Westgate Shooting: Did Burning Matresses Cause These Floors to Collapse?



  • Westgate list of who is who

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013

    List of Westgate mall victims – UPDATED

    The list of victims of the Saturday terrorist attack in a Nairobi mall confirmed Kenya’s credentials as a cosmopolitan African city with inhabitants from all parts of the world.

    Here is a list of some of the victims.


    1. Peter Ldhituachi Simani, a board director at the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) and chairman of the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal, also tragically died at the Westgate Mall.

    Mr. Simani, a senior partner at Simani and Associates, was serving a three-year term at the regulator’s board. He was appointed in February 2011. The deceased’s law firm provided consultancy and legal services in criminal, civil, and commercial law.

    2. Anuj Shah of Sona Shoppe, a photography studio situated in several Nakumatt branches such as the ill-fated Westlands and Ukay, was also killed during the attack. Mr. Shah was the brother-in-law of Atul Shah, Nakumatt Holdings’ managing director.

    3. Harun Oyieke, a lecturer at Co-operative University College of Kenya, which is based in Karen. He was the husband to Prof. Florence Awino of University of Nairobi’s School of Biological sciences where she is also the deputy director of the Student Welfare Authority (SWA).
    4. Ruhila Adatia-Sood, a popular TV and radio personality, was in the rooftop car park of the Westgate shopping centre where she was part of a team hosting a cooking competition for children at the time of the attack.
    She was married to Ketan Sood, who worked for USAid in Nairobi, in January 2012 in what has been described as Swahili-themed wedding. She was six months’ pregnant with their first child when she died.
    According to reports, Ms Adatia-Sood was rushed to Aga Khan Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.
    5 &6. Mbugua Mwangi and Rosemary Wahito: President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew Mbugua Mwangi and his fiancee Rosemary Wahito are among the many Kenyans killed in the attack on the Westgate shopping centre.
    According to the Irish Independent newspaper, Mr Mwangi’s mother, Catherine Muigai Mwangi, had recently returned home from Dublin following a six-year posting as Kenya’s ambassador to Ireland.
    Mr Kenyatta’s elder sister, Christine Wambui Pratt, had also been at Westgate at the time of the attack, but managed to escape. The family was planning a wedding for the deceased couple.
    7. Mitul Shah: A sales and marketing director of Bidco, a company that primarily makes cooking oil, Mitul Shah was also up in the rooftop car park at the cooking competition.
    “He died trying to save stranded children. He died as a hero,” Half Jadhe Half Kyuk wrote on the KenyaList.com message board.
    Nehal Vekaria: A 16-year-old student. On Sunday, her family held her funeral where she was cremated.

    8. Martin Munene Kithinji: A police officer attached to GSU Recce company.

    9. Wilkista Vizengwa Angoro: She used to work with AMREF

    10. Crispal Gaitung’u Ng’ang’a: He worked for Genesis Office Solutions

    11. Kennedy Mogaka Mochere: He was a Nakumatt employee

    12. Veronicah Wairimu Kamau: Also worked at Nakumatt

    13. John Mutando Musango: He hails from Machakos County and worked at Nakumatt

    14. Annemarie Desloges: A 29-year-old Canadian diplomat who served at the country’s high commission in Kenya as a liaison officer with the Canada Border Services Agency.
    Her husband, Robert Munk, was injured in the attack but has since been released from hospital, officials said.
    Another Canadian was also killed, but has not been named.

    15.Kofi Awoonor: The 78-year-old Ghanaian was a renowned poet – regarded as literary royalty at home, where his poetry and novels are considered essential reading at schools. He was in Nairobi as a participant in the Storymoja Hay Festival and was due to perform on Saturday evening.
    Ghana’s President John Mahama said he was shocked by such a sad twist of fate.
    Mr Awoonor’s son was with him in Nairobi and was shot in the shoulder during the attack.

    16. Sridhar Natarajan: The 40-year-old who died in Westgate was working for a pharmaceutical firm in Nairobi, Indian external ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin said on Twitter. He was from Tamil Nadu, in southern India.
    17. Paramshu Jain: The eight-year-old son of a branch manager for the Bank of Baroda also tragically died in the mall, Mr Akbaruddin said.

    18. Juan Jesus Ortiz: A doctor and former deputy head of the Kenyan branch of the UN children’s fund, Juan Jesus Ortiz was at the shopping centre with his 13-year-old daughter Juanita. The 63-year-old died at the scene.
    His daughter was shot in the leg and hand and required surgery but is expected to survive, his son, Ricardo Ortiz, told Peru’s RPP radio, the AFP news agency reports.

    19. Kang Moon-hee: The 38-year-old was fatally wounded from gunshot wounds and shrapnel from a grenade, South Korean’s Yonhap news agency reported.
    Sources told the agency she died while being treated at a hospital on Sunday. Her husband, a British citizen, has received surgery for a gunshot wound and is reportedly currently in stable condition. According to AFP, the couple had only recently moved to Nairobi from Dubai.

    20. A 33-year-old Dutch woman died at Westgate. According to AFP, quoting Dutch media reports, she had been living in Tanzania and was married to an Australian, who was also killed in the siege.

    21 &22. Ross Langdon and his wife Elif Yavuz: Mr Langdon and his eight and-a-half months pregnant wife were shot inside the mall. Mr Langdon had his own firm, Regional Associates Ltd while his wife was a malaria specialist working for the Vill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

    23. China’s official news agency reported that a 38-year-old Chinese woman had been killed – her teenage son was injured.
    24. A mother and daughter were “executed in the parking lot” of Westgate, a French official said.


    25. Ravindra Ramrattan: He worked for FSD Kenya

    26. One national has died at Westgate, officials said.

    27 & 28. Other victims identified by Daily Telegragh are Simon Belcher, Zahara Bawa and her eight-year-old daughter Jenah.

  • Political institute!

    Who will help these Lazy corrupt Police men/women wearing (carry) big battocks(backs) who has failed miserably to fight Somali youth(terrorists)Who has high Iqs Btw Kenya security men (or) Somali youth? the lax in Kenya’s security has something to do with Kenyan Low iqs/Corruption/primitive cultures/extreme love of money/ Zombieness/silllines/ idiots/alcoholism/ drugs/ miss-use of Viagra/ lack of patriotism / the fear of foreigners/primitive way of obedience to authorities/ Primitive thinking / sexlust/many sex-maniancs serving in police force/rapists/prison like congested police lines(igloos)living quarters/many mentaly sick officers serving in the forces/fake faith/religion fanatism within forces/rigid control/blind fear of their leaders/Commanders/low salaries/Lack of pension/Insurance/housing/deception from the goverment side/false promises/sexual behaviours among officers in their living quarters/ (eg: having sex with their college wives/girfriends/ Rapings etc/senior Officer having sex with junior officers wives /girlfriends/forciful transfers of un-friendly officers to remote parts of Kenya/tribalism /promotions to selected tribes /blind royalty among members in the force etc just to name a few>Something very radical must take place (Genuine Police reforms is a Must) for this corrupt Uhuruto govt or future comming govts!

  • Lets wake up from collective amnesia!

    There is alot of Truth in this essay>There are always Two(2) groups of People >Traitors(verses) Patriots! traitors always oppose truth/good ideology sacrifice innocent blood from (Abel by Cain his brother) to (Jesus Christ Saviour) It is nonsence for learned elites) disputing facts that has taken place in many places and in many countriesRemember Abraham accepted to sacrifice his own son ISSAC) Nothing has changed it has to do with hidden Vision (Ideology)Agenda (World Order)Your King is threatened by the Power that be (ICC)if you do not see that >Your head needs Medical attention)

    Even though the picture which is emerging is one of a lethargic, corrupt and incompetent national spy and counter insurgency network, when one looks at the larger geo-political picture, what one ogles is a more sinister, cynical and malevolent scenario.

    What if the security and intelligence mandarins at the helm of the National Intelligence Service purposely chose to turn a blind eye to the looming Westgate Massacre?

    What if they deliberately allowed the storming of Westgate; the abduction and killing of unarmed civilians, including small children to happen?

    What if some dark forces clinically prayed for Al Shabaab to succeed in their bloody vengeful mission?

    I know the choir masters and members of the “We Are One “ Choral Group are quaking, apoleptic with shock and anger at Onyango Oloo’s audacity in even contemplating such a “ disloyal” “unpatriotic” and “treasonous” idea.

    Well, in case I was not clear, let me say it again:


    Now who would do such a thing, you may ask.

    Let me answer you.

    The same folks who want to derail the ICC trials.

    The same folks who want Kenya to get out of the Rome Statute.

    The same folks who are fighting the implementation of the 2010 Constitution tooth and nail, night and day.

    They have everything to gain from the insecurity, fear, paranoia and panic generated by the Westgate tragedy.

    Don’t you see some of them clamouring for the passage of the Anti-Terrorism Act?

    Don’t you see them shouting about more law, more order, more police, more security, more fascism?”

  • Lets wake up from collective amnesia!

    Everybody saw how Kenya defence Forces Helicopters hovering and dropping bombs to end the Hijackers Scenario>Westgate: South Africa is more pro-active than Kenya!
    Kenya will not learn anything from the Westgate attack because we have a President and Deputy President who are distracted by “personal challenges” (also known as ICC cases). This is why when the warnings came that Kenya was likely to be attacked, they fell on deaf ears. Instead, the priority was on attacking Fatou Bensouda, getting the African Union to also attack the ICC, getting the Kenyan Parliament to vote to get Kenya out of the Rome Statute, getting Kenyan MPs to accompany William Ruto to his ICC trial to offer “moral support” and kneel on Dutch bike lanes in “prayers” for Ruto, Kenyan MPs getting into verbal exchanges with ICC guards because they (Kenyan MPs) want to use the entrance of the ICC building to show their “love” for Ruto.

    Let’s face it: Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto have other concerns. The Al-Shabbab thing is far from their radar.

    Look at South Africa. They were not even attacked by Al-Shabaab but they are learning more from the Westgate tragedy than Kenya itself!

    God help Kenya!

    http://www.voanews.com/content/south-af … 58373.htmlLiberate yourself from your tribe and its “leaders.” It’s a great feeling!

  • The Mighty Men Of Valour!

    Praise these Wise-men selected Aka-Hand -Picked and Perhaps your /Shivling Anuses will burst>

  • Glorify hii Somali malaya >Who will Visit such a Corrupt Failed Country where terrorists has taken Over Just wtch the Killings of Westerners and the dropping of heavy bombs to finish the westeres who were still alive >And how security Forces stole Gold Jewellery shops instead of protecting assets> Uhuruto govts want the world to believe everything is Okey in kenya that stupid westerners should flock to kenya like silly Gnus crossing River Mara without thinking of crodiles>http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2013/09/nairobi-slams-travel-warning-by-washington/

  • Who will arrest these corrupt fat-assed -cum Anus thinking hand-picked cowards?>

  • Political institute

    Kenyan people should undergo Special courses for Love.Kindness ,good behaviours,humanity .positive thinking,oppeneness,human rights &values,respect of human beings, conventions,manners, hygiene etc hence religion teachings has miserably failed.the hate /tribalism/nepotism ,Money-loving, killings Having sex with animals ,& kidnappings just to name a fewKenya as a country has lost direction :a very dangerous country where the Head of STATE-The president and his deputy is accused of committing crimes against humanity by the ICC in Hague.The Country has become a save haven for international terrorists despite having highly military institution that trains officers from East Africa and from lake regions namely Burundi & Rwanda organised terrorists still could penetrate and infiltrate Kenyas security organization whose job is to protect and defend everybody living in Kenya and friends of Kenya ,tourists, Diplomats, investors, businessmen both international and locals, Today there is no trust and Uhuru Kenyatta& Ruto inclunding Raila Odinga should top mis-leading the world that Kenya is save for tourism and investors untill the govt (Reforms PoliceForce/Military/Nsis
    and solve the APs Verses regular police crisis(why ?What is the big deal by having
    apsintegrating in the regular Police to avoid power struggle within this Private organization?Here comes a photo of a kind loving Mother>

  • You don’t Insure KDF/Police)Aps(CIDs) Para-military or any other security agents in a Banana Terrorist failed Country! The govt just burries them quick and replace them with new brain-washed recruits>Hence this is Kenya where the goverment is always above the Law(The Lawless Society> Who Stole/grabbed/Looted Jewels /Diamonds at Westgate ? Security forces must be held responsible for theft and missing people!http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/business/2013/09/is-your-property-insured-against-terrorism/

  • Great Thinker (Some do not buy Rubbish)

    Cabinet secreatery Mr Kimemia AMEKULIWA MATAKO(Let Kikuyus fight their own greedy war)

  • More News keeps on comming hence we are living in global Village>

  • Officers Welfare Organization Ltd.

    Was this GSU Guy killed at the Westgate INSURED> No Kenya Govt has no Money to insure Volunteers in the KDF /Police /GSU/Aps/NYS /Game warders/Prison Services etc !What the govt does is toBurry those who die on the line of their duties>then we silence their families !If their families come to Nairobi Thhe GK (government) issues very restrictive orders not to allow families at the Gate !The keep on comming daily to either DSU Hqs without sucees of entering these well-guarded institute! Blame yourselves if you Join KDF/GSU or any other Kenya security services>You may end up as bullet meat (populary known as Cannon fodder)?

  • Officers Welfare Organization Ltd.

    Sorry Kenya govt does not insure her Soldiers who die on the line of their duties ! The goverment only helps in burying them.and afterwards ,the government recruits new soldiers hence kenya has so many idlers of jobless youth>The govt is very keen in blowing trumpetes/parade and gun-saluting the dead Soldier but the firing sends spectators scampering ,hence these primitive village nuts has never heard such rapid-fire especially when its done by Red-berret gsu elites!>God save these oppressed of this nation where the government skins her citizens daily,and where kenyans live in dark,darkest darkness.waiting for the comming of messiah to save them!<Perhaps the messiah has delayed his comming!or has forgotten them?

  • Wake- up &smell the shit

    This is how Smart Somali terrorist stuck leaving bongos guessing http://kenya.rcbowen.com/talk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=35723

  • Informative

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