi Shipping Internation through +46700474138 or  +460736138055. You can also send mail at

Okoth Osewe
Lawi Shipping International Help Desk


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