Raila Odinga “Sworn In” at Kondele in Kisumu as First President of the Republic of Nyanza

The Republic of Nyanza is Born as Raila Odinga is “Swon in” by The People


Kisumu, Kenya: Prime Minister Raila Odinga has criticised the decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the election of Uhuru Kenya as Kenya’s fourth president. Raila said the decision by the county’s highest court was unpopular, as he dismissed it. “Supreme Court ishindwe (May the Supreme Court be defeated,” he said. The premier said the decision by the top court was tantamount to the persecution of Jesus Christ.
“The decision is like the persecution of Jesus Christ that occurred over 2000 years ago. Like Jesus, I am still alive,” said the premier, when he addressed crowds in Kondele area, Kisumu on Friday. He said the Supreme Court, under its President Willy Mutunga, made its decision during Easter, on the same period Jesus was persecuted, died and rose.
Raila said he would continue with the fight for democracy, despite losing the presidency. He urged Kenyans to continue to fight for justice and democracy, adding that he would spearhead this fight.
“When the cooking stick breaks, it does not mean the process of preparing meals should stop,” he said Carrying a black Bible and dressed in a checked blue shirt, the premier said Kenyans had been let down by last week decision. “Kenyan waited anxiously for the ruling. However, they were betrayed with the court’s ruling that was intended to kill his political career,” said Raila, amid chants from the crowd.



  • Raila should forgive Mutunga and the judges for keeping their jobs and by extension their heads intact by delivering a verdict that was predetermined like Uhuru’s win. There was no other way they could do it. Mutunga let the cat out of the bag when he made the unnecessay revelation that he has a red telephone along with others on his table.
    Let’s look at this from a psychologis’s point of view. Anyone, for example, who makes an unsolicited statement to others without any prodding or particular reason to the effect that he has never had a fling with a prostitute is a compulsive liar. Most of us tell lies but under pressing circumstances. But the CJ could not hold it anymore in his chest. He claims it never rang even once. Why should it? The mere presence is intimidating enough, isn’t it?
    Mutunga and co. rejected the CORD affidavits on technicalities. Yet, not long ago he had expressed the view technicalities should not be a reason to deny anyone a fair ruling. That is the spirit of the constitution too. They did not even find it necessary to consider the fact CORD had to go to court for forcing the IEBC to release vital documents in support of the CORD petition.
    I am inclined to belive the SC judges were aware that the IEBC Chairman knew months before the election Uhuru had won !
    Let me give Mutunga the benefit of doubt. The Simu Nyekundu never rang !


    He needs not to rest untill God’s intervention to save us out of these powers of darkness…we are behind you father of liberation to Kenya….revealation is yet to prove since the begining of it is highly raising shock to Kenyans,…NO BIBLE IN SWEARING IN….???…

    KSB: Peter, this is humour. Watch the photo again and you will see that he is carrying the bible.

  • Rights Doctor..

    Mohan Sing thanks very much sir hence very strong conviction(faith) please sirlet that faith dwell inside your heart perhaps forever thanks again > but for your information for the sake of our Motherland The CJ of the SC the vhighest court in Kenya (Bandia anyway) would have resigned or stand aside. The question is was Mutunga ready to die for the Kenyan People?We will never forget 50 years of Uhuru(bandia) and how the so called leaders has betrayed the people of kenya! What freedom did Jomo Kenyatta gave the people of kenya under his 16 years of his reign?
    What freedom Dictator Daniel T Arap Moi gave the people of Kenya under his 24 years in Power?
    What did tribalist Kibaki gave Kenya Under his 10years ,.Yet on Monday the 9th Jomos son Uhuru Kenyatta will be sworn by Kikuyu ruling mafia ?What rights does Kikuyu-ruling class- tribe has to rule over other Kenyan tribes with iron-hand ?

  • The dilution of the promulgated constitution by treacherous bills agreed by the GCG cabinet; the impasse which has already seen the Supreme court become part of the fray and no longer aloft as a credible arbiter to all sides; the impasse which reveals that even a body like the IEBC charged with elections, is inadequate as an organisational form given the contradictions of the country: a raft as an organisational institute to sail a dam, is okay, but to sail the high seas, it is inadequate and doomed. —Isack and his IEBC cohorts are crew of a raft atop the angry and turbulent politics of Kenya, trying to tame the storms by witchcraft! Lost before they left the shore.

    I consider the dysfunctional relationship between Raila and Kibaki in the GCG too, as a symptom emanating from the inadequacy of the apparatus forged to navigate the radical situation. The radical situation of violent political conflict, issuing from real grievance on the ground. The GCG as an instrument of resolution, a hopelessly weak response.

  • Intelligence Report

    Killing Kamirithu of Ngugi Wathiongo !KIlling Theatre in kenya hence criticizing Evil Regimeof Gema Thugs!

  • The Love of freedom & Liberty

    Suppose Raila arms such strong army of million people and lead them in their Luo-Nyanza-land?Look How Raila Oginga is Loved by his People?These youth are ready to liberate them and creat a Land flowing with Milk and honey! Just arm this army and see freedom and democracy for people who has been in Kikuyu Ruling -class Prison over 50 years. It is better to live in a free and democratic country! These young men and women needs arms /weapons!

  • Nairobi Special News.

    Dying in Silence is the worst human crime (Kenya govt of thugs) must appeal for help from the western world hence the govt is corrupt and it lacks resources to asisst her perishing masess. The whole Country is a catasrophe floods every where but the Useless (mafia govt) is busy preparing the swearing in of a wanted muderer ,a rapist and an arsonist(by the ICC in hague )It is a criminal offence for a govt to fail to help her people in such a National disaster>We call upon the world community to intervene hence the suffering of the Marginalized Kenyan community<

    Kenya Cannot survive without help from UK/EUAnd USA first and formost!Hence a Banana Bonobo Republic
    That relies on Donation from the West!

  • African front News

    All 41 Kenya tribes are gossiping the following !Nairobi a Masaai Name Owners of Nairobi!Here is a sample of the sizzling stories doing the rounds in Nairobi and elsewhere in this conflicted and tortured republic:

    1. “The decision was scripted by the NSIS and thrust to the Chief Justice to read at gun point”;

    2. “Kibaki had already handed power to the military top brass a week earlier and the generals had vowed never to serve under Raila Odinga who had once attempted a coup de tat”;

    3. “Each of the Supreme Court judges was given one billion shillings to rule in Uhuru’s favour. In fact, Justice Wanjala arrived at his residence around 8:30-9:00 pm to find four men waiting for him in his living room. One of them opened a huge suitcase stuffed with crisp 1,000 shillings and tersely instructed him to do what he knew was right for our beloved motherland”;

    4. “Dr. Willy Mutunga called the Prime Minister and spoke to him for over 40 minutes explaining to the CORD flag bearer how the forces of impunity had held him hostage; Raila understood the dilemma his friend and comrade was grappling with”;

    5. “The judges were split 3-3 (with Willy, Smokin’ and Ibrahim on one side). They opted to project a united front as the Supreme Court, hence the 6-0 unanimous announcement”;

    6. “Obama, Cameron and Merkel had themselves urged Kenyan civil society juggernauts like Gladwell Otieno, Maina Kiai, Muthoni Wanyeki and John Githongo not to worry about Uhuru becoming President because within two months the ICC duo would be securely locked up at the Hague”;

    7. Etc. etc. etc.;

    Is there ANY truth to the above rumours?

    SOME truth?

    Completely baseless fabrications?

    Who knows?

    Kenya is a weird and surreal territory. Some of the giddiest and wildest urban legends often turn out to have more than a kernel of truth.

    On the other hand, perhaps the TRUTH is in fact, STRANGER THAN FICTION. Perhaps we Kenyans should treat as LITERAL, this verbatim rendition from the Supreme Court:

    1. After extensive deliberations, we are happy to announce the Supreme Court has reached a unanimous decision on all the four issues that fell for determination in presidential election Petition No. 3, 4 and 5 as consolidated.

  • African front News

    OH My God Save Kenya where a million women has died when undergoing abortion many found with ruptured Uterus>

  • Who is W S Arap Ruto?The Deputy President of Kenya through Rigging of elections of 2013

  • Sudanese News

    IS this Al-Bashir Invited by Uhuru Kenyatta to attend his Inagulation on Monday The 9thin Nairobi?

  • Reliable innercore.

    Former retired Dictator Daniel Arap Moi coaching Uhuru Kenyatta how to kill. detain , follow intimidate threaten murder ,poison his oppnents and moi was also heard mentioning Nyayo torture chambers still empty !And was told How to handle Raila Odinga and Coy!

  • African front News

    Acording to scientists the brain of Africans (blacks) is just slightly above of an Ape(monkey) If you doubt Please Watch this Video!

  • It is a curse to be born (BLACK) Majority of Africans spend millions on applying chemicals to look like a whiteman/woman (to look like their white Masters)Light skin niggers/ nigglesess feel inferiour infront of their masters hence having (nigger color) http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2013/04/20134514845907984.html

  • Kikuta Kisemo

    Kalonzo Kanasema Je?I don’t really understand what kalonzo Musyoka is trying to murmurs? Adressing in Kikamba would have been better!?

  • Specialist in War-crime Lawyer.

    is usa/eu/uk in comatose ?how comes sudanese president can fly to CIA /mi6/mi5 hQS WITHOUT ACTION FROM THESE SUPER-POWERS?

  • Jamlick Wambare.

    iF YOU DO CLEANING jOB IN eu/usa/uk YOU REALLY EARNS mORE THAN A kENYA-pILOT FLYING OLD CRASHING aIR-cRAFTS>Pilots in Kenya earn Peaunuts shit-job. Flying in Africa is the most shit-Job>Apart from the normal police salaries, the pilots are given meagre allowances.

    Currently, those holding the first stage – the Private Pilot Licence are paid Sh5,000, while those with the Students Pilot Licence are given an allowance of Sh10,000. Those with the Private Pilots’ Licence and Airline Transport Pilot Licence get Sh20,000 and Sh25,000, respectively.

    Pilots holding the Commercial Pilot Licence are paid Sh20,000 while the highest paid are the Airline Transport Pilot Licence holders who are given Sh25,000.

    The Justice Rawal-led commission that investigated the helicopter crash that killed former Internal Security minister George Saitoti, his assistant Orwa Ojode and four police officers in June last year faulted the Police Airwing for having shortcomings in training, safety management and airworthiness checks.

  • Smell the bitter Coffee.

    Raila sorrounded himself with traitors? For gods sake !Can you trust Kalonzo Musyoka? Railas men were sleeping !Listen to Kalonzo Musyoka here>

  • Smell the bitter Coffee.
  • at Smell the bitter coffee
    If you live in Kenya i wil remind you in ggod time.
    For now a few conclusions come to my mind one that you may be just ignorant or naive in the sence of youth…kids of the 90s thats why you can only see a traitor in Musyoka…yet ignorance is no defence,grow up!.remember he set to help the unhelpable Hague bound thugs sometimes…?Fatou is not coward Willy Mutunga.
    Two you are simply one of the conscience deprived Kenyans…typical of Jesus’ crucifixion.So its better for you to have Barnabas free!Now that gives me consolation.we may be saved some day.But in the meantime there will be consequences…watch this space.

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