Orkarinte Opens Brand New Second Hand Shop at Hässelby: Buy or Sell Anything at Under SEK 1000

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Buy or sell goods at Orkarinte Fynd, the newest second hand shop in Stockholm that has just been set up by Mr. Clay Onyango, the proprietor of Orkarinte.se Moving company. At 300 meters square, the shop is quite big and should be home to a huge collection of goods. Speaking to KSB, Clay said that majority of goods at his new shop are under SEK 1000. He welcomed everybody looking for good quality second goods for start-up homes or for shipping back home.

With the opening of the new shop, Orkarinte business line has entered into the league of Myrona and UFF, some of the big names in the industry in Sweden. It is a positive step and an inspiration for upcoming business boys especially those in Stockholm who are still at the bottom. In a FB entry, Clay said that he started from humble beginnings “at the bottom” but he is “now here!”, not just with Orkarinte but with Orkarinte Fynd to boot!

The address of Orkarinte Fynd is Åkermyntan at Hässelby Villa Stad. For further info, send mail to: info@orkarinte.com or call 0762103117.

Okoth Osewe


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