Calling Okulo Masala: Get in Touch With Home Immediately

This is to inform Mr. Okulo Masala to get in touch with home as soon as possible. A relative has called KSB to say that your mother has passed on but the family has been unable to get in touch with you. KSB has a number you can call so act asap. Regards.

Okoth Osewe


  • Long time no seen Jaduong’ Misala aka Marine Engineer. I’ll inform him he’s being sought after, if I come across him in town or sum’n. But what a way to break the news for a person ‘who has just lost his mother’
    smh.. :S

    Brayo: This is not Breaking News. It’s his relas at the verge of burial and frustrated that they cannot reach him.

  • It is unbelievable in this age of connectivity that Mr. Okulo cannot be located .He lives with his wife who is accessible.People know where he lives and can be found without making his absence a problem.He is well known in town and i find it unacceptable
    It is sad really.My condolences to him whenever he will be found.

    KSB: Tonny, so far, there has been no news. This was a last resort appeal by relas who may have buried jana.

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