Invitation to Kenya at 50 Independence Celebrations by Word of Love Church in Stockholm



  • kenyans has not learned, without religious fanatism this world would be a better place to live by all mankind and humanity.

  • I think it is very wrong mixing corruption and religion.Stockholm kenyans would like to have an ambassador who is neutral not a corrupt pretender who does corruption at night and during the day he/she goes to church.its a pity to have corrupt ambassador after ambassador.

  • Celebrating 50 years of corruption,oppression,political assassination,tribalism ,killings .impunity , ethinic cleansning ,hate .mob justice witchcraft ,hunger , starvation .mass rapes ,organized crimes ,bandits. road carnage.shoot to kill perpetrated by police force, KDF invading neigbouring Somali .Forciful bulldozing Kenyan Houses ,forcifully evicting poor landless ans squaters in rich land grabbers idle ranches. White baron annihalating kenyans in his ranch and shooting the poorman’s dog .killings of Masai morans using military helicopter gun-ships.Tha arranged helicopter crashes and other plane crashes killing mps known to oppose the government, rigged elections ,prosoners being murdered in Kenya prisons,chaining of sick patients in Private Hospitals, drug and alcohol killing kenya youth, millions of jobless youth,Pyramid schemes where kenyans lost billions through these cartels. the mass killings of Elephants &Rhinos by poachers. these are some of few things Kenyans were forced to celebrate after 60 rubbish years of dictatorship in Kenya>

  • Dr Sang has accepted this church invitation yet he sends Kenyans to a second rate location after misusing money that he should have spend in a high class hotel which is the normal tradition in Stockholm. He is a bloody sinner pretending to be polite. Damn goat-herder!

  • Kwinyero kaleghi

    To hell with very corrupt money prostitutes driving illegal churches to make quick free money from the sleeping swedish system that immigrants missuse to get rich quickly.First is the assumption that “my religion” is the really true faith, and that others are either benighted, or child-like. This view is especially true with respect to messianic faiths – Christianity and Islam.

    The two faiths, which share the same normative root, are also the fiercest competitors. Christianity is an unabashedly imperial religion. It believes in a right to proselytise. That’s a right to penetrate and spiritually conquer other faiths. Such conquest was violent and forcible during the Crusades.

    Islam, which seeks to conquer the hearts of others but forbids counter-penetration, or conversions, was notorious for its own Crusades. Al Qaeda is the modern manifestation of this phenomenon. Which begs the question – on whose side is God?

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