Ruth Odinga Says Kisumu County Has Turned Its Back on Lake Victoria


  • Man kenyan u need to think twice.u didn`t have mapepa and you got tooooo greedy to run into a new have fixed a big problem that you might find yourself in Nairobi escorted by Swedish FBI

  • Man, you let you penis think and run ahead of your brain. Playing a gigolo in the west has its risks especially where looking for “papers” is concerned. I have known similar cases in US where guys have gone through hell to avoid deportation and messed up their lives even when they succeeded. The system will always be amiable to the citizen and unreceptive to people who want to cheat their way around it. As a fellow Kenyan my instinct is to sympathize with you but I abhor people who cheat and lie in relationships because they tend to continue that kind of life even after they are “settled”. You gotta realize that Sweden or the west for that matter is not Kenya where you can juggle women and a brood of babies all over the place. Get an education or a skill. It has a longer shelf life than your looks because in another 10 years few will care about your looks.

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