The 21 Mega Corruption Scandals That Will Bring Down Jubilee Gov in 2017


Since it took over power following a stolen election, the Jubilee government has performed disastrously. The Uhuruto regime has even surprised their own supporters with dismal performance that is slowly generating a mantra to the effect that Uhuru Kenyatta “should be made a one-term President”.

The regime is corrupt to the bone while vices like tribalism, nepotism, cronyism, political assassinations, land grabbing, wastage of public funds and numerous other short-falls have become part and parcel of the government.

Jubilee has failed to honour 95% of election promises because money is being stolen by the wealth grabbers in government. For example, Jubilee promised school children lap-tops but with barely a year left for Uhuru in State House, the lap top project remains a distant mirage.

During campaigns, Uhuru and Ruto promised Kenyans that they would end corruption that had bedevilled previous governments of Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki. Instead, the regime has been sinking deeper into corruption scandals that have shocked the nation.

The youth were promised jobs but to date, millions of youths are wasting away in the slums with their lives being ruined by alcoholism and drug addiction as a result of social frustrations and hopelessness. Something must be done.

In this video, Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) documents a string of mega corruption scandals that have rocked the Jubilee government since Uhuru started occupying State House. The scandals demonstrate that Uhuru has failed to govern and has instead, left the government to be looted by his friends and cronies whom he has appointed to head key government institutions.

The scandals are further evidence that Uhuru Kenyatta cannot be trusted with power any more and should therefore be made a one-term president. Enjoy, subscribe, like and sambaza to every Kenyan voter so that the agenda of sending Jubilee home can be achieved.

Okoth Osewe



  • indeed jubilee ideological underpinning from the beginning was weak,hollow and stood on shaky grounds,four years down the line the jubilee duo and uhuru have failed miserably and excitement of their own coalition has waned.unemployment in kenya is out of control,university graduates and lots of young people are in the streets or idle at home supported by their old worst they spend time playing jubilee pyramid scheme of lotto.
    government institutions are poorly run by tribal appointed corrupt henchmen of uhururuto.the institutions are at best run down,debt ridden ,wobbling and is unable to discharge their mandate to kenya and Kenyans.most are riddled with financial scandals and take any government istituion or parastatal body under jubilee that you can count.the rot is huge and damning.take kenya airways,universities etc the whole lot ,all have gone jubilee brief…work for your nyama,steal and loot because its your turn…hakuna shida 2017 is near.
    security is out of spiral and look at state instigated cattle rustling and mayhem in elgeyo marakwet where local jubilee elite have armed faction to slaughter groups opposed to them.
    marakwets are dying and jubilee is not bothered.mandera everywhere the security is out of hand.nkaissery is politicking and defending a government at best illegitimate,
    jubilee is so weak on governance ,integrity,morals and ethics !
    do you remember computer errors with regard to budget sometimes back.????? who were involved among others ??????????? wouldn’t you find treasury culpable,waiguru etc so if treasury can generate computer error ridden budget,what will not make them collude with their agents and overseas brokers with links in federal reserve bank of america to steal euro bond money and dodge Kenyans from giving full disclosure and documents in euro bond saga ???????
    AND KAMAU THUGE ????????????????
    we really plead with coord leaders led by raila,kalonzo,wetangula,mudavadi,gedion,martha karua,gitobu imanyara,isaac ruto,joho,khalwale,hassan omar,charity ngilu to make concerted effort to formidable team to reomve wastage from kenya and remove jubilee from power.jubilee leaders have no vision and capacity to lead kenya.we have become bad example in africa and the world .jubilee has allied Kenyans with corupt undemocratic and rogue states like south africa,angola,burundi,gambia…
    how can kenya instigate African countries to leave icc so that they can steal and oppress citizens,.
    why cant they take the matter to referendum ?????????????
    duale should prepare for referendum to ask kenyans about icc question.parliament has no moral authority or legimacy to decide about icc .?????????
    issue of jubilee debts and corruption should be debated in parliament and the hidden rot in jubilee exposed.
    the press are under pressure to cover up for jubilee ineptitude,failed policies,corruption in government and neglect of duty right from presidency .
    help liberate kenya from tribalism entrenched by jubilee which is a big embarassment

  • For jubilee government to be defeated, all opposition parties must come together under one outfit like the one being suggested, National super alliance NASA. Anybody opposed to the failure of the Jubilee regime should not shy away from joining the alliance.

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