Here is the Video Footage of a Crazy Man Hitting Raila Odinga With a Bakora in Kinango Yesterday


  • Mr Raila Odinga Must fire some of his sleepy bodyguards.cos they failed miserably to protect their master. Suppose the attacker had -bio-weapon that just needs to touch ,scrach an enemy,eg,radio-active weapons,polonium .thalium,etc. Nobody should come across a presidentor a vice president so close to apoint of attacking him/her without bodyguards nocking the attacker to the ground.-Raila Odinga must ove-see his security details and fire these fat assed silly and stupid body-guards.

  • Raila caned remix
  • the fired bodyguards can also turn against him

  • Hussein Alibhai

    US won’t decide our policies’ – Sweden on Palestinian state recognition
    Washington will not be the one to decide Sweden’s policies, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström said after the US criticized Stockholm’s plans to officially recognize Palestine as a sovereign state.

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