Unfinished Business: The Voice of the Real Kikuyus Every Kenyan Must Listen To

Unfinished Business: What it means to be poor in the land of Presidents, is a film made by a team of civil rights activists working in Central Kenya, homeland of three of Kenya’s four presidents. What have these presidents given or taken away from the Kikuyu community? InformAction’s SK Wandimi and cameraman.



One comment

  • There is nothing to celebrate by coming from a tribe that has led Kenya more than any other. Some of us have mentioned many times that the ruling elite have no moral authority to provide socio-economic equality to the needy Kenyans. Their work is to steal as much as possible from the poor.

    The poor are the same everywhere and it will get worse now that Kenya has been elevated to the so-called middle income economy, yet every third person still sleeps hungry. The Kenyattas and his Kikuyu Mafia have a stranglehold on the entire Kikuyu community and grabbed huge pieces of their land, condemning many to perpetual squatter life.

    It is time for a revolution!

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