Keegan Kagwe to be Laid to Rest in Homeland Kenya

Funeral Committee to be formed

Keegan: To be buried in Kenya

According to latest information from the Keegan Funeral Committee in Stockholm, the late Kenyan will be buried in Kenya. The decision was taken at a planning meeting held yesterday at Keegan’s residence in Hökarängen in which Keegan’s mother was also present together with other close family members. Keegan’s mother arrived from Kenya yesterday evening.

According to Steve Kadir, a Committee member, Keegan’s two daughters will accompany the body to Kenya for burial along with Keegan’s mother. What this means is that cash will have to be raised for three tickets and body transportation costs. A rough estimate as to current market price of tickets and body transport would place the budget at SEK 45-50k for the body transportation and SEK 25-30k for three tickets.

As a strategy of fund raising, the Committee has set up a “Club 1000” recruitment drive and everybody who is interested in joining the Club is welcome. So far, ten Kenyans have joined the Club and the Committee hopes that more names will come up with time.

A date and time for fund raising will be announced as soon as the Committee has finalized plans for the Harambee. In the meantime, messages of condolences continued to pour in following Keegan’s demise. An “Open House” at the residence continues daily as per earlier announcement. All Kenyans, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers are welcome.

Okoth Osewe
Information Desk
Keegan Funeral Committee in Stockholm


  • Keegan’s children should also have a say what they think about where their father would be burried. Keega’s wife and children are here in Stockholm .Has anybody contacted keegan’s family ?and if somebody has been in contact with Keegan’s nuclear family what are their fews?Do they want their father to be burried in kenya ? hence they live here and they have their rights too to decide.We know there are some Keegan’s family members who wanted to dominate everything without allowing keegan family to air their views.

  • Family friend was Keegan married? Just wondering because he died a lonely man whom I happen to meet several days at home and alone so when u talk about wife….********! God rest Keegan’s soul in peace and may God give Keegan’s daughters peace at this moment!

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