Fresh Cargo Shipping by Lawi Shipping International: 27th May Deadline

lawi shipping 10th nov

Lawi shipping International would like to inform its customers that following the departure of a cargo consignment last month, a new container will be leaving Stockholm for Kenya at the end of May. The consignment that left last month will arrive in Kenya on 6th of June.

According to the Company, the deadline for of cargo submission for the May cargo is 27th May. Price rates have not changed. The company congratulated customers who shipped cargo last month because of the professional packaging of cargo and time-keeping.

Speaking to KSB, Lawi, the Company’s founder and CEO, said that Kenyans are beginning to appreciate the new cargo handling service after decades of not being able to transport heavy goods to Kenya.

“There has been a lot of positive response since the company launched its operations in Stockholm. Due to great public demand, the Company has decided to ship yet another container by the end of May”, Lawi told KSB.

Lawi Shipping International seem to be riding on the wave of reliability and affordable pricing. Two Kenyan freight companies which sprung up last year have turned out to be unreliable. After sending the first consignment, they have never surfaced again. This leaves Lawi Shipping Company as only one standing.

Okoth Osewe

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