How Jacob Juma Was Assassinated as Narrated by the Assassin to Boniface Mwangi


The amazing confession of one of Jacob Juma’s assassins is no doubt one of the most compressive documentation of how the late anti-corruption crusader met his death. Equally disturbing is what appears to be an unchallengeable link to DP William Ruto’s involvement in the assassination of his former friend.

Not only is Farouk Kibet, Ruto’s Personal Assistant, named as a person who met the assassins but the detail show that the planning may have been done in Ruto’s office. It is notable that Farouk has also been mentioned in the NYS scam in which billions of Kenyan shillings were stolen by a cartel operating in Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

With the inclusion of Farouk in Juma’s assassination plot, the picture that is slowly emerging is that apart from being the DP’s PA, Farouk appears to be the man who has been conducting the dirty work for the DP in Kenya.

Nevertheless, the macabre nature in which Juma was assassinated is appalling. From the confession, the assassination appears to have been well choreographed with the government providing the assassins with weapons and even a police officer to help. Most importantly, the confession has also provided detail of how the government was involved in the cover up of Juma’s assassination.

It is laughable that the Chief of CID, Ndegwa Muhoro, presented the weapons the government had provided to assassinate Juma as evidence that the killers were being sought after the weapons were returned by the police officer who shot Juma. The confession confirms what had already been suspected by millions of Kenyans and commentators to the effect that the government was involved in the cover up of Juma’s assassination.

Just as this information went public through activist Boniface Mwangi, DP Ruto, together with his Personal Assistant ought to have been taken into custody. Sadly, Ruto will still be around, addressing rallies and dismissing those linking him to Juma’s assassination.

The confession is chilling and every Kenyan should share this detail to further expose the Jubilee government. The Uhuru regime is not just stealing from Kenyans. It is responsible for unnecessary political assassinations to spread fear among Kenyans not to criticize the government. This is unacceptable and any new regime should make it a priority of rounding up criminals who have stolen from the public or committed murder to be brought to face the law.

Okoth Osewe

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