New Cargo Freight Service from Stockholm to Kenya Launched


Seeking to change the game through reliability, affordable costs and door to door picking oc cargo across Sweden.

In Scandinavia, cargo transport is one of the most sought after services by members of the Kenyan community. In response to this demand, a new cargo transportation service has been set up by a group of Kenyans.

The “Miracle Freight Services” is a brand new venture that will be transporting cargo to Kenya quarterly. The fist consignment leaves Stockholm during the last week of September and anybody interested in the service is free to contact the Freight Company for further details.

In a nut-shell, Miracle Freight Services collects your cargo from your door-step at a small fee depending on distance. A plasma TV costs 500kr, a “flytt karting” 400kr (300kr if more than 3) while other items not within the “flytt karting” bracket will have a price tag after inspection. Basically, anything legal can be transported. Pricing is pretty negotiable.

Miracle Freight Services operates throughout Sweden and cargo is delivered anywhere in Kenya. Miracle Freight’s business model is based on cheap pricing while ensuring collection and safe delivery of cargo to their destinations. The Freight will be leaving Sweden every three months and regularity is a key pillar of the Miracle Freight business strategy.

Miracle Freight Services is seeking to instill seriousness and reliability in the Kenya-Scandinavia cargo business, a niche that is still at its nascent stages. From a cursory research, it is obvious that almost every Kenyan has a cargo to send home on a regular basis. However, a frustrating constraint has been high cargo transportation costs and “busy bodies” in the industry who hype Kenyans about prospects of cheap and reliable cargo transport before disappearing into thin air after one or two cargo drops.

Miracle Freight Services is seeking to change the game to give customers what they deserve. The Company has full time personnel who will be working round the clock to ensure quality services for all clients.

For further information, get in touch with the company as soon as possible. With the next cargo freight leaving for Kenya in September, there is no time to waste. Pack your goods and get in touch to ensure that your cargo catches the September consignment. Miracle Freight Services is at your service and space is the limit! For enquiries, contact Mrs Pamela Omiti at Tel: 0720376723

Okoth Osewe


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