Vumbi Dekula Band is Back at Little Nairobi


After long hiatus without action at Lilla Wien, Vumba Dekula Band is back! For the last eight months, Lilla Wien, also known as little Nairobi, has been closed to customers because the joint has been undergoing renovation.

The work is now complete and Little Nairobi has a completely new and welcoming face that will no doubt dazzle revellers who flock the club to wriggle to the Africa beats churned by Maestro Vumbi and his Band under the “Wazee Wapewe” beat.

For fans who have missed Vumbi and who have been wondering when the action resumes, the day has come and this Friday and Saturday (25-26 June 2016), Vumbi will be in action during a “Mid-Summer” special featuring “Wazungu Wapewe” bonanza. The show runs between 21.00-1.00 at Swedenborgsgatan 20. Station: Södra Station. All are welcome.

Okoth Osewe

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