Kenyan Woman Allegedly Thrown Out of Balcony by Raging White Swedish Hubby

A Kenyan woman was allegedly thrown out of her apartment block through the balcony by her Swedish hubby following a domestic tiff which turned ugly. The woman’s photo is doing the rounds on “Whatsup” although very little details are springing out. So far. It is not known whether the woman survived the balcony cast-out or whether she was injured and currently admitted in a hospital.

According to a KSB source, the woman may have been thrown out from the second or third floor apartment block after what neighbors said, was “loud noise” of people quarreling in the apartment. A source told KSB that the woman hails from Kisumu city in Nyanza province. It is not clear whether the woman’s immediate relatives are aware about her tragedy.

Kenya-Stockholmers on KSB’s Whatsup Network are unable to recognize the woman and the only hope now is that someone will recognize the nameless woman from the photo and probably alert her relatives or friends to follow up the matter. In case the woman survived, she may be in a comma while in case she died, she may be buried secretly after 30 days if the body is not claimed. KSB appeals to anybody who may recognize the woman to raise the alarm with friends or relatives. In case the woman is fine and reading this, please, get in touch with KSB.

A Kenyan told KSB that she believes she saw a woman who resembles the Whatsup photo at Danderyd hospital yesterday afternoon and that she did not appear to be in critical condition. The witness said that the woman still had her braided hair on the photo. The witness added that at the time she saw the woman, she had not seen the Whatsup photo and only came to link the images after accessing her Whatsup.

It is also not known whether the woman had residence status or not. Rogue Swedish men are known to persecute their paperless women who often end up as victims of domestic violence or being killed and buried secretly.

KSB readers will remember the case of the seven month pregnant Juliet Kavinga, a Kenyan woman, who was allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend who reportedly, did not want the baby and tried in vain to get Kavinga to abort. When the case came up in court, the suspect was freed. Police investigations revealed that Kavinga was shot in the head from the back before her body was wrapped up and thrown in Lake Melaren in Stockholm. The body surfaced a year later.

Okoth Osewe

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