Jubilee Government Retreats on Raila Rally Ban After Bad Publicity at KSB

state house retreat


Ban On Raila Odinga’s Welcoming Party Shows that the Jubilee Government Is Ripe for Overthrow


  • malaya wa kisumu

    KISUMU Prostitutes To Offer FREE SESSIONS To The Men Around As A CELEBRATION To Welcome Home RAILA ODINGA

    Raila craze and fever continues to grasp the country, while celebrations are lined up to welcome home CORD leader with Nairobi expected to be the epitome come 31st when he jets in,Kisumu is not left behind and will also be celebrating in a special way.

    While talking to a Nairobi Exposed correspondent in Kisumu,Sylvia a sex worker stationed in popular dungeon Octopus Club says that they are celebrating Baba return too, “malaya wote hapa Kisumu hiyo siku Baba anashuka kwa ndege hii kitu tunawapatia bure(when Baba finally lands, this thing we the prostitutes of Nairobi will be giving it for free)

    This comes at a time when a loud word has been going round in town that they will be dishing it for free. Nairobi Exposed reached out to Mildred Adhis as she is popularly known and the chair lady of Kisumu Sex workers she confirmed to us the word, “we are also celebrating and giving back to the society, 31st is happy hours and we will be servicing all for free” she admits on phone as she laughs it off.

    Now there you have it, if you want to celebrate ‘inside’ you know where to be.

  • Agwambo Tinga

    Could RAILA ODINGA Be Under Secret Service Protection And FBI SECURITY These Latest PHOTOS Reveals Something UNUSUAL

    Former PM better yet as he is now commonly referred to as the Kenyan US based politician is set to jet back In the country after a two months stay in Boston US.

    With his arrival coming at a time when his own life is under radar following assassination allegations which the police have since treated with a cold reception if by the looks has anything to go by the looks then Raila is not taking chances.

    His visit to the US has been read by many with different views. He is jetting back at a time when his foot soldiers are igniting an uprising fire against jubilee government something that Uhuru and team are not taking lightly.

    Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo had on Wednesday banned public political rallies citing security issues something that would cancel off all planned CORD rallies including grand welcoming of ‘Baba’. However, the ban has been withdrawn and its all system set.

    Raila has already left Boston on his way home but stopped over in Dubai where he is meeting friends and dignitaries. Photos of heavy security details receiving the Former PM at the airport in a style that is only accorded to UN top dignitaries or presidents. Raila is received by heavily armed guards with sophisticated gadgets and what looks like an armoured car begging the question could it be that Tinga has been accorded the elites security.

  • NOT Again: NANDI Locals Issues Notice To KIKUYUS In TINDERET To Vacate Immediately Or Face Violence

    Hate leaflets are being circulated in Tinderet sub-county asking members of one community to leave the area.

    The leaflets, written in Kiswahili, warn the community to vacate within a week or else their property would be looted.

    One such leaflet addressed to Ms Wanjiru Joyce, says: “Please, leave within one week with your children or else you lose everything.”

    It accuses Ms Wanjiru and her colleagues of threatening to have a local chief and assistant chief sacked.

    The leaflets also accuse members of the community of receiving Sh400,000 for internally displaced persons while the host community was left out.

    Nandi County Commissioner Matilda Sakwa said investigations were under way to establish those behind the hate messages.

    She said a suspect had fled to Mombasa on realising that detectives were after him.

    The commissioner assured various communities in Tinderet that the government would not allow any person to cause tension among residents who had lived harmoniously for many years.

    Adapted from DN

  • Kalenjin heckle Uhuru

    Untold Story: SHOCKING How UHURU KENYATTA Was Heckled In ELDORET With Pro RAILA Chants

    On Wednesday the president attended a graduation ceremony at RTS in Eldoret the home turf of his deputy William Ruto. However the DP and majority of RV MPs skipped the event for unknown reasons.

    On his way back, on the Eldoret -Nakuru highway the president made a brief stopover at a centre known as ROADY to address the public but he was met with unexpected reception which turned out to heckling.

    The locals seemed to be singing a divergent song in the political grounds as they loudly Heckled and chanted at the president singing “Raila! Raila! tunataka baba” a reference to mean we don’t want you we want Raila.

    On sensing the emotions, the embarrassed president was quickly whisked away by his security details.

    In the last general election that the jubilee duo were made winners, RV played major role by voting to them 85% to gunner millions of votes. However, recent developments from the house in the hill has made RV residents feel shortchanged as their people are getting fired, not getting substantive posts and so on,something that has caused a commotion amongst MPs in the area with Ruto taking the blame as a ‘traitor ‘ for ‘selling’ off Kalenjins for his own benefit.

    Fired MP Alfred Keter has been vocal and recently cried out on Kass FM to fellow tribesmen to contribute and compensate back the money that Mama Ngina supposedly paid Ruto to deliver Kalenjins votes said to be in billion shillings.

  • Matsanga warmonger

    Former WARLORD Spokesman DAVID MATSANGA Plus 7 More ‘Lethal’ BLOGGERS Wanted For PLOTTING ‘Tribal Clashes’ In KENYA On FACEBOOK

    Social media is a popular communication tool used by many Kenyans accessible to the internet. A red flag had been raised that certain individuals are using the medium to incite and propagate violence along tribal lines.

    The NCIC has marked several individuals using the platform to spew hatespeech. Amongst top in the list is one ‘pan African ‘ David MATSANGA a Ugandan fugitive who has been in the country serving unknown agenda.

    Looks like Matsanga has been having plenty of free times to his hands and since been a resident of social media posts after posts filled with his custom bitterness, something that has now been read as hate speech putting him under criminal investigation of propagating war.

    The National Steering Committee on Media Monitoring led by Chair Mary Ombara cautioned that unless drastic steps are taken now , the negative debate on social media which focuses on the political lineation and relationships of three main ethnic groups might spark chaos in the country.

    The war flame bloggers red flagged by the committee includes;

    1.John Mutuku
    2.Abdul Majid Mohamed
    3.Joseph Mwangi
    4.Wycliff Ojijo
    5.Esther Wanjala
    6.Simon Mbugua
    7.Tonny Lijodi

  • The spectre of being publicly booed, jeered and heckled may have forced Ruto to cancel accompanying Uhuru to Eldoret.

    A year into the Jubilee Alliance rule, Deputy President William Ruto yesterday shocked his backyard by staying away from a series of stop-overs President Uhuru made in Eldoret after attending the military pass out parade in the town.

    Increasingly, Ruto has become a man under siege from his own backyard with allegations that he is eating honey alone. Powerful community voices, many wealthy and experienced in their own rights, have fallen out with the DP over what is seen as his overzealous support for all government decisions even those which ‘victimize’ his own community.

    Initially, Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter was seen as a lone ranger attacking Ruto without a cause but that was before former powerful internal security permanent secretary and Kuresoi South MP Zachayo Cheruyiot joined in. The two, together with Isaac Rutto who has maintained a formidable defence of devolution, have roped in others who are now openly showing their disaffection with the Jubilee government.

    The rumour is that Ruto was warned by intelligence that he will be heckled and mocked publicly before his boss and beaming national TV, so the clever thing to do for the Kamagut born DP was to keep off the event. His president had to do with local hawkers most of whom are from his Mt Kenya turf.

    The natives of Eldoret did NOT even show up to see the amazing presidential limousines and the accompanying escort.

    Just a few days ago former Roads minister Frackline Bett released a video calling on Ruto to go back to the electorate and resolve the emerging burning issue. Bett publicly said the ground was on FIRE and that ONLY Ruto can put off by answering tough question.

    I personally see where wsr is coming from:

    He’s realized becoming PORK in kenya means you must be loaded to the tilt with mbeca.

    The Mois, Uhuru and Raila are already loaded, and he will have to dwell with them somewhere to move up the ladder.

    WSR’s just “loading his war chest” the best way he can. That ksh 40 mill was already counted, and Rugut reneged.

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