Just in Case You Missed Shebesh and Her Boy, Here is Another Opportunity…

Forget about Sonko...

Forget about Sonko…


  • Shebesh is an incest momma facking the son of her husband’s brother. Sonko was just swimming in her pond because his pipe is not long enuff for her deep dirty hole.

  • Just in case you missed Shebesh and her boy>Starving Syrians ‘can eat dogs’
    A group of Muslim clerics in Syria issue a religious ruling permitting people living in besieged suburbs of Damascus to eat cats, dogs and donkeys.
    UN in humanitarian call to Syria School attack victims suffer If Kenyans hunger and starve they will turn against a heinous uhuru kenyatta before they finish eating dogs &cats with rabies.

  • this is the son of frank shebesh’s brother, husband of wambui shebesh. malaya wa nai.

  • Tukwarushane Matako.

    Tukwarushane Matako >have come to Uhuru-land What ablessing

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