Ten Reasons Why Uhuru Kenyatta Will Never Rescue William Ruto From His ICC Problems


Politically, William Ruto is of no value to the Kikuyu ruling class

Since Gatundu MP Moses Kuria exhumed the “William Ruto fixing” debate by claiming that he master-minded the operation, a lot of hoopla centering on “who fixed who” has saturated both the Kenyan mainstream media and Social media alike. The contradictions surrounding the accusations from Jubilee honchos notwithstanding, the callousness with which Jubilee attack dogs are pointing fingers at Cord leader Raila Odinga “as the fixer” is, at best, stupefying. What is the embarrassing reality which Jubilee clowns keep avoiding?

The answer is that the fixing of Ruto has divided Jubilee along party lines with Uhuru’s inner circle hoping that Ruto will be locked at the Hague for the better part of his life while Ruto’s URP functionaries beating the drums for Ruto’s rescue by the Jubilee government regardless of what it takes. In this mix-up of intentions, State House strategists know that Uhuru will never help Ruto because of long term political objectives and Kikuyu ruling class survival strategies. Why is William Ruto alone?

1. Uhuru Kenyatta and his TNA party cannot help Ruto because they are done with him politically. TNA’s big-wigs know that the Party will not be returning to William Ruto to help mobilize the Rift Valley vote in 2017 because they know and understand too well that the Kalenjin will never support Ruto for a second time if the Presidential candidate is Uhuru Kenyatta. Why? This brings us to point number two.

2. Under the Jubilee power sharing deal, TNA knows that it has not only dumped the deal in the bin but has also betrayed the Kalenjin ruing class on the 50-50 power sharing agreement reached before the rigged 2013 elections. Under the circumstances, Ruto is of no use politically because he has no following in the Rift Valley as long as he continues to follow Uhuru Kenyatta. He cannot therefore be rescued from the ICC because in 2017, he is likely to create more havoc to TNA when he is a free man than when locked at ICC.

3. Although TNA is not counting on Ruto come 2017, Kenyatta’s kitchen cabinet is at peace. This is because for them, the 2017 elections will be rigged pronto. Even if they don’t have the theoretical Kalenjin-Kikuyu fake numbers to create version two of “tyranny of numbers”, the 2017 election will have to be rigged because for the Kikuyu ruling class, there is no way that power will be handed over to a non-Kikuyu. With or without Ruto, the ethnic agenda of Kikuyu hegemony in Kenya will prevail and for this reason, rescuing Ruto is an issue which is not and will never be on the table.

4. For TNA, trying to rescue Ruto from his ICC woes can be a suicidal move because doing so would also mean implicating several top ranking Kikuyus (together with their networks inside and outside government) who helped in Ruto’s fixing. For State House operatives, such a move is damn dangerous because already, the name of Uhuru Kenyatta is convincingly featuring as one of Ruto’s fixers and if Ruto is to be rescued, the move would endanger Uhuru Kenyatta whose alleged role in Ruto’s fixing would open a Pandora’s Box with the huge risk of rekindling Kenyatta’s case at the ICC. This is why TNA would prefer that Ruto carry his own cross.

5. At the propaganda level, trying to rescue Ruto would result in a huge loss for TNA because even before the 2013 elections, both TNA and URP were linking Ruto’s fixing to Raila Odinga, Cord leader. An abrupt U-turn in the name of rescuing Ruto would leave Raila Odinga triumphant and vindicated. The impact of Raila scooping the prize as the truth teller on the Ruto-ICC case is the ultimate Frankenstein that the Kikuyu ruling class does not want to create because they will not be able to deal with it. For Kenyatta’s kitchen cabinet, it would be better to abandon Ruto to deal with his political problems other than risk a move that would leave Raila Odinga celebrating with his supporters and demonizing the Kikuyu ruling class.

6. Majority of lumpen Kikuyus and a huge section of their Kalenjin counterparts have been brainwashed by the Jubilee establishment that the problems facing William Ruto can only be resolved through national prayers. Although several prayers (as opposed to killing of witnesses which worked for Kenyatta) have not yielded results, the mantra of prayers for Ruto continue to sustain the illusion (in the minds of the brainwashed) that a divine intervention to rescue Ruto is possible. Under the circumstances, popping up with an agenda to rescue Ruto will not only “confuse the masses” but also complicate the established narrative which has tended to distance TNA members and Uhuru Kenyatta from Ruto’s ICC problems.

7. Another issue is that any open attempt by TNA to rescue Ruto will be an admission that the Kikuyu ruling class (with Kenyatta at the top) fixed Ruto at the ICC, making it possible for them to rescue him. At the outset, this reality will not go down well within the consciousness of the Kalenjin because the fundamental argument will be that if the Kikuyu ruling class (led by Uhuru Kenyatta) could fix Ruto at the ICC, use him to mobilize the Kalenjin for election rigging in 2013, short-change him on the 50-50 power sharing deal, reduce his powers as Vice president and mobilize Kalenjins for fake prayers across the country, what else can they do? Casting the Kalenjin on this line of thought is not welcome at the moment within the decision makers at State House because after cheating, using and dumping Ruto, State House has quietly been trying to seduce Gideon Moi, hoping to convert him into a new Ruto ahead of 2017. Unfortunately, Gideon has been a reluctant girl because he does not have Kalenjin support while Ruto’s tribulations at the hands of the Kikuyu ruling class is a warning that that the minion Gideon might not succeed where the “dexterous” Ruto has failed.

8. Ruto has presidential ambitions in 2022 and his strongest inspiration is that the Kikuyu ruling class will mobilize the entire House of Mumbi to support him. For the Kikuyu ruling class, Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambition is, simply put, “mission impossible”. Every time Ruto mentions his presidential ambitions (especially in public), the inner core of the Kikuyu ruling class giggle because they know that they succeeded in planting “mission impossible” in Ruto’s head. Trying to rescue Ruto from the ICC also means keeping him around to be in the political lime-light and, by implication, promoting “mission impossible”. For this ruling class, a better mathematical calculation is one which could see Ruto locked for 50 years at the Hague because such an outcome would allow them to plan better for the 2017 election rigging and the 2022 fresh Kikuyu take-over. For this reason, and for the Kikuyu ruling class Mafia, trying to rescue Ruto will be political suicide, both on a short term and on a long term. It is a no go area.

9. Quietly, and within the Kikuyu inner circle, there is a general admission that despite working with Ruto because of political expediency, this son of Rift Valley was responsible for the killing of hundreds of Kikuyus, raping of Kikuyu women, burning of their houses and eviction of Kikuyu madoadoas from the Rift Valley using Joshua Sang as broadcaster. Quietly and away from the cameras, top Kikuyus concur that Ruto needs to suffer “because of his sins”. It is this belief that led the Kikuyu ruling class to “fix Ruto” during the dictatorship of Mwai Kibaki, a Kikuyu who opened State resources to be used to fix Ruto when Ruto was still supporting Raila Odinga. The will to rescue Ruto from his ICC problems is therefore not there.

10. For the Kikuyu ruling class, sacrificing Ruto is the easier option. Apart from the risk of exposing other top Kikuyus to danger in any rescue attempt, the evidence that was gathered by NIS against Ruto (and that was used by the Waki Commission) is written on stone. If Ruto is to be rescued, how will the hard facts be twisted, who will do it and who will deal with any unpredictable reaction from Kenyans and the world if a whole government turns around to try and distort the truth in a case of crimes against humanity before the ICC? If the rescue mission fails and Ruto ends up in jail at ICC, who will deal with the aftermath? The uncertainties are just too much for TNA and this is why Uhuru Kenyatta will never come to Ruto’s rescue.

Regardless of whether or not Ruto is jailed, what should worry Kenyans more is the grand plan by the Kikuyu ruling class to rig the 2017 elections (through thick and thin). What should even be more worrying is their “Plan B” to hand over power to the military (under the control of a Kikuyu) if election rigging flops and mass action begins.

Although Kenyans should be preparing for an election, there is reason for the nation to also prepare for a possible election rigging and a possible military rule. The children of Mumbi have stolen too much wealth from the government and they will never hand over power voluntarily. In history, a ruling class which has stolen wealth in the proportion that the Kikuyu ruling class has done; has killed, massacred, assassinated, executed and violated the human rights of its citizens at the proportion the Kikuyu ruling class has done; has kept millions in poverty and in a permanent state of deprivation has never been known to quit power through democratic means. This perspective should make Ruto’s problems at the ICC of little concern to the Kenyan nation.

Okoth Osewe
Secretary General
Kenya Red Alliance (KRA)


  • ruto fixed by kyuks
  • Millicent Akinyi wendi

    Ifijo, congratulation for the well done analysis .What is Ruto doing in TelAviv with Netanyahu ,bibi.?

  • ODM 10 reasons why Ruto was fixed

    The 10 reasons ODM believes Uhuru ‘fixed’ Ruto at ICC

    BY ODM
    October 9, 2015

    As a party, we believe truth and honesty are the best tools with which to govern a nation. We detest politics of lies, misinformation and mere survival.

    We therefore reluctantly return to the matter of the case facing Deputy President William Ruto and Joshua Sang at The Hague because we believe this nation needs to be set free and only the truth shall set us free.

    We are here to restate the position we took this week that President Uhuru Kenyatta was fully aware of and funded the procuring of witnesses against Ruto.

    We also restate that contrary to what Jubilee is saying, Uhuru has done nothing to make sure the case facing Ruto, ends in Ruto’s favour.

    Here are our reasons. They are ten in number.

    1. [Gatundu South MP] Moses Kuria has confessed that he procured and coached witnesses against William Ruto in 2008.

    At that time, Kuria was an employee of Uhuru. Uhuru had seconded him to the PNU presidential campaign which Uhuru had joined when he agreed to support Mwai Kibaki’s bid for a second term.

    After the 2007 elections, Kuria joined the UK Centre which was the headquarters of Uhuru’s political activities.

    He continued to work there until he was elected MP. Kuria was always an employee and agent of Uhuru in procuring and coaching witnesses against Ruto.

    2. Kuria claims that PNU is the one that funded the procuring and coaching of witnesses.

    We all know that immediately after the elections, the bank accounts of PNU were looted by its officials and cronies of President Kibaki.

    PNU was left broke. It never paid its suppliers for campaign materials orits employees after the election. It had no money to conduct the exercise of procuring witnesses which Kuria was engaged in. The money for procuring witnesses came from the UK Centre.

    3. The head of the UK Centre was David Murathe, who is currently the JAP Vice Chairman.

    The UK Centre employed Kuria and funded the procuring and coaching of the witnesses. Murathe is one of Uhuru’s closest confidants.

    Uhuru cannot therefore claim to be ignorant of what Murathe and Kuria were doing.

    4. Very critical evidence against Ruto was supplied by the then Director of Intelligence Michael Gichangi. He testified on July 21, 2008 and gave dossier that named and implicated Ruto.

    The ICC Pre-trial Chamber relied a lot on the evidence supplied by Gichangi to confirm the charges against Ruto.

    Later, Gichangi’s name was submitted to the ICC as one of the witnesses for Uhuru’s case. This made it clear who Gichangi was working for all along. On this matter of ICC, Gichangi was working for Uhuru.

    5. In November 2013, long after Ruto and URP had assisted Uhuru to become president, Ruto asked Uhuru to let him have evidence held by NIS.

    The evidence was to assist Ruto in his defense. Uhuru refused, even despite the fact that Ruto was now DP and entitled to receive any information he needed from NIS.

    The information Ruto needed was in the custody of Gichangi but they would not allow Ruto to have it.

    6. When the ICC named Ambassador Francis Muthaura, then the Head of the Civil Service, as a suspect, the government shopped for a lawyerto represent Muthaura.

    That lawyer was Karim Khan. Khan was sourced for and retained by the government and the PNU/Uhuru faction of suspects.

    After the charges against Ruto were confirmed, the Pnu/Uhuru faction convinced Ruto that Karim Khan was the lawyer that would help him and that he should reject ODM’s offer of George Oraro who had managed to free Henry Kosgey.

    Until this day, Karim is paid by Uhuru and his government and Ruto’s case keeps going from bad to worse.

    7. Jendayi Frazer, the then Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in the United States Government, came to Kenya as early as January 5, 2008, at the height of the Post Election Violence.

    Frazer is a close family friend of the Kenyattas. She spends most of her time in Kenya, with the Kenyattas. Frazer went to school with Uhuru’s siblings.

    Frazer was very instrumental in getting ICC to take on the Kenyan cases. But she turned against the international court when they also indicted Uhuru.

    After she left State Department in 2009, she dedicated her time to fighting the ICC on Uhuru’s behalf, calling the case against him “a weak one based on hearsay”, and saying the “ICC has fallen from high ideals of global justice and accountability”.

    Ever since Uhuru’s case was dropped, Frazer no longer fights the ICC and is quite happy with the court continuing with the prosecution of Ruto.

    On his part Uhuru has not seen the need to ask Frazer to help Ruto. In fact, all the international lobbyists who had been retained by the government to help fight the ICC have been stood down ever since Uhuru’s case collapsed.

    When Uhuru visited New York late last month, two of the lobbyists who helped with his case sought audience with him to figure out if they could be of service to Ruto. Uhuru never granted them audience.

    8. One of greatest challenges of Ruto’s case at the ICC is Rule 68 that allowed the prosecutor to introduce recanted evidence.

    This Rule was passed by the Assembly of State Parties with the full consent of Kenya through foreign secretary Amina Muhammed.

    The government was not worried about Rule 68 because all Uhuru’s witnesses had already died or disappeared. Rule 68 was NOT going to affect Uhuru.

    Instead, the government was only worried about amending Rule 134 so that Uhuru could be exempted from having to attend trial and allowed the use of video technology for trials.

    When questioned about how Kenya had handled these amendments, Amina said everything had been done in the spirit of “give and take.”

    It is clear someone was being given away and another one was taking their freedom. The question then is, give to who? Take away from whom?

    Later, after Rule 68 had been successfully used against Ruto, Amina Mohammed started a flurry of activities to have the Rule reviewed by the Assembly of State Parties.

    Of course this is not possible since Kenya consented to it in the first place.In fact, since Uhuru’s case collapsed, Kenya has resumed paying its dues to the ICC faithfully, unlike when Uhuru’s case was active.

    The current campaign is therefore an exercise in futility to cover the eyes of Ruto’s supporters and give them false hope.

    9. Despite being described as “doing a good job for the President and his Deputy” at The Hague, Ambassador Ruthie Ronowas removed by Uhuru as High Commissioner for Kenya to The Hague.

    Ambassador Rono is from Ruto’s Kalenjin Community. She had been at The Hague since the Kenyan cases began. There was every reason to retain Rono at The Hague especially while Ruto’s case is going on.

    Instead, Ambassador Rono was removed and replaced by a junior diplomat, Ambassador Rose Muchiri, from Uhuru’s Kikuyu community, just when Kenya needed its best and experienced diplomat at The Hague.

    10. At the height of the case against Uhuru, the TNA brigade in Jubilee started the move to withdraw Kenya from the ICC.

    Ever since Uhuru’s case was dropped; nothing has been heard of this again. Uhuru sponsored a motion at the African Union seeking to have an international Criminal Court for Africa to replace the IC. The motion was adopted.

    Uhuru even paid US$ 1 million from Kenya to the AU to start the process. Ever since his case collapsed, Uhuru has not spoken on that issue again.

    We have no option to conclude that Uhuru Kenyatta did everything to get Ruto to The Hague and has done nothing to get Ruto out of The Hague.

    God Help Kenya.
    – See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/10-reasons-odm-believes-uhuru-fixed-ruto-icc#sthash.50JI1qFy.dpuf

  • UHURU indirectly tells RUTO and KALENJINs to leave Jubilee if they are ‘uncomfortable’

    Thursday October 15, 2015 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has indirectly told Deputy President William Ruto to leave Jubilee Alliance if he is ‘uncomfortable’ with how things are going on in the ruling coalition.

    Delivering the message to Ruto on Wednesday via KTN, Jubilee Alliance activist, Tonny Gachoka, said Ruto and Kalenjin MPs are holding Uhuru hostage and “enough is enough”.

    Gachoka told Ruto and Kalenjins to stop the ICC rhetoric that he was fixed by Uhuru saying Ruto should clear his name the way President Uhuru Kenyatta did without blaming somebody for his woes.

    “Uhuru cleared his name in the ICC, DP Ruto should do that as well,” Gachoka, who is currently Jubilee’s spanner boy, said.

    “If Kalenjins think they gonna blackmail Uhuru with this fixing shenanigans, then we (read Mt Kenyan natives) will tell them to bring it on,” Gachoka said.

    Gachoka was speaking during an interview with Jeff Koinange on JKL live.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

  • Wilson Nokinkwo Kononwu

    Marry a Kikuyu woman at your risk.If you are msungu(whiteman) A kikuyu wife will eat your testicles alive&left you dry.

  • Its better for DP to read the sign n know the true enemy

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