Update on the Michael Osumba Harambee: Contribution Up By SEK 2.000

As had been announced earlier, a second Harambee to help transport the remains of Michael Osumba to Kenya has been called on Saturday, September 7th 2013 at the residence of Nancy in Färsta. In the meantime, the Committee is pleased to announce that two more members of Club 1000 have paid up, bringing the total amount raised so far to SEK 26,775, up from 24,775. The members are Oyuga Odada and Nacy Osumba.

The Committee would like to bring to the attention of those following this story that Odada paid his cash last week through a bank deposit and therefore, his name should not have been listed as a member who made a pledge. He should have been listed as a member who had already honoured his pledge. The Treasury has already apologised to Mr. Odada for the oversight.

The two new entries in Club 1000 brings the total number of paid up members to 17. The Committee would like to appeal to all members who made pledges to try and pay up as the struggle to transport Mr. Osumba’s body to Kenya continues. Likewise, the Committee appeals to anybody who may be touched by the on-going initiative to join hands with people of good will who have so far made their contributions.

Okoth Osewe
Media and Information Desk
Michael Osumba Committee in Stockholm

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