Ngatia: Kenya is Led by Criminals; Raila is the Rejected Cornerstone; Ruto will Never be President


According to Chairman Martin Ngatia, Kenya is led by criminals bent on stealing public resources and this, according to Ngatia, explains why corruption in government continues to thrive unabated. Mr. Ngatia says that unless there is a regime change and the corrupt thieves are apprehended and their assets frozen (including bank accounts), corruption will continue to be a scourge in Kenya.

In the video, Mr. Ngatia says that Uhuru Kenyatta has failed as President of Kenya while his Deputy, William Ruto, is “too dangerous” to be allowed anywhere close to the presidency. He says that Ruto has killed so many Kenya and encourages Kenyans to wake up and not only vote Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime out of power next year but also ensure that Ruto does not become President in 2022.

According to Mr, Ngatia, the on-going investigations by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and other bodies handling various corruption scandals will come to nothing and that the culprits will never be apprehended. Indeed, PAC is toothless and apart from wasting tax payer’s money with sensation through the media, there is little it can do about corrupt thieves populating Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

The best example which illustrates PAC’s paralysis is it’s inability to summon “the untouchables” aka “the big fish” implicated in the various corruption scandals it is handling. For example, PAC has failed to summon Deputy President, William Ruto, to explain why his Personal Assistant, Farouk Kibet, is still serving in his Office after receiving Ksh 1 million of stolen tax payer’s money from the National Youth Service.

Secondly, PAC has failed to sermon Kipchumba Murkomen, Ruto’s right hand man, to explain the kind of services he rendered to NYS which necessitated the payment of Ksh 5 million to Murkmone’s Law firm. Instead, PAC has recommended that Murkomen submit an affidavit which will then be examined by PAC in Murkomen’s absence. This in itself is a fraud. While not touching the big fish, PAC has been busy, summoning the small fish like Josephine Kabura, a former hair-dresser who was used as a conduit to siphon billions of Kenyan shillings in “magunias” from over 30 banks operating around the country.According to Mr. Ngatia, Kenya is doomed unless the current regime is overthrown and replaced by a more progressive regime.

Ngatia also takes issue with Uhuru Kenyatta for having turned a Jubilee conference into a Raila Odinga bashing Forum as sycophants cheered from a distance. In the video, Ngatia defends Raila whom, he says, is solely responsible for the exposure of multiple corruption scandals that have rocked the Jubilee government since the regime was rigged into power in 2013 by Mount Kenya Mafia cartel that surrounded octogenarian Mwai Kibaki. To end corruption is Kenya, the position of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) is that the capitalist system that enables the capitalist ruling class in Kenya to steal public funds with abandon must be overthrown and replaced with a socialist system of government through a democratic socialist revolution. Once regime change is in place, KRA proposes that the corrupt be rounded up, arrested, caged, their assets confiscated after which they can be brought to court to face the law. If found guilty, KRA proposes life in prison for corruption under one million Kenyan shillings and hanging at Uhuru Park (with a guitar wire) for corruption scandals involving more than 1 million Kenyan shillings.

Once the corrupt begin to rot in prison with life sentences as others are publicly hanged at Uhuru Park “Chinese style”, corruption will be brought to a permanent end in Kenya. When Ngatia says that there is a solution to corruption, he is echoing the KRA solution which no political party is proposing.

If you have not done so, subscribe, join us and sambaza the message because KRA is in the process of organizing Wakenya to sort out Kenya in 2022 once and for all with Chairman Martin Ngatia running for President. Think about it and let us know in the comments section.

Okoth Osewe

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