Panic as Kenya-Stockholm Woman is Accused of Being a “Husband Snatcher”

Nyokabi: A living threat to Kenya women's hubbies in Stockholm

Nyokabi: A living threat to Kenya women’s hubbies in Stockholm

The Swedish Summer is slowly drifting towards an end, the moon is slowly showing up in the dead of night and in the same token, spectacular Kenya-Stockholm summer tales are also beginning to see the emerging moon-light. KSB’s KISS agents are all back to work and the summer ukamwe of them juicy storos will soon be history!

A tantalizing development in Kenya-Stockholm as the summer heat baked skins and opened up freezing sweat glands of millions of people in Sweden is that tens of Kenya-Stockholm’s women and those attached to some bull have been whispering about a dangerously young and cute Kenyan chick who has emerged as the biggest threat to both matrimonial and romantic relationships in Kenya-Stockholm in recent history. Her name is Nyokabi wa Mwana.

The chick, who is barely six months old in Stockholm, is said to be so magnetic to Kenya-Stockholm bulls that many attached women within the community have returned to the drawing board when it comes to protecting their bulls from a preying, warm-blooded, cute, intelligent and sexy ndogo-ndogo just arrived from Kenya to seek greener pastures in the paradise of the Kingdom of Sweden.

According to details gathered by agents, Kenya-Stockholm women immediately enter into a “protective mode” (in relation to their spouses) once Nyokabi shows up at some social function while others with “weak hubbies” simply opting to quit the party because of serious “romantic dangers”. When it comes to seducing men, Nyokabi is said to be so manipulative that she only needs five minutes with your hubby or boyfriend in order to overturn his brain upside down and make your bull permanently focussed on her as long as she is in the room.

The biggest problem is that Nyokabi really doesn’t care whether a man is attached or not. She does her thing “in plain sight” while her style is said to be so casual that stopping her in public from taking over a male brain is said to be extremely shameful since there is nothing that is socially unacceptable in her approach. Because of the hoopla she has generated in Kenya-Stockholm and the alleged sophistication of her strategy, a KSB researcher who specializes in studying “social environments” vis a vis “male-female interactions” was secretly attached to observe her in at least three parties where she ended up as the obvious darling of at least four men she came into contact with.

According to observations, the chick is smart and appears to understand in detail how the male brain works. When she greets a male, she ensures that she has his hand firmly on her palm and instead of releasing the hand immediately after a hand-shake, she with-holds it for some few seconds as she turns it left and right, the way you play with a key to open a door. As the male begins to marvel at the soft hand of a cute chick (with golden bracelets) who will not let go, she smiles hugely, exposing her white even teeth before calmly introducing herself. “I am Nyokabi from Kenya and I am pleased to meet you”, she told a married Kenyan male as the KSB researcher moved close to study her style from a safe distance.

“I am Nichodemus”, the man said. By then, the man’s unsuspecting rib had already penetrated into the crowd and was busy, charting with her women friends, asking them why they were so lost. As Nyokabi eventually set the hands of Nichodemus free, she also left him with a parting shot. “You look healthy”. Naturally, the KSB agent expected the guy to credit his wife with his alleged good health but he simply said “Thank you” after which Nyokabi told him to call her some day for a chit-chat. Remember that the poor guy did not know Nyokabi and therefore he obviously did not have Nyokabi’s number. Kumbe, the “call me” thing was a trap. “But I don’t have your number”, the guy begged. Nyokabi then pulled a contact card and gave it to him. The card did not have any sophisticated titles. It just had her name and phone number. It looked like Nyokabi understood that exchanging numbers by writing them down on a piece of paper which might not even be there could be time-wasting thus her ready-made contacts cards.

Nyokabi parted the guy on his inner thigh
It was at that point that the guy’s wife was tipped by a concerned friend that her hubby had just received the phone number of Nyokabi. To avoid a commotion, the wife pulled the hubby out of the room so that she could find out what had happened. Naturally, the guy got into a defensive mode, arguing that the chick simply greeted him and voluntarily gave him a card which he could not refuse.

The bottom line was that there was nothing wrong with the guy exchanging greetings with Nyokabi and accepting her card. However, for the wife, this was a serious romantic crime. The problem was that the Kenyan lady who reported the “crime” had told the lady that Nyokabi was on her way to snatching her hubby as she got bizzi with other women. In summery, an innocent contact with Nyokabi had resulted into a serious crisis and the couple had to leave the Party when the hubby jammed with his wife, arguing that she was being unrealistic.

“Does it mean that I cannot greet any lady because doing so would mean that I am in love with her?”, the guy asked as the couple hurried towards the exit door to sort out the crisis. “No. that is not the issue. The problem is that you also took her phone number which means that you are interested in contacting her later”, the lady said.

“I did not take her number. She gave me a card which I could not refuse”, the guy answered. “You could have thrown the card back to her and told her that you are married”, the lady replied.

The situation was now tense. Suddenly, the couple noticed that a KSB operative was actually listening to the conversation and the couple stopped arguing as they left the room to sort themselves out. In the meantime, Nyokabi had already taken her seat beside another bull whose wife had not attended the party. She was already in a conversation with the bull so the KSB operative moved close to eavesdrop on their conversation from a safe distance in a bid to better understand why women were getting scared of her.

At the time the eavesdropping began, the chick was telling the dude that she had just arrived from Kenya, meaning that she was paperless. She said that she is a graduate from Nairobi University but that she had decided to move to Sweden because the situation in Kenya was getting from “bad to worse”. She then asked the guy about the situation in Sweden and whether the dude could give her any advice.

The two were sitting closely side by side on the sofa while the chick was dressed in a way that left her breasts exposed as if to whet the appetite of any functional bull. Besides, she was in a mini-skirt and as she sat on the sofa, the guy’s eyes were left with no option but to rotate between her beautiful face, the exposed cleft of her gorgeous brown breasts and her exposed thighs.

To bring in the romantic angle, she occasionally parted the guy on his inner thigh as if to congratulate him on an interesting point he had just made as she laughed uncontrollably as if the guy was exciting her. After five minutes, an innocent observer could actually think that the two were together. The guy appeared happy to have caught the girl’s attention although some observers who were also studying developments secretly had begun to exchange glances that suggested that may be, some stuff were not in order unless the guy had recently divorced his wife Deborah.

Nyokai has been identified as a “dangerous woman”
At times, the guy appeared to have been whispering something into her ear but in reality, the guy’s eyes were actually investigating the general morphology of her breasts which were only prevented from pouring out by the tight bra which, nevertheless, left enough room for the guy’s eyes to celebrate the fantastic scene of two huge sexy boobs which were actually within the reach of his fingers, were it not for the huge crowd in the room.

As the Vinyuaji rolled down the throats of revelers, matters reached a climax when the new couple “gave each other a five” by slapping their palms together in mid-air as if they were agreeing on everything. Kenyans who understood that the guy was married began to exchange whispers. Punde si punde, the chick whispered something into the guy’s ear and the two went out, as if to take some fresh air.

What the couple discussed remains a mystery but when the sun rose the following morning, the guy who had been in an innocent conversation with Nyokabi is reported to have been in big shit with his wife who had obtained a full report from a friend who was at the Party. In the meantime, news about Nyokabi spread like bush-fire in Kenya-Stockholm and at the time of going to blog, it was not clear how the situation would develop. Nyokabi has been identified by some women as a “dangerous woman” and much will depend on what happens now and in the future.

KSB will continue to follow Nyokabi’s adventures and report on any developments. In the meantime, Nyokabi remains one of the most feared women in Kenya-Stockholm especially for women who have hubbies who could easily be taken over. Many Kenya-Stockholm women are “guiding their property jealously” following the outbreak of the “Nyokabi virus” and much will depend on how Nyokabi responds to the new situation, now that she has been identified as a “woman to watch” on the romantic square in Kenya-Stockholm’s social circles.

Okothn Osewe. 


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    So dejectedly snubbed was the March 4th elected President of Kenya that sources who boarded the plane with him where almost dropped in the pacific ocean for not warning the president earlier enough. Imagine, as Kenyatta arrived at a small unknown airport, the equivalent of the Miraa-starved Wajir Airstrip, security personnel, some very junior by our own standards, ransacked every luggage of the President for any weapon of ethnic cleansing which sources had earlier told Kremlin the ICC accused duly elected March 4th President of Kenya was allegedly smuggling in an attempt to hide evidence from the feared mother of justice, Fatou Bensouda (LOL).

    As usual, a host of local reporters, many from k24 and Kameme FM, had been airlifted to Moscow to broadcast live the meeting between Karate loving Putin and our duly elected March 4th President of Kenya. This meeting did not take place because it was not suppose to take place. It was not supposed to take place because Kenyatta, with the ICC cases hanging on his neck, lacks legitimacy in the international community. Putin, like Obama, also takes seriously the murder charges against the March 4th duly elected President of Kenya. Indeed, choices have consequences.

    While in Russia, the president was handed back the book-long vest of policeman and runner Ezekiel Kemboi which had some bad writings. A source close to no frills Putin now claims when the Russian leader inquired to know what the Mohawk wearing Kenyan athlete had written on his vest; he was so appalled that he ordered the organizers of the Olympics to burn that vest. For now, we do not know what to believe because we all along thought Kemboi handed over the bad omen vest to Kenyatta. This new information has baffled us too; but we will follow it for you. Keep peace!

    But we will be lying if we do not mention that Kenyatta in deed met some Russians. Except for the security policemen at the airport, Kenyatta met a section of inner city (equivalent to Embakasi chapter of Kenya Chamber of Commerce) Russian Chamber of Commerce officials whose lectures bordered on the fundamentals of commerce. It should be noted that these were neither investors nor officials of the Russian government. Which brings us to the million shilling question: Why did the presidential press service lie that Kenyatta’s visit to Moscow was a STATE visit, or to make it more succinct; a bilateral trade tour?

    While we do not yet know how the Beijing tour will go; Kenyans should begin living with the sad truth that ours is the most discredited leader of an emerging African nation in the 21st Century, except, fortunately, that we have Zimbabwe and Somalia in the continent. After Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping handing over political power, the current leaders of China may very well snub Jomo II.

    Kenya under Jubilee Alliance, whose chief pet campaign issue was excessive bashing of the West and dealing with the East, is fast realizing that the international community is not composed by only two tribes. Already, after the Moscow-Beijing visit, we can comfortably say that the Uhuru-Ruto government has knocked all the doors which the were to replace the Western world. Just the other day, Ruto came back from Japan empty-handed and headed straight some hurriedly arranged “home-coming” ceremony of some URP politician in the arid north. Empty-handed is the word.

    While it was widely reported that Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero was to accompany Uhuru to China, this too remains to be seen as the economic relevance of the trip is not currently guaranteed. Kidero, elected by ODM under CORD, is now being said to have developed an ice-cold feet and a melting scrotum; considering the shame that the much hyped Russia tour has brought to the March 4th President of Kenya.

    Shock: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Snubs Uhuru, Ego-Wounded President now Heads To China “I will give you an offer you can’t refuse…” Don Corleone
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  • To make matters worse the Kenyan media is trying so hard to hide the truth of what is happening to their president on his tour branded “Turning East” of course only till when “East turned West” on Kenya proving irrelevance of this sturbornly bragging nation when it comes to seeking glorification. What a shame… Bwahahaahahhhh

    Trying to see whether Xi Jinping will meet Uhuru and his entourage or the treatment will remain the same! So far Mr Uhuru had been snubbed at home (By Obama) and away (By Putin). A record set by any African leader so far cause even Mugabe is very smart to know the no go zones for his nose! what a diplomatic mess by a seating Government that proves to be in total shambles. As a challenge ahead, the GOK should at least try to smell the coffee to know what is out there in the International coffers for them to gather before the title “Mr snubbed” becomes catchy on Uhuru’s Presidency.

    Waiting for Uhuruto ICC trials hearing starting on September 10th

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    Yuo can very well watch this space over the current ecstatic zeal for a new saviour from the East yet with no feasibility studies to the effect nor a prior chance for ‘mind posturing’ for Kenyan society to get a glimps and readiness to embrace the ‘New Visitors in Town’ in place of Western World that they have always lived to scratch one another’s back.

    Any business venture that has no grounding to the grassroots, its economic value aside, is sooner or late bound to fail if only unifying string remains country executives in some boadrooms from an up-down approach.

    In the currently flatter global market with the stiffest competition of countries for borderless resources, trade and investment opportunities; this of UhuRuto was the last thing riskiest to do at thi point in time. This fact owes to the reality that as of a growing economy like Kenya, for one to just be waking up one morning to re-shuffle bilateral partnership

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    Waititu is accused of inciting violence against the Maasai community when he allegedly made inappropriate comments against the Maasaai in Nairobi’s Kayole Estate on September 24 last year. The remarks were made following a violent confrontation between street boys and watchmen in the area. Two Maasais from Tanzania, Lukas Mitibon and Nyangusi Sindoye, were injured during the scuffle.

    Speaking at the Magistrate Court in Nairobi today Waititu said he is currently negotiating with members of the community over the matter so that both parties can come to an out of court settlement.

    He further asked the court to give him more time, until October 2 so that the negotiations can be finalized.

    The prosecution told the court that the DPP is not opposed to the ongoing negotiations and asked Waititu to finish the discussions by the date. The court granted Waititutti’s request and a mention has been scheduled for October 2.


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