Here is Bensouda Issuing Arrest Warrant for Journalist Walter Baraza


  • Let us pity silly & Idiot Kenyans!

    Congratulation goes to OTP Bensouda for Issuing Arrest Warrant to Journalist Walter Baraza>The first thing to prove to ignorant Kenyans whose leadership and the people of kenya are used to think that ICC is another Kibera Court .where leaders never respects court summons, bull-shits judges and magistrates, where files get lost and diss-apear for good, computers stolen from the courts,leaders ring(telephone judges ordering how many years victims should sit in prison. To

  • Let us not pity silly & Idiot Kenyans!

    Kenyans used to humiliate and abuse Bensouda by adressing her as Gambian Woman!I hope from today these corrupt and ignorant Kenyan primitives will not abuse Bensouda and the Icc hence issuing arrest of warrant frightens these nuts and that came too late hence everybody was expecting this court to Show it has teeth the language understoods by South of Sahara Niggers where impunity rules the day.From now on Kenyans will never dare adressing(call) the OTP chailady as (Gambia Woman)!

  • Stop Ruto/Kenyatta Impunity

    THe ICC should not be forced to bend lawa selectifully by Mr William Ruto!
    Ruto and Sand wants the ICC court to sit on surtudays in order to recover time lost
    This sounds ludicurous hence it was Ruto who asked the court to allow him to go back to kenya and his request was granted ,we saw him supervising the looting of Westgate by his royal troops (thugs)
    Why should the court allow ruto to blow the pipe. Europe does not work on suturdays and Ruto should not be allowed to order the court how he wants to be treated!Can the ICC stop Ruto/Kenyatta impunity .by locking them in!

  • Hit them hard wafunge mdomo kidomo

    What’s wrong with these Muslim Fanatics known to piga domodomo Mdomo tupu hailabwi !mabibi wanayozaa(kwani mko na mimba? Ghasia you have been killing innocent people !mtali na mtasika mpaka mwamuche bongo !

  • Zealots Police should deal with such corrupt governors.

    Here comes One of the Most corrupt County in Kenya Where a the evil corrupt SVU lover-governor Exploites and threatens the poor by The police should deal with such corrupt governors >Watch the Video

  • Oppen Society Democracy.)

    I highly doubt that anybody is going to allow Barasa to go sing at the Hague,UHURU Kenyatta and Ruto will not allow This Journalist Baraza to go to hague Becouse the (the parrot will sing all precious songs from Kalenjin Dog/oathing war songs/To Kikuyu drinking merry-making after FGM Luo men) The ICC Must prepare them for the Real &Final Battle >The Ammaggedon) btw Niggers & Western Whites) in other words Btw Primitive ,barbarians and Savages of the Dark Continent and The Western Civilization & Democracy.

  • Avoid Sex without a bottle of Viseline in Kenya

    Why issuing arrest warrant to my man >

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