An Expression of Thanks from the Michael Osumba Funeral Committee

Gerry Midenyo Mwana wa Pappa Nyakalange gives a speech during the harambee

Gerry Midenyo Mwana wa Pappa Nyakalange aka Omundu kwa Omundu  gives a speech during the harambee

On behalf of the Michael Osumba Funeral Committee, I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to all those who participated in the late Osumba’s fundraising on Saturday August 31, 2013. Thanks for sparing time and donating money generously or purchasing food and drinks at the event. Some technicalities arose earlier on Saturday but they were resolved and we later had a smooth ride. Extra expenses (not initially budgeted for) were also incurred due to the hiring of a DJ, cooking, and for cleaning the venue afterwards. It was very difficult to get somebody to assist with the cooking and we thank Mama Teresa Mawa and family (Beatrice and Caro) for helping with the preparation and grilling of the chicken. We also thank Mark Gaya for transporting the food from Teresa’s place.

We thank Mr. Oyuga Odada for bringing Jackie who cooked some of the food. We thank him too for purchasing some materials that were required in the absence of the Treasurer. Jasper Orieny deserves the same gratitude. Mama Prisca Försman made a personal donation of fried tilapia and samosas which were sold to generate money; we thank her very much. Mama Sara Nielsen and her Kenyan friend Ruth, worked tirelessly throughout the night by selling food; we profoundly thank them. We sincerely thank Mama Hulda and her sister Alice, who volunteered to cook at the lokal. Jacob Opande gets a big thank you for being handy with the transportation of drinks and food whenever required. We also thank Rose Adero who was the MC (‘mother’ of ceremonies); she kept the audience entertained. Brian Arwa gets a big thank you for handling the Treasury; a challenge he managed quite well. We thank Pablo Machine of Afrojam who was available to assist with arising practicalities at the “Africa House” venue. DJ Jackson and his friend deserve a big thank you for having kept revelers on the dance floor until 7am yesterday. We thank Gerry Midenyo who made himself available of Friday for practical assistance, spiced up the evening with humor and also assisted with the elevator services at the function.

We thank brother Freeman from Zimbabwe who showed solidarity by contributing cash to the funeral fund. We also deeply thank James Owuya from Uganda, who led us in a minute of silence and a short prayer. He deserves more thanks for always condoling with Kenyans during such moments. Nancy Osumba gets a big thank you for having prepared all the tasty chapatis eaten during the event. Lastly, Okoth Osewe deserves accolades for informing Kenyans about the harambee from the day the process began, to when the function was held, posting live updates at Kenya Stockholm Blog.

Indeed, all those who participated in any way are thanked wholeheartedly. If you pledged to donate via Club 1000, please send the money to Brian’s Swedbank account number: 8327-9 993.894.453-6. I trust that we will meet our goal after the second fundraising on September 7, 2013 at Nancy’s apartment on Grumsgatan 4, in Farsta.

Jared Odero
Michael Osumba Funeral Committee

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