“Swedish Woman Has Made My Life Difficult”, Says Kenyan Man

Thomas and Matilda during the good old days

Thomas and Matilda during the good old days: “The woman took control of my life”, says Thomas.

Thomas, a 29 year old Kenyan male, has told KSB that Matilda, a 51 year old Swedish woman he has been co-habiting with for two years, has made his life difficult after he split up with her and engaged a younger Swedish woman who is currently housing him in an apartment in Stockholm.

According to Thomas, he met Matilda at a reggae club in Stockholm and after a series of dance sessions to the staccato beats of Jah music, the two settled on the same table at a dark corner of the club. That night, they ended up kissing before leaving the club “hand in hand” to the woman’s apartment where they rocked pleasurably until the wee hours of the morning in what Thomas thought, was just another “happy ending”.

It was winter and at around noon, the couple woke up and the woman asked Thomas what he wanted for breakfast. After being invited to scan the fridge to choose his “hearts desire”, Thomas opted for two fried eggs, grilled sausages, buttered bread, tea and a huge glass of orange juice. Thomas was, by now, suffering from a mixture of exhaustion and hangover following a night of intensive romantic activities. He badly needed a thick breakfast to get his system up and running again.

There was no shortage of food in the fridge and Thomas was even tipped that in case he wanted to replace breakfast with lunch, the deep freezer was well stocked. “Don’t worry because I am a very good cook”, the new find told Thomas who opted to follow the woman’s example by going for a shower as she got busy, fixing breakfast for her newly discovered lover boy.

As he lay naked in the bath tab with his black muscular body covered in warm water; and as he anticipated his first ever breakfast prepared by a white woman after exploring the deepest depths of her body following the unexpected bump-into, Thomas could not help thinking about how the situation would develop, now and in the future. He knew that he had done a good job between the woman’s legs because at one point, she kissed him and said that she found him “extremely sweet”.

It was the first time that Thomas had laid his black Kenyan hands on the body of a white woman, not to mention that first and luscious kiss that almost mesmerized him. As he combed the woman’s soft brown hair with his long fingers at that secluded and dark corner of the club where their romance began, the reality of inter-racial relationships he had only been reading about in newspapers and other media began to sink slowly into his consciousness.

Suddenly, Thomas rose from the bath tab, dried his body, dressed up and walked into the kitchen to find that the woman had laid his breakfast neatly on the table. At that point, Thomas genuinely felt that he had eventually arrived in Europe, more so, in Sweden and for him, the immediate task was how he needed to conduct himself so as not to mess up anything. The woman was taking cornflakes although she had also lined up fibre bread as coffee got ready in the coffee pot.

Later that evening, and just before Thomas left, Matilda’s loins began to heat up again and he pulled Thomas towards the bedroom, prompting the Kenyan to give her another memorable thrust. Thomas began to understand that he may be taking up a new responsibility of satisfying wild desires in the West and he seemed fully ready. It was soon time for the new lovers to exchange numbers thereby marking the birth of yet another black-white love affair which had now gone sour to the extent that psychologically speaking, it was almost chocking Thomas to death.

At the time he met the woman, the young and youthful Thomas was paperless. After a series of dates, Thomas moved into the woman’s flat. Their love was growing “from strength to strength” and, when the relationship reached a climax after about six months, the couple got officially married. At first, things were kind of good but as time elapsed, problems begun to surface.

For Thomas, his biggest problem was that the woman had basically taken control of his life and somehow, he felt like a small kid whose every movement was being guided by a guardian. The woman treated Thomas as though he did not know anything in Sweden “because he was new”. All his communication was closely monitored and after the woman fixed him a cleaning job, the woman had the upper hand in the couple’s economy.

In this arrangement, Thomas was not allowed to save any money because the woman always ensured that the budget was organized in a way that after he played his part in sorting out the bills, he had nothing left apart from a little pocket money. Further, Thomas had to cut off all links with friends, every entry in his phone book was known to the woman while he could not go anywhere (apart from work) without the woman. Somehow, Thomas accepted the control because apart from the difficulties, the woman was playing the biggest role in his life – helping him with “papers”. That was before Thomas made one big mistake.

At his work place, he had a work mate called Johanna, a 32 year-old, blond haired Swedish woman of Finnish origin. After he got used to her, the two began to joke and share lots of stuff. Thomas had cheated Johanna that he was single after supposedly splitting with his Swedish woman. He knew that he had no chance if Johanna knew that he was in a relationship. He admired this girl because she was young, out-going, beautiful and single, unlike Matilda whom he could not walk with in the streets without feeling embarrassed, leave alone introducing her to his friends.

As they went about their duties, Thomas and Johanna shared a lot of realities and somehow, interactions at work made it very easy for an emotional mix which did not have to wait for a date at the pub. They were cleaning a huge office block in town (after hours) and with lots of privacy, it did not take long before they got into each other’s arms right at the work place. Despite her youthfulness and beauty, Johanna was lonely and with the two workers having common denominations of being “single and lonely”, nature soon took it course. Thomas and Johanna fell in love and suddenly, Thomas found himself living a double life, playing with the emotions of two Swedish women – the one he loved and the one he hated.

As his affair with Johanna developed, Thomas began to come under emotional pressure. He had to be present for both Matilda and Johanna and with time, he noticed that the double life he was living was fundamentally untenable. While Matilda, whom he lived with, needed her dates, Johanna also needed her outings and other demands. The biggest problem Thomas was facing was that he had no house of his own and if he split up with Matilda, he would be homeless. To prevent Johanna from visiting him, he had survived by advancing the lie that he was renting a room from a Jugoslavian man who had accepted to rent him the room on condition that he would bring no visitors because the landlord “was allergic to visitors”. Johanna swallowed the lie.

When he noticed that he could not run the two women concurrently, Thomas approached Johanna with the idea of moving into her flat so that they could “consolidate” their love and she was excited. Once the deal was through, Thomas informed Matilda that he was splitting up with her because he could no longer live with her conditions. It is at that point that hell broke loose. Matilda went wild and since the split, Matilda has turned Thomas’ life upside down as she plots to get Thomas to be deported to Kenya. In the next instalment, find out Matilda’s dirty tactics in the game of revenge and Thomas’ options as life becomes difficult for another Kenyan dude Ulayani.

Okoth Osewe


  • Thomas the Zombie is no diff btw other Kenyan born zombies who are brought up in lying cannot do anything or perform anything without telling lies.the problem with this penis hungry nut is no diff from kenyan corrupt mpigs who always lives on cheating their wives and majority keeps asian prostitutes as their concubines where these asian women controls kenya mps and cabinet ministers lives hence most of these corrupt mps and cabinet ministers has never had sex with white-women, asians or mlatos. Thomas should first of all buy a mirror look himself in it and see himself in that image whether he is a human-being or an Ape aping Vinyanya vya Msungu !what brought him to europe apart from selling him cheaply to the anal- hungry sexual-women maniacs in the streets of Stockholm.do not pity the idiot nigger from Kenya!

  • Hekaya Za Abunuasi

    Listen & Watch >Hehaya Za Abunuasi>(The most stupid Kenya corrupt Policemen !If only police should stop thinking with their asses!One of the terrorist would have been arrested had the police acted to this man’s information!

  • There are so many Thomas here in America who don’t observe with their eyes all listen to advises, they end up crying as narrated by the writer. Sina huruma na wao Kenya is full of beautiful Girls who are hard working.

  • Thomas you r not the first to get mapepe with a swedish woman and to go thru shida mingi.silence is the best option.

  • Hello Stockholm, Jaduong Osewe ageno ni idhach kare.An bende amosi amosa.

  • Uhuru -Ruto Strategy

    It is a pity in only Seven months the Economy of Kenya has collapsed banks in Kenya are issuing FAKE notes !Atm machines are equipped with FAKE notes !What is going to happen When UHuru Kenyatta Fails to appear at the ICC in Hague ? and the country is boycotted and isolated by the world Community ?Kenyans should start demanding Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto his deputy to Resign or be Forced to resign hence The peoples intrests is bigger that these two(2) wanted Misenges>

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  • A white-man in Africa Kenya is worshipped like God!

  • And what did Thomas expect from Matilda? He was getting pussy, lodging and papers so he had to pay somehow. There is nothing for free, including love.

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