Mount Kenya Mafia: Pyramid Power Structure and Looting Scheme



  • Nichima konzi.

    Kenya A> country that has been bewitched and cursed

  • Washington Othiambo

    The ICC is Giving Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto a sleepless Nights both are really shaked like chickens>

  • TOUCH RAILA, PREPARE FOR WAR: Right of Reply to Mutahi Ngunyi’s tweet

    Dear Ngunyi,
    On June 8th 2013, Kenyans woke up to a very vexatious and frivolous tweet from you- a quack political scientist. The time was at or around 1.00pm. This was the content of the tweet if in case you have forgotten. “Uhuru-Ruto honeymoon is over. They should stop holding hands and deal with Raila apologetically and decisively. The man is re-grouping.”

    For a man with a robotic brain like you, this wasn’t surprising or unexpected considering your past records. Personally, I have never admired your analysis. This is because i have never come across any of your opinions that meet the minimum threshold set for any intellectual thought. Just because you have been given excessive attention by the media owned and run by Kamwana, his cohorts and your groupies, doesn’t make you an intellectual thinker. You are simply not.

    I dislike delving into your dirty, faded, debunked reputation. But am forced to bring to your knowledge that we are aware of the damage you caused at SAREAT. An NGO you founded and which published East African Alternatives- a magazine. Only a paltry four volumes of the magazine were published before you and your friends swindled all the donor funds. You were taken to court in 1998, with John Githongo as the witness, you agreed that you embezzled donors’ cash and you were ordered to refund. Further more, I don’t need to mention your engagement with the ICC against somebody. I leave that to anybody’s guess.

    Your tweet exposed how gullible you are. How a bluff political analyst, a man with a corroded reputation could display his level of ignorance and idiocy bare to the entire world. Ngunyi, anybody can be a political analyst, but not anybody can be a political scientist – get the difference chap! May be we need to audit your academic records. I suspect their authenticity. But you have spoken man. Kenyans should be a happy lot that you have finally revealed government’s strategic plan in dealing with a mass movement called Raila Odinga. As their chief advisor and propagandist, I hope the two state house boys -Uhuru and Ruto- are accordingly informed.

    You thought foolishly and recklessly (a characteristic of a man suffering from brain disorder) that by rigging an election, you could crash Raila so that some people could rule for 100 years. You were shocked to your balls man, to see him up and running! He is attending international functions, meeting with who is who in the international scene, home support still intact and vibrant; while your boys in state house are still holding hands like lazy teen lovers. Always on mirror doing pedicure, manicure and negotiating on how and what state house uniform to put on. Fake clowns copying Obama! “Give him a state job.” still it didn’t work. Raila proved to be smarter than all the zombies in state house combined. Your next scheme was to deny him VIP treatment. Again, as usual, your theory flopped. Even hatters like bullfighter sided with him. I can understand your ego was thoroughly bruised. If it were a test, you would have scored a D. That was lackadaisical of you man. You chose a wrong career. Try removing your glasses so that you can see the reality of the world. You are in slumber.

    To deal with Raila decisively is to terminate his life. Political assassination or something. This is your thought Ngunyi. Bring it on man and prepare for the worst civil war that will dwarf the Rwanda genocide. You may think Raila is a single insignificant soul. Know that the man causing sleepless nights at state house is a multitude. Cut short his precious life and Kenya will burn. Forget PEV. That was child play. It won’t be a revolution or instability: it will be a full blown war. A war fought with anything and everything. Even teeth. No amount of bullets, teargas or army will shield us. This is not the the sixties and seventies where the forces to be got away with any act of murder. Remember Robert Ouko, Tom Mboya and Odhiambo Mbai? We haven’t forgotten. By the time Kenya will be burning, you will probably be in a foreign country, happy that Kenya is no more. So to rebuild it, you will form another NGO to assist the survivors. Then do the same thing you did to SAREAT (Series for Alternative Research in East Africa). You will be rich and calling the shots. But this will only happen in the unlikely event that you and your tribal henchmen survive the war. I doubt!


    Hon. Jim Boniface

  • Kikuyu mafia bure kabisa

    One must wonder why elements in the Uhuru Kenyatta regime hate Mr Odinga with such venom” It is now official. If Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopia, Portia Simpson-Miller of Jamaica, David Cameron of Britain, Manmohan Singh of India, or Binyamin Netanyahu of Israel paid us a visit, the government would deny them the use of the presidential pavilion and the top VIP lounge at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

    The official Kenya Government position is that a Prime Minister is a second-rate leader who can never be accorded the privileges befitting a president.

    Therefore as merely a former prime minster, Mr Raila Odinga cannot enjoy the same access to the VIP sanctums granted his co-principal in the defunct Grand Coalition government, retired President Mwai Kibaki; or the other ex-president, Daniel arap Moi.

    That was the gist of the government stand delivered in Parliament last Thursday by ever-garrulous Majority Leader Aden Duale in response to the brouhaha over the former Prime Minister suddenly being shut out of government VIP lounges at Kenyan airports.

    Mr Duale took the House through the various VIP facilities at the airports and made it clear that a prime minister, or a former prime minister, in the officially-recognised hierarchy, ranks nowhere near the President, Deputy President or retired presidents.

    From Mr Duale’s argument, the operative rank is ‘president’ and therefore no mere minister, even if ranked as prime, should dream of accessing the top VIP facilities.

    The argument advanced by Mr Duale would be laughable, but for the fact that he was not demonstrating his own ever-vacuous reasoning, but the official view of the government.

    What the government forgot is that the title prime minister is not exclusive to Mr Odinga, but to many leaders from around the world, who will sooner or later be paying official visits to Kenya.

    The Majority Leader was actually echoing, with suitable embellishment, a letter written last month by the Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemia warning airport officials against allowing unauthorised persons to use VIP lounges.

    Mr Kimemia did not have to mention Mr Odinga by name, but that he appended a list of ranks of ‘authorised’ VIP’s, who included the former presidents but not the former prime minister, was enough evidence who was targeted.

    Airport officials, under threat of summary dismissal, got the message and acted on the letter.

    Now, this rally should be no big deal under any circumstances. If President Kenyatta’s minions insist on infantile displays of power, it might have been better for Mr Odinga to stand above the useless din and ignore them.

    Mr Odinga’s aides need not have gone to histrionics reminiscent of the nusu mkeka affair.

    However, there is an important principle at play. The VIP lounge affair reminds us that Kenya’s government policy is sometimes being driven by an amazingly petty and vindictive mindset.

    Leaders at any level deserve a modicum of respect even if one disagrees with them.

    That is why, when President Kibaki took power in 2003, he had no problem assenting to President Moi’s retirement benefits, and privileges such as security and staff. He even allowed him to remain in the government house he had used since his days as Vice-President.

    In retirement now, President Kibaki too enjoys all the perks due to him.

    Granted that Mr Odinga is not retired yet, but there is still no reason to hound him and humiliate him. The elements who so fiercely opposed his status as President Kibaki’s co-principal on the coalition government are clearly intent on keeping him in his place even after that shot-gun marriage served out its term. Treating a vanquished election rival so is primitive behaviour unbecoming of modern democracy.

    One must wonder why backward elements in the Uhuru Kenyatta regime hate Mr Odinga with such venom. Or is there something they instinctively fear in having him still around as an opposition leader?

  • Kikuyu mafia bure kabisa

    President Uhuru Kenyatta should uphold Raila Odinga’s dignity in defeat
    Updated Thursday, June 6th 2013 at 21:42 GMT +3

    By Kipkoech Tanui

    I thought after they politically blew up Raila Odinga they wouldn’t need to gather his smithereens and crush them underfoot. I also may have been wrong that after the outcome of both March 4 election and Supreme Court ruling upholding Uhuru Kenyatta’s win, all these phobias about Raila would end.

    I don’t have to be a Raila admirer to be taken aback by the humiliation he has been subjected to at our national airports. I have also taken cognizance of the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t take him as some of us do.

    But my first digression; during one of the pro-reform rallies police violently dispersed in 1997, former President Kibaki sought refuge in All Saints Cathedral. The charged police, unleashed by Kanu’s monolithic security machine stormed in, spewing the spat of anger against Opposition leaders, and generously doling out painful lashes and hard-knocks from their cudgels.

    When the policemen who had desecrated the church reached where Kibaki was, they respectfully asked him to leave. Unfortunately, one of them had shattered the wrist of former Nithi MP Njoka Mutani.

    The bottomline was that on account of age and seniority in Kenya’s politics, plus his gentleman mien, Kibaki was left unscathed.

    Police too, you understand, appreciate the role Kibaki played to make Kenya a better place, not for themselves but for all of us, and didn’t need Kanu mandarins to tell them how to treat him!

    Second digression; as a university student with blood bubbling with idealism of democratic ideals and who would occasionally write in Society Magazine, I attended the burial service of Raila’s late father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. There were three highlights to the service at Uhuru Park. First, the mourners shouted down then Vice President Prof George Saitoti when he rose to speak on behalf of government.

    Second, Kibaki who was then Leader of Official Opposition turned down the government’s offer of military choppers to carry Jaramogi’s body and his family. “They are in a hurry to see Jaramogi reach his grave but those of us who loved and worked with him will drive by road all the way. Even if it takes us three days, we shall stop at every town for wananchi to bid him farewell,’’ declared Kibaki.

    Then came late George Anyona, who in 1982 was detained together with Jaramogi for trying to register an Opposition party. He reminded teary mourners that as the flag of Independent Kenya was first hoisted at the fall of colonialism, Jaramogi was in UN headquarters, hoisting the national flag among those of the global family of nations.

    He also reminded Kenyans Jaramogi helped design the Kenyan flag and refused the colonist’s offer to form government in the absence of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta — or to put it differently, Uhuru’s father.

    “But today as his body lies before us, his coffin has not been draped even with a piece of the national flag and he died without being given a single medal of honour by our Presidents. Land grabbers got Elder of the Burning Spear and Moran of the Burning Spear, but Jaramogi got nothing.”

    He added: “He may never have been President, security agents pulled out this oldman from bed in pyjamas and flew him to detention in the Coast…but today in turning up in thousands, you have garlanded him with the most important medal few in this country will ever get; it is in your hearts and manifests itself in how you have embraced him’’.Â

    Political irrelevance

    Now let us go back to Raila; it is true the office of Prime Minister was abolished and he lost the elections, and so naturally has no public office. It was also natural given the outcome of the elections that Ruto would take up his former office, and the Deputy President’s wife Rachel, that of Ida Odinga. That is normal and I don’t think Raila and his supporters expected anything different.

    How soon we forget the relief the country got when Raila and Kalonzo Musyoka, a former Vice President, went to State House to meet Uhuru and Ruto just after the petition ruling. Raila and Kalonzo went there despite the cynicism that greeted the Supreme Court ruling and forever devalued the reputation of Chief Justice Willy Mutunga.

    Uhuru is too busy and likely too dignified to give such orders as to reduce Raila to where he ‘belongs’ — the corner of political irrelevance. But again junior airport officials can’t humiliate Raila the way they have done without blessings from someone high up in his government.

    Uhuru’s is a powerful presidency and VIP lounges aren’t things he and Raila should fight over. It also doesn’t augur well for him to stand aside and see the embers of rivalry between his father and Raila’s rekindled, alongside the attendant bad feelings. Also, it is not in the interest of national reconciliation, which Uhuru promised, to treat Raila the way he has been lately.

    Again, as Intelligence chiefs must have told him, it is in the interest of national security and directly his own, to ensure Raila’s security is uncompromised. Why? If he drops dead, even out of heart attack, you know where the fingers of culpability will point.

    Finally, Raila gave Kenya so much, including nine years in detention, and surely even Uhuru and Ruto can’t argue against that, and therefore, it is gentlemanly to treat him different, say from you and me. In any case, Uhuru and Ruto will soon be canvassing for votes from every Kenyan voter, including those who voted Raila! In short we need no laws to treat Raila and others who have helped change Kenya differently, and with respect and decorum. We just need to be civil.Â

    Writer is Managing Editor, The County Weekly at The Standard Group.

  • Luo Governors sleeping

    Kisumu unhappy over Ranguma’s hotel stay

    KISUMU residents have taken issue with Governor Jack Ranguma’s living in a Kisumu hotel 15 kilometres from his home. Three governors are booked into Royal City Hotel: Ranguma, Cornel Rasanga (Siaya) and Okoth Obado (Migori).

    The hotel’s management told the Star that Rasanga and Obado have been staying there as they have court petitions ongoing at the High Court in Kisumu. Ranguma, however, is staying at the hotel since he has no official residence, his private secretary and chief- of-staff Kennedy Hongo said. Hongo said the house where the governor is to stay is still occupied by the former mayor Sam Okello. He said there are long- term plans to build an official governor’s house.

    “We hope to renovate the former mayor’s house for the governor,” Hongo said. Kisumu City Residents Voice chairman Audi Ogada also faulted the recent five-day trip by county rep-resentatives to Mombasa. He demanded to know the source of the funds for the flights to and from Mombasa for the representatives, the governor and the his deputy.

    “As residents we are not opposed to any trip by county government officials but simply want to know the source of the funds and what they have so far done for the people of Kisumu to warrant such a trip, Ogada said.

  • Killer gangs of Western Kenya
  • uhuruto immaturity and lack of leadership acumen and vision is now before all to see.
    failure to take into account opinion of senate leaders in budget proposal,rutos magic in negotiating higher pay for mps at expense of kenya tax payers,roadside policies which cost tax payers dearly meant to enrich jubilee cohorts like disaster budget,subsidy on fertilizer that never was,,jet lease saga and much poison filled diplomacy which uhuru ruto undertook to divide african leaders and spread hate against america,european union and icc have exposed juvenile behaviour of this visionleess pair at helm of kenya.
    the recent appointment of engienner kibicho to head foreign affairs is to reward him for backwardness and primitive way he denied raila and kialonzo use of vip lounges in kenya,ssomething which made mockery of his statesmanship as acivil servant in kenya.
    now they want to use him in foreign affairs to mess up icc cases and abuse european govts and usa.he is neither qualified nor articulate to undertake diplomacy for kenya.he can only speak for jubilee but not people of kenya surely.

  • President Kenyatta has nominated Njee Muturi (from Mount Kenya region) as the new Solicitor General.

    The President has forwarded his name to Parliament for vetting.

    Mr Muturi was among shortlisted candidates for the job and is a long time aide of President Kenyatta.

    If Parliament approves Mr Muturi’s nomination, the president will formally appoint him to replace Wanjuki Muchemi (from Mount Kenya region).

    Other candidates in the shortlist included Muthoni Kimani (who comes from Mt Kenya) from the Attorney General’s office and Beatrice Gachegu, also a Mt Kenya member.

  • the current refusal by govt to resolve teachers outstanding allowances leading to strike,wastage of learning opportunity in school affecting quality of education,the allocation of huge sums of money for kibaki office show that jubilee doesn’t care ahoot about kenya and their future.they came to power for personal self preservation and as predicted Kenyans will suffer.
    the lethargy in govt is absurd affecting virtually whole govt.
    chinedu deportation saga and millions of money for hire/release of plane….another scandal in foreign ministry but who is going to speak for Kenyans again in this kenya of uhuruto world ?
    the infighting in police service where with encouragement of jubilee politicians kimaiyo –inspector general has embraced politics,reneged on all governance structures in police service and undermine with utter impunity the police service commission and police oversight authority…..and Kenyan police are demoralized and heavily divided over the style of kavuludi.
    jubilee has thrown any pretense of rule of law and respect for governance institutions in Kenya.the tyranny of numbers and political expediency ,selfish interests is guiding principal here…..who will stop this thuggery by jubilee ?
    jubilee have declared hostility to functional constitutional offices ,underfunded and undermine their budgets to make them ineffectual coupled with cowed press and parliament Kenya is virtually facing close down and we have know way of getting out.
    the international community has also been intimidated by rhetoric of Au sponsored and instigated by Kenya under tutelage of museveni and so have adopted wait and see policy
    rampant insecurity,breakdown of law and order,ineffective policing ,re surging corruption,intimidation of civil servants and heads of corporation especially those not in community of uhuruto has ensured nothing and economy is suffering as infighting and fear grips civil servants with Kikuyu and kalenjins plotting to take over all govt and parastatals and make other Kenyans subservient to their whims….this is going on even in mainstream media where columnists have been sacked,removed and asked to tone down
    Kenya under jubilee political cabinet like kazungu,charity are stabbing Kenyans on their back and for how long will this go on ?

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