ICC’s Decision on Absence of Uhuru Kenyatta from Continuous Trial: Download

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  • who will punish these Elite thugs ,robbers& Rapists

    Elite GSU member speaks out on Westgate raid look at these GSU Prostitutes raping dead asian/european women!

    An eight-man commando unit of the General Service Unit was on course to end the siege at Westgate on that fateful Saturday night. The unit, one of the best trained in the country, had by 7pm rescued more than 500 shoppers, killed or confined the terrorists and had planned to end the confrontation by 10pm. The

  • who will punish these Elite thugs ,robbers& Rapists
  • who will punish these Elite thugs ,robbers& Rapists

    President – Uhuru Kenyatta
    Chief of Defense Forces – Karangi
    Chief of NIS – Gichangi
    Director of CID – Muhoro
    Sec. to Cabinet – Kimemia
    PS Internal Security – Iringo

    Diversity? Mediocrity?

    This is akin to inbreeding.

  • robbers and rapists

    Well known fact, Uhuru orchestrated this. He killed his own nephew.

    Saleh also told me that the new commander in chief was aware and what we were going to do was to help him fight America and nothing would go wrong. He also told me that fighters from Europe and America would be used. I was to help them get vehicles and a house. At this point, I was still very afraid because i could not believe the commander in chief would be involved and i was also not aware of any date or place of attack. During my period in KDF, I had gone to train fighters in Somalia for al shabab but I never heard of any communications between the leaders of al shabab and any senior government officials in Kenya.

  • Hapa Kuna Kitu Kuto Kitit Kititiyou

    was reading this article but on reaching this para i stopped..thought i was seeing double…is this true or shebab propaganda? . … that even a son of a very senior government official is a shebab?

    “He was a fighter though not actively because his father was a very senior man in the previous government. That evening we met at a hotel called Jamyat near the mosque. The man did not tell me his name but said he was with intelligence and works with Yusuf. He gave me a briefcase with money and told me that if I have a family at Westgate then I should find ways of making them not go there on Saturday. He also said two other attackers and more weapons were brought in from Somalia border using a helicopter belonging to a very senior person in government. We then went with the man to Majengo where the vehicles were kept. I gave him the keys, agreed to meet at the house near Sarit and I left. The following morning I was at the house around 10am. I found only two vehicles at the parking. I again met Yusuf and four other men and a woman who was not Somali. She made phone calls and spoke in Kikuyu.”

    similar story of a kikuyu woman being involved in westgate is here

    http://www.kenyan-post.com/2013/10/shoc … y-was.html

  • Jusuf Haji must be investigated thouroughly he is the man seen (focused) by photographers saving foreigners! he said he came purposely to westgate to save his brother! He has appeared at CHURCHILL SHOW as a Hero my ass These Somalis in the govt starting from Duale the jubilee senate leader (Uhuru Kenyatta attack Dog)to Amina Mohammed Uhuru’s foreign affairs minister and other must be investigated! Jusuf Hanji a former defence minister in Kibaki’s govt is very questionable character .Duale is Anti West-UK /USA &EU nations

  • Westgate attackers chopper is owned by a former politician, pilot questioned and released
    His Name Jusuf Hanji his son today is a hero in Kenya for rescuing hostages at westgate Attack!

  • Inside Job for fear of The ICC In Hague
  • Will This Break The Uhuru/Ruto Sham Marriage?

    ICC decision of Absence of Uhuru Kenyatta from icc hence having Sex with this Mother African>

  • Will This Break The Uhuru/Ruto Sham Marriage?

    Rebellious Lumbwa>

  • Will This Break The Uhuru/Ruto Sham Marriage?
  • KDF (Kenya Defence Forces Looting Westgate!


  • Ishibobeshi mshakhuluo

    uhuru Kenyatta give them your motyutimotyamaki mutyutyiIf uhuru does not show up, the case will be suspended pending arrest. Whether that arrest would ever happen is a different matter. The court may or may not grant Kay’s application, or
    it may decide that those are matters that can be dealt with during the course of trial. Kay is simply saying that they are not in a position to ably defend uhuru due to their inability to conduct proper defense investigations, that has resulted in the crippling of their defense preparations. That if the case were to go to trial as things currently stand, uhuru will be convicted. And that this would be “unfair”. That it would be a “travesty of justice”. Right now they are literally trembling in there boots ate the evidence and witness testimony awaiting uhuru at trial. It’s not child’s play. And Kay & co. have every reason to be concerned. They rightfully have to stop the nightmare that is about to happen in it’s tracks, using every tool at there disposal. Heck at trial, we may even come to learn that Maina Njenga is a nobody in the Mungiki thing without the fish they have on the dock. Hmm… let’s be patient. Lets stay tuned

  • Uhuru heading for slaughter

    I’d be very carefull with the ICC if I were Uhuru. These people understand these games very well and they will bend in order to survive. Those who retreat are very dangerous because they want to survive and fight another day. By allowing Uhuru to attend the Key sessions, they have taken Uhuru’s reasonable complaints and left the ridiculous ones such as “heads of states should not be tried”. Uhuru is not happy with this ICC rulling because they have taken away his legitimate reason for not appearing and it means he has no choice now but to appear as a defendant in court. If he fails to appear the western governments can now label him a fugitive and refuse to deal with him. This is the reason why Uhuru is not happy and continues to hammer the west despite the “favorable” rulling. He knows he is trapped. Without the West, Uhuru can pretty much do what he likes to Kenyans so long as he keeps the kikuyu mafia happy. This is why we need ICC and the West. They are the only checks and balances we have since the others have been destroyed by Uhuru. This is the most hopeless time in Kenya only comprable to the 80’s.

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