Mutula Links Death Threats to ICC

Mutula links death threats to ICC: June 30 2012

“Fear is the key that is used to control the human will and resolve. Brave people die only once but cowards die very many times,” he said.

“Fear is the key that is used to control the human will and resolve. Brave people die only once but cowards die very many times,” he said.

Education minister Mutula Kilonzo has attributed the threatening text messages sent to him and members of his family to his stand on a number of politically sensitive issues. In an interview with the Sunday Nation, Mr Kilonzo, the former Justice minister, cited his outspoken stand on Kenyan cases at the International Criminal Court (ICC), free education funds and constitutional reforms as possible reasons he was being targeted with death threats.

He spoke on the sidelines of the Kenya Secondary School Heads Association meeting in Mombasa on Thursday. Last week, the minister told Parliament that he had received two messages from unknown people, threatening to kill him, on Tuesday. Mr Kilonzo said that his wife and daughter had also received similar messages.

“I am not like Martha [Karua] who bowed out of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs under pressure. I am a hard nut to crack.
That is why they removed me from the ministry because of my stand on ICC trials,” he said. “I am the first sitting Cabinet minister to receive such messages in the history of this nation.” Mr Kilonzo vowed to get on with his life, saying that conceding to the threats would hand the people behind the messages a leeway to control him. “Fear is the key that is used to control the human will and resolve. Brave people die only once but cowards die very many times,” he said.

“Their messages are horrifying for a soft heart because they threatened to rape my wife and daughter before killing me in cold blood.” Mr Kilonzo said he received the first message at his Jogoo House office in Nairobi on his way to Parliament but ignored it. The second message followed at 4.20 p.m. while he was in the House. “This time round I could not keep it to myself so I shared the two messages with my Cabinet colleagues and Speaker Kenneth Marende,” he said.

The sender, who did not identify himself or herself, claimed to be working under the instructions of a ‘boss’ he named and who works at a firm on State House Road. The boss, according to the sender, has connections to the Al-Shabaab terror group.

The sender alleged involvement in the recent kidnapping of Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara, the bombing of Assanands House and the explosion at a church in Ngara, Nairobi. The minister recorded statements with the police, the CID director and the National Security Intelligence Services (NSIS) on Wednesday after consultations with close associates. While at the Justice ministry, Mr Kilonzo was outspoken for his firm stand on the ICC trials and repeatedly advised Kenyans facing charges to cooperate with the court.



  • kwani double OO uko bahind the news. c huyu buyu amededi?

    KSB: Ndugu, may be, you need help. Scroll down the news na uta notice KSB was part of breaking the news ya death yake. Past articles about him is part of remembering him. I hope this fixes your worries. thanks lakini. It shows you can be concerned if you suspect ya kwamba KSB iko nyuma. Hiyo ni patritotism na tuna appreciate sana. Lala salama. Tuko pamoja.

  • Mutula kilonzo knew too much. He was Moi personal lawyers for many years, he knew where Moi, Biwott, Kalenjin Mafia and gema Mafia looted money was hidden matter fact he helped Abacha through Moi lauder Billions of dollar through charter house. Moi and duly elected could not believe Kilonzo would lodge an election petition so when he refused to withdraw and decided to get closer to Raila the man had to go…….” he was found laying on the bed with mouth and nose full of foam”

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  • I tink ts too early to speculate. Sometimes am wary at how horrifyin’ some of speculations are.Pre empting so much of what is subject to sensitive investigation, is worrying.
    I would hate to find out that the honourable senator was killed for whatever the reason. How I would wish that the cause of death can be attributed to natural causes instead.
    Nevertheles Mutula has been my hero even before he popped into politics, I remember him vividly in his sensible debates on crossfire..his mind will be missed by many. May God rest His soul in peace.

  • Mutula Kilonzo was an ICC witness >Ask Uhuruto why Both Killed Mutula Kilonzo?

  • Family Mutula Kilonzo hired British Doctor?Ouko Family hired British agen Mr troon who was threatened coersed by Moi /Biwott Govt!Julia Ward Perished in Kenya after being raped and Murdered by Sinkulu Massai Moi boys .The last one a British Barom killed by Kenya Police was arrested and tortured inside Police cell where corrupt Police broke his Skull raped him and stole his money Now Family Mutula hired the same British doctors hoping to work freely and conduct investigation free in Kenya .Please tell me something else! Kenya of Uhuruto both wanted by THE ICC IN Hague! UK govt please Wake and lead EU Countries like Churchill!. Otherwise UK is getting humiliation from Nigroes South of Sahara!Sir Cameron and Govt please Smell Kenya Tea and Coffee!

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