Uhuru Kenyatta’s Possible Burdens as President: The ICC Factor



  • Nichima konzi.

    One of the leading Country in Black African South of Sahara in Killing former Police officials after Using them (exploit) in doing dirty govt jobs like killing anybody the govt wants to be asassinated. This kikuyu police-chief was killed like a Dog after being used by Kenya govt to kill any public enemy that govt deemed (decided) to kill he commanded on of the dreaded Kwekwe Squad who has been killing ICC In Hague witnesses>A former commander of Kenya’s most dreaded elite police unit “KweKwe” died in his sleep last Monday. Ex-police Chief Inspector John Kariuki who commanded field officers belonging to the Special Crime Prevention Unit died at his Nairobi home and was buried on Saturday. A postmortem will be carried out to establish cause of death.

    The KweKwe squad was crafted by the government to crackdown on the outlawed Mungiki sect. It was later disbanded by Internal Security minister George Saitoti following public outcry. Police sources told the Star that the 52-year-old career officer was ill for a short time.

    His contribution to the growth of SCPU cannot be under estimated having served in the unit for more than two years. He was also a distinguished investigator with close to 30 years’ experience.

    Kariuki was dismissed from the force in 2009 together with three other officers of his unit after investigations revealed they had desecrated a grave in Kitui in search of millions stolen in Mombasa. Kariuki has taken to his grave some of Kenya’s police best kept secrets.

  • Wanjiku observer.

    Unless USA/UK/EU/asisst in dealing with Kenyan fake president Uhuru Kenyatta and ruto will destroy the ICC in Hague with their Power of Money !
    What Yugoslavia as a Country failed miserably Kenya has managed winning Icc case one by one ! The remaining perhaps will be dismissed very soon hence Kikuyu are the most Cunning people in Africa Thieving asassinating, anybody ,buying , bribing, threatening .Kikuyu ruling Mafia can buy anybody especially the declining EU/USA economy and kenya going East China/ North Korea /Iran/etc. The only remaining are the Western Powers but it looks even the west is afraind of GEMA -mafia! they dont want to lose kenya as their strategic centre in Africa!

  • Kibaki body-guard.

    Gema -Kikuyu Thieving President lives better after retiring than many western retiring Presidents Look at this Presidential Private Home in a Country where citizens have not seen flash-toilet and where millions live in slums and where millions of natives dying of Hiv/aids ,

  • Thoko gladys nhlabathi

    COMPLIMENTS,Congradulations honourable President Uhuru Kenyatta icon,revolutionare,i believe in your intelligence,commitment,dedication to your new office as President .better life for Kenya people .Cabinet members passionate to best service delivery.Hope for the nation i love that you priotise education since from your political history.”As Education of African Students is the greatest weapon for economic growth,freedom.”God to guide,give more wisdom to lead the Kenya country. All best our President ,we all Africans.John3.36 Romans 12.9.21 Thoko nhlabathi South Africa Johannesburg,Ekurhuleni ,Palmridge 0739720739

  • Kampala news (Uganda)

    Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto Promised Kenyans to arm KDF with this North Korean Weapons ?Where will Kenya get money to waste when there is starvation ,hunger and flooding in all parts of Kenya !http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/04/09/297370/us-to-blame-for-korean-tensions/

  • K bodyguard,

    500m Home, when IDP’s have no roof over their head, disgusting!

    Talk about rubbing it in your face, these people never change.

  • The followings are the only African huge Orangutaungs who visited the Illegal swearing of fake Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto>In attendance:

    Yoweri Museveni (President – Uganda)
    Jakaya Kikwete (President – Tanzania)
    Salva Kiir (President – South Sudan)
    Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (President – Somalia)
    Jacob Zuma (President – South Africa)
    Ali Bongo (President – Gabon)
    Jonathan Goodluck (President – Nigeria)
    Joseph Kabila (President – DRC)
    Paul Kagame (President – Rwanda)
    Ismail Guelleh (President – Djibouti)
    Robert Mugabe (President – Zimbabwe)
    Haile Mariam Desalegn (Prime Minister – Ethiopia)
    Daniel arap Moi (Former President – Kenya)
    Kenneth Kaunda (Former President – Zambia)

  • It disgusts me to see two people charged with the most heinous crimes on earth ruling the country as it just shows how low the country has sunk morally and legally. I also wonder what worse crime one can commit in Kenya and not be set free and not remanded if these two suspected criminals can be allowed to rule the country. Since these two criminals have just about set a legal precedent, I believe that if confidence and trust is to be restored in the rule of law for it to be seen to be equal among every Kenyan, the lawyers should quote the criminal cases by these two criminals and fight in Kenyan courts, that will soon be transformed into kangaroo courts, for their clients who are charged or remanded to be released until they are convicted. Also remember the same courts have stopped the police from charging the PS guy that stole the embassy land and was a witness to Mathura’s case and they have also directed the police to furnish him with all the materials they want to use against him?

  • Just look ! read here how these evil devilish families suffer despite being filthy rich >Malipo ni hapa hapa !
    >>Lucy misses Kibaki’s last day in officeRelated News
    : The making of a ‘crony capitalist’SHARE THIS STORY
    Updated 7 hrs 2 mins ago
    By David Ohito

    Kenya: Out-going First Lady Lucy Kibaki missed the big event that marked her husband President Mwai Kibaki’s last day in office.

    Kibaki handed over instruments of power to the incoming leader President Uhuru Kenyatta thereby retiring as Commander in Chief of Kenya’s Defence Forces.

    Lucy who has been missing from the limelight was conspicuously absent at today’s historic occasion which ushered in Uhuru Kenyatta as the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya.

    Unlike the first day of Kibaki’s 10-year tenure when she was present at the inauguration ceremony, this time she missed the big colourful event that was laced with entertainment, military march parade and huge crowds of supporters witnessing Uhuru Kenyatta take the reigns of power from her husband.

    Lucy has been missing at various State functions and as her husband takes to retirement, Kenyans will be keen to see her role in public after 10 years as First Lady.Broken family, Zombie children! suffering from Anus-Warts !

  • Research institute

    This is the reasons Why GEMA-Kikuyu fears Raila Oginga becoming Kenya President!
    Kikuyu has done evil evil real evil by killing /assassinating any Lupo who is loved by the mahprity of Kenyan people ! Kikuyu hates Luo and this hate is manifested through indoctrinating every Kikuyu generation to generation>WikiLeaks: Releases About Raila Odinga
    WikiLeaks Releases: Nairobi Cable No. 20: Shocking Views of Michuki About Raila’s Presidency


    •Extraordinary fear of a Raila Presidency by Michuki

    •Michuki trotted out a laundry list of anti-Odinga propaganda

    •Odinga would feel compelled to avenge the murders of slain Luos Tom Mboya and Robert Ouko

    •Kalonzo Musyoka and Musikaro Kombo were promised positions in another Kibaki Presidential term

    •Odinga wouldn’t last more than a few months in office due to possible assassination


  • KIKUYU THIEVING RAILA OGINGA’S PRESIDENCY!! The kikuyu ruling class has been Luos enemy by killing assassinating Luo leaders eg: Tom Mboya. Dr Ouko and many others !Enjoy( Pictorian) Today Kikuyu thieving Jaramogis Son Presidency ,His Excellency Peoples President Raila Oginga >http://kenya.rcbowen.com/talk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=32732

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