Martin Ngatia Defines the Two Types of Kikuyus: Which Kikuyu Are You?

Since flag independence in 1963, Kenya has had three Kikuyu Presidents namely Jomo Kenyatta (Uhuru Kenyatta’s father) who ruled the country from 1963 to 1978 when he died in his sleep; Emilio Mwai Kibaki who was in power from 2002 to 2013 after stealing a second term in office and Uhuru Kenyatta who is currently in power following a stolen Presidential election in 2013 with the help of Kibaki’s Mount Kenya Mafia cartel.

With Uhuru in power, the narrative among the Kikuyu and an ignorant segment of Kenyans is that “Kikuyus are in power”. This narrative is based on a long-term and systematic brainwashing of Kenyans that when a member of your ethnic group is holding state power, then your ethnic group “is in power” and, by extension, enjoying the fruits of “being in power”.

In this video, Chairman Martin Ngatia of Kenya Red Alliance seeks to demolish the thinking that with Uhuru at the helm, members of the Kikuyu community “are also in power”. Ngatia argues that despite having produced three Presidents, Kikuyus are the poorest people in Kenya, still live in backwater villages where a sizable number perennially suffer from jigger infestation. Ngatia poses the disturbing question as to why majority of Kenyans in prisons are the Kikuyu and why majority of Kikuyus are languishing in slums along with other Kenyans from other ethnic groups.

According to Ngatia, the three Kikuyu leaders the community has so far produced betrayed the country because of home guard backgrounds which saw them accumulate stolen wealth while at the same time grabbing land. Ngatia advises the “Kikuyu to wake up” from their amnesia and stop supporting their oppressors who add no value to their life-styles. It is a fascinating video which every Kikuyu who believes that their community is in power needs to watch. Remember to subscribe and like the video in the spirit of Mapambano.

Needless to say, non Kikuyu Kenyans will, no doubt, find the video useful. This is because the stupidity of “It’s our turn to eat” is not an exclusive Kikuyu problem. When Moi was in power, the Kalenjin were brainwashed into believing that the community “was in power” even though the “Kabarak Syndicate” (the mafia cartel which controlled Moi’s state House) is the exclusive class which enjoyed Moi’s presidency.

They looted the economy and grabbed land as they assassinated political opponents with impunity. For this reason, the video can be a good source of political education to raise consciousness on the question of class as Kenyans begin to prepare for the coming Socialist revolution which the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) is strategizing for. Enjoy!

Okoth Osewe

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    Could you add in this site more detailed accurate information of the current environment in Kenya together with its history going back to colonial beginings late 1800. Thank you.

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