The Late Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka: Vote of Thanks from the Aroka Family

The late Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka

The late Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka: Funeral went well.

The family of the Arokas would hereby like to thank all Kenyans, friends, sympathizers and well-wishers who supported them morally and financially following the passing of Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka and his sister Isdora Ngere in Kenya. The Mzee passed away barely a week after the burial of his sister, two tragic events which not only traumatized the family but also breezed them abruptly into a lugubrious mood as double-mourning of two departed souls also set in.

Speaking to KSB soon after his return from Kenya, Patrick Odhiambo, the head of the John Odhiambo Aroka family, thanked everybody who showed solidarity with the family following the two bereavements. He said that the overall support the family received from friends was well communicated back home and well appreciated.

Following the bereavements, two solidarity meetings were held in Stockholm and Patrick requested all those who were there for the family to humbly accept this vote of thanks for their support.

The family is grateful to all those who accepted to sit in various Committees at short notice, all friends who worked at the various functions to ensure that guests were well entertained, well-fed and well looked after. Many thanks to Frank Odhiambo for accepting to Chair the two Committees without hesitation despite his busy schedule. The family wishes Frank many blesses for a work well done. “To all of you good people who were with us when we needed your presence the most, the family says Thank you very much” said Patrick.

Secondly, the family would like to thank all those who supported the family economically through their contributions, either at the functions or through bank deposits. “To all of you who took your time and resources to support us, rest assured that your support was well recognized and you will forever remain in our hearts and minds as good family friends”, Patrick told KSB.

Further, the John Odhiambo family would like to send gratitude to all Kenya-Stockholmers who managed to attend the funeral of Mzee John Odhiambo. In this respect, the family would like to thank Ochieng Nyambok, Oyuga Odada, Jane Odada, Faith Arodi, Lilian Orieny, Frank Odhiambo and Easter Rege for their presence. “We thank you all for having been there physically to complete the Kenya-Stockholm representation at the funeral”. Patrick told KSB.

On the whole, the family would like friends to know that the two funerals were well attended and that everything went as planned. As the family begins to pick up the pieces and to live with two huge gaps which will never be filled, Patrick told KSB that the family is at peace and united in prayer.

“May God bless you all for your kindness, support, solidarity and, most importantly, for your lasting friendship, both in times of joy and in times of grief. You made us strong and courageous to face a difficult moment and this is what friendship is all about. Thank you very much!”, said Patrick. May the souls of both Mzee John and Isdora rest in eternal peace Amen!

Okoth Osewe


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