Meet Gor Mahia Supporter, Luopean Owad Gadhiambo Ondiegi


  • This are the people you afterward see them being used by the icc. Luo watch out especially now Ocampo has confessed that some diplomats were forcing him to do his will. The lawyers have been insisting its Raila and kibaki to be in front line and not the three acused.

  • Beky Nikiarimayima

    Hallo, Mr Kamau Just wacha Polojo zako and cheap Politics .
    It is better when foreigners can speak foreign language in their host country inorder to be able to communicate with the locals. When you immigrate in a new country it is always better to learn the new language so that ,you can be able to fit and mix with locals and feel free.There are so many ignorant immigrants who cannot speak swedish language after reciding here many years of which ,its very difficult to get a job in health care ,where most of immigrants from Africa works.

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