Dr Andy Njeru Eventually Nabbed in Kenya Following a Sophisticated Sting Operation

Dr. Andy Njeru moments after being nabbed in Nairobi.

Dr. Andy Njeru moments after being nabbed in Nairobi.

At last, KSB can produce evidence that Dr. Andy Njeru, a serial conman in Kenya, has been nabbed in Nairobi during a sting operation masterminded by Kenyan police which has been overwhelmed by cases brought by desperate girls who had fallen victim. It is hoped that the arrest will put to a permanent end the “Dr. Andy Njeru Menace” and end the suffering of many young Kenyan girls he may have lured into his “sex trap”. It is estimated that since Dr. Andy began his escapades, he has walked away with over 20 million Kenyan shillings obtained through fraud.

At half a million per deal, he usually needs just two victims to make one million. It is understood that he targets children of the rich although when business is bad, he usually hits at any girl, sometimes walking away with as little as Ksh 10.000 (as down payment for visa and passport processing).

According to a KISS agent who has been operating in Kenya, Dr. Andy was nabbed in a sting operation in which he was to collect one million Kenyan shillings to airlift to Sweden two sisters of a wealthy businessman in Nairobi. The passports for the girls had been acquired and what was left before the girls could travel was a Swedish visa.

To get the visa, Dr. Andy told sting operators that he needed to deposit at least one million Kenyan shillings (about 100.000 SEK) at Nordea bank account in Sweden and that once the money reflected in his account, he would use the bank statement to prove that there was enough money to keep the girls for at least one year as they pursued their further education at Stockholm University.

According to information obtained from the KISS agent, investigators relied heavily on background information from KSB to set up a “water-tight” trap that would help nab the serial con artist and put him behind bars for years. The agent says that the arrangement was for Dr. Andy to house the girls in his “huge villa” once they arrived in Sweden. As usual, money was to be paid in cash after which the plan would move to the next stage when Dr. Andy would troop with the girls to the Swedish Embassy to put up a visa application.

Arrested at 680 Hotel
During discussions surrounding the deal, Dr. Andy met the parents of the young cute girls at the posh Karen area in Nairobi where on the three occasions when the meeting took place there, he always arrived in expensive cars (hired to make an impact).

During the final stages of the deal, Dr. Andy suggested that the cash transaction take place at the Six Eighty five star hotel in Nairobi’s CBD and the plotters duly accepted. They were working with his conditions so as to make him comfortable as they gathered concrete evidence to help nail him down. The officers apparently argued that without evidence which involved a real transaction with cash payment, it would be impossible to get Dr. Andy to face justice in any Kenyan court.

On the day of payment, Dr. Andy arrived at the Hotel in a Lexus together with two aides whom he introduced as “minders”. He is reported to have managed a joke to the effect that “it was the big pay day” and that it was important that “the money was safe” thus the presence of his minders.

In typical Dr. Andy style, the agreement was verbal because he usually leaves no paper trails that would incriminate him after he melts into thin air. The transaction was taking place in a private room and surprisingly, Dr. Andy had come with a portable cash counter and a fake currency detector.

The detectives who were involved are reported to have been very patient as Dr. Andy’s minders helped with currency verification and counting, a process that reportedly took three hours. The cash was in two suit cases which were finally handed over to the conman. In the meantime, every conversation was meticulously being recorded by one of the Officers, using a secret video camera and an audio-recording equipment.

As the conman left the Hotel with his minders carrying suitcases packed with hard Kenyan currency notes, Dr. Andy was arrested and immediately handcuffed together with his accomplices. He was thrown at the back seat of civilian police car and driven away with armed police escorts.

It is expected that he will soon appear in court to face several charges of fraud, conmanship, rape and an assortment of other crimes which could see him locked up for 30 years or more. If all goes well, Kenyans may not be hearing about Dr. Andy’s escapes with girls in Kenya for a long time to come. Probably, it would be safe to say that it is the end of an era.

Okoth Osewe




  • good work Kenya police

    At long last…our local boys and girls in blue have delivered by nabbing the fake man. Hongera to the citizens who laid the trap. Andy should be jailed for many many years because he caused serious agony to many innocent young women and their families.

  • Keith Sirimoe

    ICC sets Ruto, Sang trial date for Sept 10

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) has set the opening of the trial in the case against Deputy President William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang on September 10, in order to allow the defence sufficient time to carry out its preparation…

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Somalis are hunted and killed bublicly in the Republic of South Africa ny Kaffirs under Zuma>Africa

    Somalia demands action over brutal killing

    Somali president urges Jacob Zuma to investigate killing of Somali in South Africa after graphic video goes viral.
    Azad Essa Last Modified: 03 Jun 2013 15:38


    The graphic video prompted outrage from the Somali community in South Africa [YouTube]
    Somalia’s president says he “wants answers” from South Africa after the brutal murder of a Somali man in Port Elizabeth, Al Jazeera has learned.

    The Somali man, 25-year-old Abdi Nasir Mahmoud Good, was stoned to death on May 30 by a mob. The violence was captured on a mobile phone and shared on the internet.

    Sheik Mohammed, Somalia’s president, called on his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma to “act immediately” to arrest those responsible.

    Kamal Gutale, chief of staff in the Somali presidency, told Al Jazeera on Monday: “The president has asked Mr Zuma and his foreign minister to look into the matter and investigate the brutal killing and violence.”

    The murder is the latest in a number of attacks on Somali immigrants in South Africa. Police are investigating the death but no one has been arrested.

    Graphic footage

    The Somali presidency said the issue was raised on the sidelines of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) in Tokyo on Sunday, after the Somali community was hit by a series of attacks in South Africa over the last week.

    The graphic footage shows the bare-chested Good lying in the middle of a street while a mob pelts him with rocks and boulders as pedestrians and vehicles pass by.

    Local media said Good was attacked while trying to protect his shop from looters. He was also stabbed in the violence.

    The Somali community in South Africa, which numbers a few hundred thousand, reacted with outrage.

    The Somali Association of South Africa (SASA) told Al Jazeera that at least five other Somalis have been injured and about 40 shops have been looted in the four provinces across the country.

    Government inaction

    “At the time, President Zuma was not aware of the incident and expressed surprise,” Gutale said.

    The South African president promised to look into the matter, he said.

    But SASA said that the South African government has repeatedly failed to act on this and previous attacks on foreigners.

    “This is not the first time; this is happening over and over again. The South African government is not taking action, the community is angry and every time this happens, nothing is ever done,” said SASA spokesman Ismaeel Abdi Adan.

    The South African presidency was unavailable to comment.

    The African Centre for Migration and Society at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, said in a report released in 2012 that Somali-run businesses suffered disproportionately from crime, including attacks by competing South African traders.

    The South African government has said that previous violence against foreigners was a result of criminality and not xenophobia.

    In 2008, more than 50 foreign African nationals were killed in a spate of violence against foreign nationals across the country.


    Source: Al Jazeera

  • RAO airport drama
  • home dealingboy

    Dr Andy Ki-Mkiuyu Kinugu kimwizi kifungwo maisha na Prisn homos should enjoy him hence likable Matako (nyuma) Dr andy iko mzinga la Kudu!

  • Hi there,

    Which date was he arrested?  Is he in Jail?


  • I am shocked beyond words to read this story coz I hapen to know this man very well!! And more shocking is that this is not the latest scandal about him…Mr. Osewe you have more updates to do and this time we pray the matter will be put to rest once and for all…
    The damage is imense to those who have fallen victims, and they’re many!! May God protect innocent women from such men.

    KSB: Get in touch and let us work together on this. Crime is crime whether committed by the government or an individual. Hoping to hear from you soon.

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