Celebrating the Death of Margaret Thatcher in London

Cheers “Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead”

To cheers of “Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead,” posters of Thatcher were held aloft as reggae basslines pounded.

To cheers of “Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead,” posters of Thatcher were held aloft as reggae basslines pounded.

Several hundred people gathered in south London on Monday evening to celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s death with cans of beer, pints of milk and an impromptu street disco playing the soundtrack to her years in power. Young and old descended on Brixton, a suburb which weathered two outbreaks of rioting during the Thatcher years. Many expressed jubilation that the leader they loved to hate was no more; others spoke of frustration that her legacy lived on.

To cheers of “Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead,” posters of Thatcher were held aloft as reggae basslines pounded. Clive Barger, a 62-year-old adult education tutor, said he had turned out to mark the passing of “one of the vilest abominations of social and economic history”. He said: “It is a moment to remember. She embodied everything that was so elitist in terms of repressing people who had nothing. She presided over a class war.”

Builder Phil Lewis, 47, a veteran of the 1990 poll tax riots, said he had turned out to recall the political struggles the Thatcher years had embroiled him in. “She ripped the arsehole out of this country and we are still suffering the consequences.” Not all those attending were old enough to remember Thatcher’s time in power. Jed Miller, 21, clutching a bottle of cider, said: “She was a bit before my time, but family never had anything good to say about her.”

Not all were there to celebrate. Student Ray Thornton, 28, said he was there to commemorate “victims” of Thatcherism. “It is a solemn day. It is important to remember that Thatcherism isn’t dead and it is important that people get out on the street and not allow the government to whitewash what she did,” he said. Unemployed Kiki Madden scrawled “you snatched my milk and our hope” on a fence and said she felt slightly guilty taking delight in Thatcher’s death, “but in the end I can’t deny the fact that Thatcher made me so unhappy when I was a kid. I grew up in Liverpool and all my friends’ dads lost their jobs on the docks under Thatcher. It was an awful time.”

Alex Bigham, a local Labour councillor, condemned the event, taking to Twitter to brand it disgraceful. In Glasgow, more than 300 people gathered in the city centre for an impromptu party, organised on Twitter. Members of organisations including the Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation, the Communist party, the Socialist party, the Socialist Workers party and the International Socialist Group, were joined by members of the public in George Square. A chorus of “so long, the witch is dead” erupted, along with chants of “Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead,” from the gathering as champagne bottles were popped.

BY Barry Neild




  • History Proffessor.(Malvinas-Isle)

    She ordered the sinking of this Argentinas sailors who died painfully by sinking this battle-ship >(Belgrano)

  • History Proffessor.(Malvinas-Isle)

    Maggy also forced former Kenyas President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi to enlist in Eveming english class hence Moi always wished to meet Margaret Thatcher but his english was very poor so to speak . .President Moi joined English evening class but still Mr Mopi could not catch up hence his goat mentality syndrom He used to suffer from his family background.The former President suffers low iqs ,was a despot ,monophobia ,allergic to criticism , esophagus hence eating goat intestines and primitive bloodpudding commonly eaten by Tugen and Lumbwa tribes.Moi was known to admire Margaret Thatcher perhaps the former president wanted to have sex with Thatcher hence Maggy was very cute(beatiful ) and its one of the facts Moi was heard from his inner-circle and was dying to meet with the late baron.

  • Hotentot Hotezburg

    Thatcher also had an appetite for supporting blood-thirsty dictators such as Chile’s Augusto Pinochet and Indonesia’s General Suharto along with Iraq’s Saddam.

    Thatcher called Suharto as “one of our very best and most valuable friends”.

    She also worked closely with Pinochet during the Falkland War of the 1982 and praised him for “bringing democracy to Chile” during a visit with him in March 1999 while the former Chilean dictator was under house arrest.

    The so-called “Iron Lady” was no less lethal to Britain’s own people in political terms especially in Northern Ireland.

    Her government oversaw the hunger strikes of 1981 in Northern Ireland by anti-British republicans, in which as Sinn Fein current President Gerry Adams said, she tried in vain to “to criminalize the republican struggle and the political prisoners”.

    “Margaret Thatcher will be especially remembered for her shameful role during the epic hunger strikes of 1980 and 81. Her Irish policy failed miserably,” Adams said.

    Adams also pointed to two other darkest aspects of her foreign policy that is her support for the Khmer Rouge, who are accused of killing an estimated 1.7 million people during their rule over Cambodia, and her staunch backing for the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa.

  • I am not surprised. She will be remembered for demolishing the trade unions. In some areas she was responsible for lots of people losing their jobs.

  • Thubutu grandmo

    Maggy Thatcher was very courageous Lady !
    Kamama na Ukabila>

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