Explicit Pombe Bangi Video Featuring Raila’s Voice Goes Viral as Jubilee Gov Faints +18

Sonko and Company Planning to Kill Raila Odinga


  • Here too Government faints Why can’t NATO Invade Russia?Why can’t Nato /USA help Ukraine Militalily?>>>>>>>>

  • Keen Observer .

    Senator Criminal Sonko and Kikuyu Gang of thugs threatening to Kill Hon:Raila A.Oginga The Cord Leader for calling Referendum,,,,,,,,

  • Here in Kiambu They woke up with Bangi asubuhi.Waliamuka na bangi kweli,,,,,,,

  • Primates fighting for Bangi All are intoxicated by Canabis Sativa -Wakiamuka Asubuhi Bangi …….Hapa walitupa Mbau ,Bangi ni kari hapa Sana! bure Kabisa.

  • Ukrainean soldiers treated worse than stray dogs suffering from chernobyl Nukleas waste>

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