Late Michael Osumba to be Buried in Kenya: Burial Committee to be Set Up on Saturday

The late Michael Osumba

The late Michael Osumba to be buried in Asembo, Kenya.

After lengthy consultations between the families of the late Michael Osumba in Kenya and Sweden, a decision has been reached to the effect that Mr. Osumba will be buried in his ancestral home in Asembo, Kenya. Following Osumba’s death, mixed signals rent the Kenya-Stockholm air that the late Kenyan could be buried in Sweden because of family circumstances. However, a meeting that was called at the residence of Nancy, the mother of Osumba’s three children, resolved that the late Osumba’s remains would be buried in Kenya.

All members of the Osumba family supported the idea. Teres, Osumba’s 39 year old daughter based in Sweden, said that her father had told her that in case anything happens to him, he would like to be buried in Kenya. This view was supported by Jacob, Osumba’s 20 year old son who said that from what he knew, his father wouldn’t have wanted to be buried in Sweden. Jacob met his father a day before he passed away.

Relatives of Osumba in Kenya who communicated via a phone call during the meeting, all said that they were waiting for the day when the body of the fallen Osumba would arrive in Kenya for burial. The relatives addressed the meeting through a speaker on a cell phone.

Following the decision, the “Michael Osumba Funeral Committee” will be set up on Saturday, 10th August 2013 at Nancy’s residence in Farsta at 18.00 hrs to organize a fund raising so that the remains of Osumba can be transported to Kenya for burial. Osumba’s family in Sweden will follow the body to Kenya to attend the funeral.

“Open House”
In the meantime, an “Open House” which was set up at Nancy’s residence following the death of Osumba, continues to remain active ahead of the formation of the Committee on Saturday. Relatives, friends, sympathizers, well-wishers and all people of good will are invited to the Open House to condole with the bereaved family during this sad period of great shock and sorrow.

It is expected that the first fund raising will be held at the end of August but the process continues daily at Nancy’s residence through the Open House, now that it has been established that Osumba’s body will be buried in Kenya. A contribution book has been opened at Nancy’s residence and all people of good will are encouraged to make their contributions anytime at the Open House. Through Nancy, the family has appealed for help because the burden is huge and beyond the economic reach of the family.

“We are banking on Kenyans to help us accomplish this mission during this difficult time and we are confident that our community will not let us down”, Nancy told KSB. She said that the death of Osumba had come as a total shock to the whole family because when she met Michael two days before he died, the late Kenyan looked healthy and in good spirits. “It did not seem like he would depart in the next two days”, Nancy said. She said that the family continues to remain strong despite the difficult circumstances and asked for prayers from all Kenyans, friends and well-wishers. She said that Michael had left her with a huge burden but that with the grace of God, she was confident that she would be able to face the challenges.

Viewing the body
Nancy said that she had contacted Söder Hospital where Osumba’s body is stored and that all friends who wish to view the body can do so on Wednesday, 14th August at the Hospital from 12.00 Hrs. Because of the Swedish burial system, this will be the only opportunity for anybody to pay last respects to the late Osumba because after that, the body will be prepared and the coffin sealed for onward transportation to Kenya for burial.

According to estimates, transporting the body to Kenya might cost SEK 45-50k while tickets for the family might cost 25-30k. This means that between SEK 75-80k is the target of funds which the yet to be formed Osumba Committee will have to raise. In living memory, there is no time when Kenyans in Stockholm have been defeated when it comes to fund raising to transport the remains of a departed colleague to Kenya. Further information will be transmitted as they become available.

Okoth Osewe

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