Suez Canal Investments Website is Currently Down

suez cannal banner

Website currently down but will be back on Monday

 This is to inform the general public that the Suez Canal Investment cargo company that specializes in cargo freight to East Africa is currently experiencing problems with its website, This notice has been precipitated by an array of inquiries at KSB (by prospective customers) about the company’s website which has been inaccessible.

We have since taken contact with Mr. Ismael Nagy, the Company’s CEO in Scandinavia, who told KSB that the company is aware about the problem at the site but that the company’s webmaster is working on it. He said that the site will be back on Monday next week and added that in the meantime, Suez Canal Investments continues to do business as usual.

“We continue to collect packages across the Scandinavian region and another container has just left for Mombasa”, he told KSB. He said that customers who would like their packages to be in the next consignment can contact him directly on Tel +46703548345 or send him mail at

Since the company was introduced at KSB, Mr. Nagy said that a lot of East Africans have taken contact with the company to dig more about its operations. The company attracted huge attention because of its low freight cost per kilo (50 SEK) and its strategic policy of door to door delivery at an affordable 300kr handling fees.

If it lives up to expectation, Suez Canal Investments may be the next big business to watch within the East African community especially in Scandinavia. Many East Africans seeking to transport huge cargo have been greatly limited by the huge freight costs and lack of an affordable door to door delivery system that works in Africa. The business strategy of Suez Canal appears to be based on tapping on the desire of East Africans to transport huge cargo home while keeping prices low in a niche that has been dominated by big business charging a fortune for cargo transport especially to East Africa.

Okoth Osewe


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