Kikuyus Are Suffering Under Jubilee and Should Stop Kulamba Lamba Uhuru Kenyatta


The Chairman of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) Mr. Martin Ngatia, has appealed to members of the Kikuyu community to stop boot-licking (kulamba lamba) President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto. In this video, Mr. Ngatia argues that despite being the President of the Republic of Kenya, millions of Kikuyus continue to suffer under the government of Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to Mr. Ngatia, the general wellbeing of  majority of Kikuyus has not improved since Uhuru was rigged to power by the Mount Kenya mafia cartel to assume the Presidency in 2013. Mr. Ngatia says that Uhuru is leading a government of criminals and names Uhuru’s close family members as key looters who are stealing from the tax payer because their son is the President.

The KRA Chairman gives the example of a group of Kikuyu IDPs who had been moved from Uganda by the government to Kenya with the promise of being resettled in Kenya. When they arrived home, the government abandoned them after which the IDPs decided to camp outside Parliament building in protest. One night, as they were sleeping in the cold, President Uhuru Kenyatta sent a gang of government thugs to beat them and eject them from their camp where they had become an eye-sore. They were not even allowed to carry their rags. The IDPs were later dumped in Nakuru town where they continue to suffer under dehumanizing conditions.

Mr. Ngatia says that the IDPs are Kikuyus who have nowhere to go and that if a Kikuyu President were to act in the interest of the Kikuyu, the Kikuyu IDPs could not have been out in the cold or terrorized by known government terror squads. Mr. Ngatia appeals to the Kikuyu community to open their eyes and notice that they are being used by the thieving Kikuyu ruling class as toilet paper before being dumped and flushed down the drain.

In the video, Mr. Ngatia appeals to the Kikuyu to wake up and vote Uhuru Kenyatta out of power in August 2017. He says that Uhuru is presiding over a corrupt government that is unfit to govern. He likens Uhuru’s regime to that of his father, Jomo Kenyatta whom, he says, used to transport changaa and boza (cannabis) using police cars and ambulances flashing sirens as they speeded away in the streets.

While many Kikuyus who continue kulamba lamba Uhuru Kenyatta might not agree with Mr. Ngatia, the reality on the ground is that Kikuyus are being eaten by jiggers in Central Province while they are also suffering through poverty, disease and malnutrition, just like millions of other Kenyans suffering under the Jubilee administration.

In Central Province, all land has been grabbed by Kikuyu wealth and land grabbers inside and outside government, leaving millions of Kikuyus landless. The IDPs who were brutalized by Uhuru’s officers represent Kikuyus who had moved to settle in the Rift Valley where Deputy President, William Ruto, organized militias in 2007 to kill these Kikuyus and chase them away from their homes so that the Kalenjin could seize Kikuyu land in the Rift Valley.

Under the circumstances, Mr. Ngatia appeals to the Kikuyu to join other Kenyans in making Uhuru Kenyatta a one-term President by voting Jubilee out of power in the next election. He says that although Uhuru is bribing voters with stolen money, the Kikuyu should teach Uhuru a big lesson by taking the cash then voting him out of power on election day.  Enjoy the video, like, subscribe and sambaza to ensure that the message reaches every Kikuyu voter in the Republic of Kenya.

Okoth Osewe


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