Kenya “Diaspora M-pesa” Programmer Wanted by Leading US Company

Company Seeking to Develop M-Pesa App for Kenyans in Diaspora



  • Keen Observer

    Let every body know this Kenya govt secret of National Traitors that needs to be arrested and perhaps hanged>

  • Keen Observer

    An African (Sub-Human ) is trully born as an Ape !The only creature God (creator)denied a Human brain ! How comes Kenyan workers retires without Pension ?and at the same time Poor(or) Rich Kenya is paying former British colonial adminstrators their Pension every month year in year out ever since Uhuru (independent day?From !963-2013 Jomo kenya Daniel Arap Moi Mwai Kibaki and now Uhuru Kenyatta knew this and muzzled all MPS/Cabinet ministers never to discuss it in Parliament !Kenyan people has the right to revolt by all means!(This is the reason all Kenya Presidents are traitors to their Countries(Nation)Imperialists will always support traitors to be and to become african presidents)Africans must emulate president like Isaiah of Eritrea a real leader hated by western imperialists for not bowing to them!Time to over-throw all western puppets in Africa and in other oppressed third world countries.

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Mpesa Program is a creation of Indians>Mhindi not a Kenya Nigger idea;hence Nigger lacks ideals. There is nothing shit corrupt black niggers can innovate without White-mans asisstance!History speaks well of how nigroes brain is equal to a std 7 year mzungu toto! Have you forgotten Karen blixen book having lived with kenyans in Ng’ong-hills.

  • Techwiz Kenya

    Keith Sirimoe: Leave your ignorance at home and stop displaying it at KSB. Indians did not create MPesa just as much as Kenyans either. However, Kenyans adopted it as an innovation and they lead the world in using it. Wazungu com to study the concept and are now applying it for various purposes.

    It has simplified banking which was elusive for Mwananchi, due to the expensive and conservative mainstream banking system. Give credit where it is due and interrogate instead of vomitting hatred on something that has put Kenya on the international map. You should also know that Kenya is Africa’s next ‘Silicon Valley’ with the upcoming Konza City of Technology.

    MPESA is not an INdian idea. The idea was generated by Sagentia (formerly Scientific Generics) which is an international product development and technology consulting organisation.Sagentia’s heritage is linked to that of the Cambridge phenomenon: the high technology cluster based around Cambridge University in the UK that emerged in the 1980s. Sagentia was founded by Professor Gordon Edge as Scientific Generics in 1986.

    Kenya, South Africa and Afghanistan are merely beneficiaries of the idea: Kenya runs the same though SIM toolkit while South Africa through USSD.

    Wake up and know that Kenya’s technological growth through the use of mobile telephones and local software for developing apps has improved many livelihoods. Many families do not have to sing “Serkali saidia” anymore because of this innovation.

  • Techwiz Kenya

    Keith Sirimoe, here is a Kenyan innovator, Moses Gichangi, who has modeled a Kenyan drone. Kenya juu sana kwa teknolojia. Baby steps as we move on.

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Mr Techwiz(Teckmwizi)you should wake up and stop hiding your head in the sand !There is no known history black (dark-skin) people has ever innovated and that is why the Whole Continent is a dependent of Western Imperialism where Black African (Stupid-Mad Nigger dictators )) (stears -Rules)their oppressed Masses with impunity! Name anything of importance that has ever happened to The Dark Continent especially in the respect of human Rights ?Give us just one example thst the people of this World should emulate comming from this bloody Dark(nigger) Continent that has been oppen to humiliation, exploitation by foreigners regardless their origins as long as they are Whites/Arabs/Asians Or even Aliens? Whats wrong with Nigger brain(Kaffirs weakness) ever known from the creation of the Universe!That dark(black Race world-wide)are born Zombies weak ready to submit and compromise with any Race of Humanity that looks different from them(blacks)Even the So Called (Holy Bible) talks of a Cursed race that Saw the Nakedness of their Father!
    A continent where her People are treated with Contempt by other world races of People who looks different in color (many races refeers blacks as (black- Monkeys) I am ready to go (reason ) even further!I still insist (Mpesa is not a creation of a Black(Kenya Nigroe)or Nigger!neither Negress!

  • Keith Sirimoe your ignorance is coming out further because you are the one who does not understand the word INNOVATION. Otherwise you would not be busy writing the filth you suffer from. You understand nothing in technology that is why your brain is stuck in the year 1900. I thought the blog could help you learn beyond ukasumba unaokughadhibu lakini ole wako, endelea na upumbavu huo. Sleeping dogs like you should be left to eat their puke when they wake up.

  • Since when Mr. Osewe do you allow somebody abusing calling Black people Apes and Niggers/Negroes and all those disgusting names forgetting the Blod is being owned by the so-called Nigger Ape and Negroes, who is allowing all these things to appear in your blog. I think it is a high time everybody should be grown ups Men and Women, and start to use words that are humble, nice and kind. Not putting thiongs for us on the blog that can make us puke; we cannot allow it. we are all húman beings from the same roots whether whites or blacks but should not allow one to think blacks are lower. WE ARE fighting the whites, so should we now have blacks fighting us by calling us Niggers and stupid? If a black and black can do so, what will a white person say?

    Please Mr Osewe, allow only the right comments because some of us cannot tolerate those dirty words. Comments should use the right words. We have been quiet reading nonsense from Keith Sirimoe insulting blacks collectively for two months. The blog is visited by our children, so what role model is this who cannot come up with intelligent words? How will the youth relate to our issues when they are being called Apes? i don’t want to come home to have my children calling me nigger and Ape because they have read from this lunatic at KSB. Are we going to be subjected to inferior thinking by this person who claims our adult brain level is equal to a white class 7 child?

    Mr Osewe I hope you as the owner of KSB will not be happy if you come home and your child tells you that your brain is equal to a class seven white child. Where are we heading to if Keith Sirimoe can write rubbish under a very important topic. The person has heaped insults on Techwiz who merely corrected the mistake Keith put that MPESA was created by Indians. We have very intelligent black women and men worldwide so this person must be the most stupid one to insult a whole race because of their frustration.

    This commentator should go home and look into the mirror and see how much of an ape he/she is. This person is the one who needs to upgrade the seven year old brain he/she uses to write nonsense here. Schooling is free in Sweden and it is not late for the fool to and improve his/her stupid brain.

    If you Mr Osewe wishes to have KSB as a cesspit, then keep allowing this fool. However, is it worth it when you have built up your reputation as a quality blog? If the fool is busy insulting us, how will the whites call us?

    KSB: It’s all under the Effing Freedom of Expression Act. Interestingly, this dude is not committing any crime yet. Former President Mwai Kibaki called some Kenyans “mavi ya kuku” and the message was carried on National media – TV, mainstream Newspapers and Radio. Where were you to tell Kibaki that your kids should not be watching him – a whole Prezzo – abusing Wakenya? Then, the former Prezzo went even further and said that Kenyans ni “WAPUMBAFF” and it was all on TV channels, Daily Nation, Standard et al. Did you take time out to lecture the Kenyan media about the need to keep such words out of media? Where were you? Obako got coverage under Prof Asshole Freedom of Expression Act. If u r pissed off with comments here, keep off KSB plus yr kids and you will be very safe. I don’t send invitation cards for people to flock here with others trying to teach me how to run the show. If u think a crime is being committed here, report it to authorities. If you want a discussion on the subject of “Freedom of Expression: How Far Should It Go”, be my guest. That’s all for today unless you have something new.

    NB: If you need some background on comments at KSB, here we go…

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Everything there is made up of White-mans matelials The nigger-kite is doomed hence be it satelite ,be it spare-parts and to make the matter-worse such kites are made by old Pensioners and their grand-children playing together in their part time .Dont you see everything is White-man’s Copy-cat?I still insist a Negroe is Brain-rotten nut-case that will never achieve anything without copying Muzungu !Dont you see these kites we used to fly them as kites (Kulusha tiara ) many years ago! Let me remind you sleeping lot down there in caves must wake -up and realize we are living in the 21st century .when white races is going to the Moon-aka red Planet with One Way ticket!

  • Jackton Omondi.

    Where is Kenya heading ?

  • Tech savvy student rakes in cash from Web design venture

    Posted Monday, June 10 2013

    At the tender age of 24, Geoffrey Gikandi is an entrepreneur and a fifth year Civil Engineering student at the University of Nairobi. But that’s a small side of a student who founded a company from a scratch through a youthful optimism and sheer determination.

    It was a rare dream driven by passion to scale the heights of entrepreneurship in a briefcase business that defied challenges as he started off.

    “I had gone to register as a member with the Institution of Engineers of Kenya where a board member asked me whether I had anyone in mind who could develop a website for their company, my answer was affirmative though I had no one in mind,’’ Gikandi told the Business Daily in interview at the Nation Centre in Nairobi last week.

    What followed was a journey of hope albeit unsure of what the future held for him as he embarked on a search for friends who had the expertise of what the job entailed.

    “I approached a friend who had a registered company dealing with web design and incorporated an additional friend. We later applied for the tender and won,’’ he recalls with a grin. This was back in 2010.

    “We were paid Sh120,000, which we shared amongst ourselves . Each of us walked away with Sh40,000.”

    Buoyed by the success, he invested his entire share from the project in registration of his firm, Esthete Designs Company, in 2011 and bought a second hand computer to pursue business.

    “I had studied diploma in Business and Information Technology at the Strathmore University in 2008,” says Gikandi. “I was very sure I would apply the knowledge and skills gained in class in my company.”

    With no permanent office, he embarked on sourcing for the clients using the first job as his referral. After few months of dry business, he landed two projects that pushed him to meteoric success.

    “What followed was a Sh140,000 project and another one for Sh230,000. It was exciting seeing patience pay off,” he says. “It was a rare motivation that enabled me to source for more clients and the output was good if not best.’’

    “What followed was a Sh140,000 project and another one for Sh230,000. It was exciting seeing patience pay off,” he says. “It was a rare motivation that enabled me to source for more clients and the output was good if not best.’’

    Back at home, he could draft computer aided design and website applications using his laptop as demand for his services increased.

    This also led to a need to raise the number of employees in his firm. He employed five of his colleagues at the university to speed up both quality and deadlines given by the clients as more projects came knocking. At the end of 2011, they had exceeded set targets, says Gikandi without being specific.

    “I have a strong team where we design roles depending on members’ strength. That’s the secret to global successful businesses — they identify employees’ special abilities and execute strategies to expand them,’’ says the soft-spoken tech-geek.

    Today, his campus-based company has become household name in website design drawing a wide range of clients among them the Engineers Board of Kenya, Coast Bus, Pwani Training Institute, Syntex Consultancy International, Kilifi District Hospital, Impala Glass Industries Limited, Federation of Engineering Institutions of East Africa, the Institutions of Engineers of Kenya and Plant Makers Limited.

    Driven by the fear of failure, Gikandi invests most of his time in researching new trends in the software development in order to stay informed about competition and clients’ needs.

    “Engineering is what I wanted to do, technology was out of passion and I am glad it is paying off,’’ he says.

    The pricing of their services is based on the specifications given by the client. He says that most of his customers are drawn from Mombasa, Nairobi and Eldoret and that their projects come from tendering, referrals and marketing.

    Gikandi says his entry into business is as a result of studying how successful entrepreneurs have made strides in the world of investing despite stiff competition. The University of Nairobi student says his father, a strict disciplinarian, instilled in him a great sense of entrepreneurship and discouraged wishful thinking.

    “Had I not taken the first job with Institution of Engineers of Kenya, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he says. “I saw immense potential in me, motivated myself and worked with people who believed in me and in themselves.”

    The young executive, whose role models include Manu Chandaria and Donald Trump, says working with other people is crucial in business.

    “Team work is paramount for any success, I have never heard of any successful business that does not embrace collective participation of its members,” says the young entrepreneur.

    Initial stages of his venture involved sharing a dream with his close friends and the need to uplift their lives, discover their potential and foot bills.

    But despite their success, running the business has not been an easy task. To call him an overnight success undermines one of the most painful paths to stardom.

    “When we started off, only few people wanted to enter into business engagement with us, they saw us as students trying out our luck. But any opportunity that presented itself to us, we maximised it to the edge and this made us to believe in ourselves and offered more opportunities,’’ he says.

    Other challenges are poor payments by some clients who consider them students instead of professionals. Despite the hurdles the young investor hopes to join top entrepreneurs.

    “We are doing great in terms of figures. We can’t complain,” he adds.

    But how do you coordinate your strategies given that you don’t operate from an office? I ask him.

    “We normally converge at the university hall or on the school compound and sometimes if we are meeting a client for a briefing, we pay for a space near the University of Nairobi.

    Planning and timely execution is very important, ’’ he responds with optimism.

    He notes the industry is not saturated but clients are looking for more creative people who can add value to their businesses.

    “My vision is to create more jobs and networks, work to become a registered engineer and explore self-employment ventures in the same sector,’’ says Gikandi.

    He advises budding entrepreneurs not to undermine small beginnings.

    “It’s better to start small and as you grow, nurture more people,’’ says Gikandi.

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Thanks to Small-brain Techwinzi(aka Mwizi)This is Kenya year 2013 where the Educated Elites( Black Nigger Elites ) PMpigs behave worse than a European 4years Kindergatten (kid/who really can lead and make progress rather than these Kenya Monkey/PigletsElected by Kenyans to represent them in Bunge la Nyani!>

  • the drone you see there is not a kenyan innovation it has been made in America. to be precise it is toy grade material and it is sad to say that if you scrutinise it there is nothing kenyan about it except the handler of the remote control.and it is definately is not worth a million bob.

  • nate, technological innovation does not have to originate from one race or country. You seem not to understand the difference between innovation and invention. If you did, you would not have written that comment. Continue slumbering while smart Kenyans reap the benefits of innovation.

  • khadi, I am a great supporter of kenyan innovations especially genuine ones but i also know they are people out there who are swindlers and try to take advantage of peoples ignorance.If this guy has really sold two of his innovations in the states for 1.1millions as he claims i applaud him not for being an innovator but a con man, i really do believe what i saw in that clip is worth less than 10k, whether it was home made or factory made i have wide experience with remote controlled toy planes,my issue is being swindled, what justifies that rc plane to be 1.1m?that thing was assembled from parts ordered from ebay or some model plane hobby store online.I rest my case

  • Ignatius Igralium

    Why everybody whose example given here has a Kikuyu Name?Kikandi/Mwangi the man who claims to make drones for Kenya Army(predators)Does it mean that its only Kikuyu tribe that is blessed with Creations and Innovations? This is Madness of the highest order!Just to quote Muthama Is it only Kikuyu Women with special Vijejeys who produces Leaders (presidents)ignoring other 42 tribes women with the same Vijeyjeys yet un-able to produce leaders? This is like accepting Kikuyus are chosen People who should/will lead in Kenya forever!How comes Kibaki was replaced by another Kikuyu while tribes were left gogling!

  • Demyo Demyonyut

    When will Black Nigroes own Kenya ?Patriotic Kenyans Must reclaim Kenya Economy is owned by UK/EU and USA>Home / Main story / Foreigners who own Kenya

    Foreigners who own Kenya
    Posted by: The People in Main story June 15, 2013 1 Comment 2879 Views


    Kenya may be East Africa’s biggest economy, but the wealth of this nation remains largely in British and American hands through massive investment in key sectors. Talk about the West having a keen interest in Kenya may be more based on their investments in the country than on Kenya being a strategic security partner.

    Economic and political analysts argue the overriding motive to control the outcome of the March elections was to ensure whoever took over from former President Kibaki not only protected existing interests of these powers but, most importantly, kept away other encroaching foreign interests.

    The Kibaki administration’s good rapport with other foreign powers, especially the Chinese, caused jitters in Western capitals to a point where they were not about to take chances again come the elections. That one set of candidates in the polls had pending cases at The Hague was just the excuse the West needed to bulldoze their preferred person to office.

    Remember the pre-election subtle threats by Western diplomats as they tried to influence the outcome: “Choices have consequences” and “we shall have only minimal contacts”. Curiously, the talk of choices with consequences and minimal contacts somewhat disappeared once Kenyans made a decision on who they wanted as their leaders and the West had just to live with it.

    Today, we tell the story of who owns Kenya’s wealth. It is a revealing account of who exactly controls key sectors of Kenya’s economy, from tourism, agriculture, ICT and manufacturing to banking and insurance. Tourism The big boys (and girls) of the industry are hotel owners and tour operators. Here, British and American interests take almost the entire cake through the hotels chains of Fairmont (the Norfolk, Mount Kenya Safari Club and Mara Safari Club), the Serena hotels, and the Blackstone group (Hilton), the Intercontinental group, Mayfair and the Fairview group.

    On a good day in Kenya’s tourism cycle, tourists from Europe, the Americas or Asia will be booked into a Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel for an overnight stay before they proceed with their itinerary. The following morning, Ambercrombie and Kent, the tour operator in charge of their itinerary, will pick them up and drive them to the Masai Mara Game Reserve where they will only part with a few dollars to access the park.

    After a day of feasting their eyes on Kenya’s famed Big Five, the tour firm will drive them to the Fairmont Mara Safari Club for a sumptuous dinner and luxury accommodation which will cost them a premium. The next day, they will drive back to The Norfolk in Nairobi where they will cool off for the night before they head off the following morning to watch the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya.

    Again, after the day’s activities they will retreat to the Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari Club for a short stay. At the end of the itinerary, Thomas J Barrack, the 833rd richest person in the world and Geoffrey Kent will be laughing all the way to the bank as most of the money spent by the tourists in this trip will be transferred to their accounts.

    Barrack, a former US Undersecretary for the Interior is the owner, chairman and chief executive of a private equity investment company, Colony Capital which, in turn, owns the Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, which in turn, owns the Fairmont hotel chain in Kenya. Geoffrey Kent, a British national who was born in Kenya 69 years ago on the other hand, together with his wife, Jorie Butler Kent, own Abercrombie and Kent which organises most of the tourism itineraries in Kenya.

    Agriculture Kenya is known all over the world for her tea and coffee. But it is hardly told that leading tea firms in the country are British-owned, including Brooke Bond, James Finlay, Kapchorua and Williamson. Foreigners also dominate the tea and coffee auctions at Mombasa. Kenyan coffee is also used to blend coffee from the rest of the world but nowhere is it marketed as Kenyan coffee.

    While small scale farmers produce the bulk of coffee and tea, the best value in from the two crops is harvested by the foreign companies, some of which are listed at the NSE. Kakuzi is is 70 percent owned by foreigners led by Carmelia Plc, a London Securities Exchange listed company but which is registered in tax evaders and money laundering Shangrila of Bermuda Island.

    Carmelia shares in Kakuzi are held through Bordure Ltd and Lintak ltd. Other foreign owners of Kakuzi are masked through nominee accounts registered under CFC Stanbic and HSBC Custody. Horticulture Kenyans are merely spectators in the multi-billion flower industry. The owners of the big game are foreigners through Sher Karuturi, Oserian and Finlay.

    Cut flower exports for example are the second biggest income earners after tea earning Kenya about Sh21.2 billion a year. The country has about 5000 flower farms. However, Sh15.9billion goes into the pockets of foreigners who own the 25 flower farms that control 75 percent of the flower export business. The other flower farms, largely owned by Kenyans, share 25 percent of the income; equivalent to Sh5.3billion.

    Karuturi, one of the major in floriculture has a curious history in the country. Owned by Indian billionaire Sai Ramakhrishna Karururi, the flower farm was last year found by Kenya Revenue Authority to have evaded tax amounting to Sh975 million through transfers mispricing and fake invoicing. The Indian billionaire landed in Kenya in 2007 armed with Sh5billion to shop for a flower farm he could buy.

    Luckily, for him Dutch owned farm Sher Agencies wanted out following prolonged drought, rising costs and bad press regarding employees’ welfare. Karuturi snapped up the company in an acquisition deal that gave him market leadership position with an export portfolio of 650million stems a year. Foreigners also control vegetable and fruit exports through Rea Vipingo, Del Monte, Kakuzi and Frigoken.

    Another money minter in Kenya’s horticultural export stable is French Beans or Fresh Beans. The crop is mainly produced by small scale farmers who number about 100,000 spread across the country. According to Horticultural Crops Development Authority, Fresh Beans exports accounts for 29 percent of Kenya’s vegetable exports, earning the country Sh4.4 billion in 2011.

    But most of the income will end up in the Aga Khan’s pockets. Here is how it happens. The Aga Khan is the biggest exporter of Fresh beans in Kenya controlling about 80 percent through Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) which owns Frigoken, his horticultural business front. Frigoken buys the beans from farmers in prices that have attracted international criticism, and then packages them for the export market.

    A study conducted on Fresh Beans farming by Dutch Aid organisation SNV in 2011 found that the French bean exporters buy a kg of beans from small scale farmers at Sh28.70 on average while average export value for the same one Kg is Sh238. In other words, while a farmer will take home Sh86,100 for 3000 Kgs harvested from one acre, the Aga Khan will take home Sh855,000 for taking the same beans, packaging them and sending them to the export market.

    At the end of the year, the 100,000 small scale farmer will take home Sh1.6billion. The Aga Khan, on the other hand, will pocket Sh3.5billion from the export income while the other 35 exporters market will share Sh900million.

  • This is not true The Uhuru/Ruto govt is asassinating youth organizing jobless youth who are demanding Uhuru /Ruto govt to deliver the Election Compaigns !Uhuru/ruto Promised the youth development Money !Young men killed by trigger-happy cops were on their way to a meeting place with other jobless yoputh>Eight suspected thugs were last night shot dead at one spot in a dramatic shooting incident in Nairobi’ Kasarani area. Following the incident police recovered three guns with nine bullets and two stolen cars.

    The men were killed after a dramatic chase with police from special crimes prevention unit who had been trailing them. Witnesses said the robbers engaged the police in a fierce exchange of fire before the officers finally gunned them down in the 8pm incident.

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Jinga Techwitze(mwinzi) Ati Kenya Drones )Kiss my black-darkest ass!

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