Mutula Kilonzo’s Last Moments

The Late Mutula Kilonzo’s Last Moments

• 3pm: Arrives at his Maanzoni ranch driving himself
• 4pm-6pm: Inspects the ranch and gives instructions on maintenance
• 7pm: He is served githeri for dinner but orders nyama choma
• Retires to bed after dinner

• Breakfast is served but senator still in his bedroom
• 10am: Worker finds breakfast untouched. Calls senator but there is no response
• Workers open bedroom and find senator lying motionless
• 12pm: Senator pronounced dead

End of brief



  • wah!
    perhaps he was done way back in the city…like that Russian spy in the UK Alexandre Litvinienko sometime back!Only his wasnt radioactive….it was once off….stronger than the one Originally planned for the Prof of Algebra in the early 90s.
    Its scary to be Kenyan….especially with an independent mind

  • ndya muthyuty

    What a hokus pokus These pocupines

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