Anti-Vat Activists in Nairobi Stopped by Police as Freedom of Assembly is Curtailed

Kenya Moving Towards a Police State


Uhuru’s government has now curtailed Right to Free Assembly although this right is guaranteed in the Constitution. Mavuluture in power carries serious consequences and more is yet to come.

Dear friends and Comrades, It’s amazing that the police in lorries converged at Tom Mboya to stop any procession against the escalating prices of basic food commodities. In the morning, Comrade Sakwa and I participated in Radio Show-Easy FM and QFM where majority of phone-ins were very furious when addressing VAT Act 2013.

While negotiating the freedom of our fellow activists, the senior Police Officer, named Mr. Oduma, confirmed that he has been informed by his seniors to stop any procession until further communication. It is high time we engage Civil Society and former Prime Minister to organize a parallel Rally at Uhuru Park during this year’s Mashujaa Day.   Since Kenya is turning into a Police State, Civil Society must raise a Red Flag and assist the arrested with legal representation in civil proceeding against the officers who arrested and injured the protesters.

In the coming days, we will have “Hic” Mashujaa Day, time to inform President Kenyatta that Kenya is not a Police state neither are we his subjects. He must face the ICC like any individual and desist from pulling this nation towards failed states.

Time to remind him that out of 40 million plus Kenyans he was elected by a mere 6 million voters only so whatever actions and omissions on his part risks the lively-hoods of about 30 Million plus Kenyans. Time to organize Tom Mboya Reloaded before 20th October.

Patrick Kamotho
Pan Africa Fellow
National Coordinator Baraza La Taifa.


  • Uhuru Kenyatta ready to kill.detain ,murder etc goverment critics opposition supporters will soon start dissapearing like the jackal news blogger !Uhuru Kenyatta must be overthrown by all means he is dangerous to humanity<

  • I hope Uhuru Kenyatta is reading this newspaper How his comradein Killing his people Charles Tylor was transfered to serve his prison sentence in Uk for 50 years with hard labour!These news might frighten the Kikuyu aka king Uhuru since the AU dictators has betrayed him in the same way Au mad-men betrayed former Libyan Strongman Col.Muamar Gadaffi. Uhuru expected the AU dictators to leave en-masse the ICC which never happens and will not happen even in future!Uhuru should prepare the worst. Why not hand Over the president to Hon. Raila Odinga the rightful Owner Gema Maffia rigged?
    Gema maffia robbed Raila Odinga his birth-right twice!

  • ICC Is In Kenya To Stay!

    There is no way Evil Forces will win against good forces!With threatenings from African barbarians and Savages of this dark African Continent ,the forces of democracy and civilization will not succumb to threats from Sub-humans who has failed miserably to free their masses from poverty ,hunger ,deseases democracy ,liberty and ignorance . These silly ,stupids african mad -dictators has been blaming western europeans ,and USA for their failureshence all worship money Sex and corruption.This declaration sends the wrong message, that politicians on the African continent will place their political interests above those of victims of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide,” And they call themselves representatives of the common people?

  • Uhuru Kenyatta And his deputy William Ruto planned Westgate Attack to evade the ICC in Hague?Westgate mystery deepens.
    by mapinduzi » Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:27 am

    KDF proudly announced the annihilation of the Westgate Psychopaths over two weeks ago but they could not produce their bodies to back up their claim for victory. A few days later, we were told that one of the terrorist is actually an ex-GSU and we all assumed that conclusion was reached through fingerprints when he was ‘dead’ at the Mall. But alas! The ex-GSU is very much alive and baffled like everybody else about all this hullabaloo of him being dead at Westgate Mall. Which begs the question. What happened to the bodies of the psychos? Or put another way, what really happened after KDF took over apart from the well documented looting that everyone knows except the Loot-tenant Generals?
    Westgate Mall terror attack suspect surrenders, released after probe
    Updated Monday, October 14th 2013 at 19:03 GMT +3
    By Cyrus Ombati

    Nairobi, Kenya: A former police officer thought to have participated in the Westgate Mall terror attack has surrendered to police to deny the accusations.

    Mohamed Hussein, who was a former General Service Unit (GSU) officer and bodyguard to a High Court Judge surrendered to Wajir police CID boss Monday morning saying he never took part in the attack.

  • Why do Elites hate women in Kenya!
  • He looks drunk all the time! Is he alcoholic?

  • KDF (Kenya Defence Forces Looting Westgate!

    Enjoy KDF Looting Westgate & the Dead>

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