Play Depicting Exploitation of Oil in Turkana Banned in kenya

The controversy around the banning of a play, Shackles of Doom, by Butere Girls has continued to raise questions. There was drama when Kakamega County Education Officer Alex Majani refused to allow journalists and theatre critics to watch the play. Over ten journalists from different media houses were stranded at the school after earlier arrangements to have the play staged by students were stopped with teachers and students gagged from speaking to the Press.

Instead, the institution’s drama patron referred them to the District Quality Assurance Officer Isaac Kuya. He was waiting in his office at the Butere District Education headquarters across the road. “I have no permission to talk to you since the principal is away for a heads meeting in Busia. But you can have a statement from Mr Kuya.

Asked if there was hate speech in the play, Kuya said: “If there was hate in that storyline, I could have advised and the play could not have moved to the level it has.” Mr Okwemba, who is in charge of the Nzoia region that includes the whole of former Western Province, West Pokot, and Turkana counties, said hate speech could be relative.

He recalls that the only recommendation made by adjudicators was for “some sections of the play not to be direct in its message”.  Speaking to The Standard on his way to Sweden where he will be on an education and cultural exchange for a month, the Nzoia region drama secretary has dissociated himself from any condemnation of the play. “As far as I am concerned the region is powerfully represented by Butere Girls, Kakamega High and Vihiga High in that order,” said Mr Indakwa, who is also a church pastor.

These, among many comments that vindicate the play’s author and director Cleophas Malalah, who is in shock as to why the play was banned. Shackles of Doom is play that engages with the audience on the way the national cake is distributed in this country. It has nothing to do with hate speech,” he explains.

Malalah said his passion for working with young people has always been to tap talent and to debate national issues through theatre. “Recently the National Cohesion and Integration Commission published some research on how State and public service jobs have been skewed in favour of one ethnic group. Is it taboo to discuss these findings through a stage play,” wonders the youthful Malalah, the defending champion of the Best Director nationwide.

The veteran playwright is asking for a second chance and has said for the sake of the children participating in the play, the team was ready to adjust any concerns raised by the Ministry of Education and have the form and content agreeable to all.




  • Research institute

    Wapende Wasipende Turkana Sio Kenya! Kwani Turkana has become part of Kenya hence Oil and Gas discovery? Turkana People has the Right to secede from Kenya and proclaim Turkana Republic !For Turkana to achieve secession they must start training their Army to defend and protect their territory form their govt ask help from Southern brethrens etc etc and first Turkana Must find any Coutry willing to recognize Their Republic and Financier It can be done only miracles take time. .Southern Sudan have Done it; Darful will make it soon!Kosovo did it Eritrea did it Balkans did it! BaLtic coutries did it !It can be done if Turkana plans together with other Kenyas Marginalized Communities like Coast, NFD,Nyanza etc hence others will follow and this demands circrifices dedication men and women ready to die and creat their GOD given Land (holy-land ) that flows with Milk and honey!
    Garang did it !Kagame did it !Ethiopian Liberation Movement did it! Museveni did it in Uganda You need other Marginalized communities to agitate and Move on ,Kenya Army will split once leaders order their Men Women in Uniform serving in GEMA Govt leaves with their Arms !This will depend on your Finaciers hence your Turkana-Land has oiland Gas wells and fields that will last over 300 years.

  • Intelligence Report

    These are some of neglected tribes of kenya they Voted yet they cannot read and write! There is alot of Oil and gas where they live but our w2orry is Gema Uhuru tribe will grabb their Oil-wells and rob them>

  • Intelligence Report

    Shackles of doom is about a community in search of black gold in a foreign land but later on cases of nepotism and tribalism ignites a conflict.

    Shackles of Doom is a play that depicts the production of a film in Kanas, an impoverished country with large oil reserves that are yet to be exploited. The people of Kanas refer to themselves as the True Kanas and they languish in poverty unaware of the riches that flow in the ground beneath their feet.

    Lopush who is a True Kana is in search of a bride and his prayers are answered when a delegation from a neighboring country arrives in Kana and offers him a beautiful lady, Wamaitha, to be his wife. The delegation asks for the True Kana’s land as bride price and promises to build them an oil refinery to foster the relationship between the two countries. What Lopush does not know is that his bride is 3 weeks pregnant and Kimani, who claims to be her guardian, is the father.

    The oil refinery is constructed and during the hiring process, none of the the True Kanas clinch administrative positions. Kimani is appointed the CEO of the refinery and the highest ranked True Kana in the refinery is a security guard.

    On the eve of Lopush and Wamaitha’s wedding, Kimani has an order of 600 barrels of oil and orders all the factory employees to work the day and night shifts to fulfill the order. Lopush is not spared either and is forced to work as the security guard.

    The employees are hard at work when Kimani sneaks away to Lopush’s house and tries to talk Wamaitha into having sex with him before she is married off and an argument ensues between the two.

    Lopush defies Kimani’s orders and leaves the refinery before dawn to prepare for his wedding and walks in on Kimani and Wamaitha.

    Wamaitha is at pains to prove that she did not fornicate with Kimani. A crowd gathers and just as they were about to descend on Kimani, news of a fire at the oil refinery reaches them. Lopush had left with the keys to the installation and he is needed to aid in the evacuation process. The villagers rush to scene of the accident only to find that the whole refinery and its occupants had burned to the ground. A “technical glitch” is blamed for the horrific accident.

    “CUT” yells the film director, signifying the end of the shooting. A cast member points out that the film has no credible resolution. Her suggestion is an ending where all communities at peace, there is harmony, truth, justice and equitable distribution of resources. The cameras are still rolling as the cast member makes her plea but in full glare of the camera the director declares his resolution was credible!


  • Tana River Local.

    Who cares sleeping tribes!Let them perish hence they voted the other side of the coin! We should only care our man Uhuru Kenyatta>–/-/1056/1741470/-/14nv58n/-/index.html

  • We shall rule Kenya for 1000years Says Kikuyu Ruling Class(gema) Thanks Kenyas sleeping Primitive tribes!KRA
    1.Commissioner General: ———- Njiraini
    2.Board Secretary: ——————-Mrs. Ngang’a
    3.Senior Deputy Commissioner, Investigation & Enforcement: —–Mr. Joseph Nduati
    4.Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: ——————- Mr. Namu Nguru
    5.Deputy Commissioner, Administration: ———Mr. Karimi
    6.Deputy Commissioner Procurement: ————-Ms. Murichu
    7.Commissioner Customs: —————-Mrs. Wambui Namu
    8.Senior Deputy Commissioner (Customs): ———Ms. Githinj
    9.Deputy Commissioner, Enforcement (Customs):———–Mr. Maina
    10.Deputy Commissioner, Finance: ——–Ms. Wachira
    11.Commissioner Domestic Taxes (LTO)- ———–Mr. Njiraini
    12.Deputy Commissioner —————— Mrs. Mwangi
    13.Senior Deputy Commissioner, Finance: ——-Mrs. King’ori
    14.Senior Assistant Commissioner, Security: ——Major Kariuki
    15.Senior Deputy Commissioner, Southern Region: ——-Wagachira

    Is it Kenya Reveunue Authority OR “Kikuyu” Reveunue Authority (K.R.

  • Defend Najimbo.

    Governors elected by people must stop the central (kikuyu govt) to control money to develop constituencies the way Kikuyu/kalenjin govt had been doing for the last 50 years denying development money to the poor comminities .This is the money Central govt has been Conning the people of Kenya >It must stop tribes must resist Kikuyu ruling class thuggery of their money no matter what!

  • Shackles of Doom
  • Shackles of Doom Blocked

    Live coverage of Shackles of Doom play blocked

    Updated 1 hrs 57 mins ago

    By Standard Digital Reporter

    MOMBASA, KENYA: The state has placed new obstacles in the path of the controversial S hackles of Doom play by introducing measures to ensure it is not transmitted live on TV from Mombasa.

    Several media houses which had prepared to show it live from the Aga Khan high school in Mombasa were told they could not even after preparing outside broadcasting facilities for days.

    The play is being staged against the government or national drama organisers’ interests as state agents deem it to be ethnically inciting. Critics say the play which has been forced into the festivals through a court order is a legitimate display of Kenya’s structural weaknesses and system of inequalities adding that the latest obstacle by the state is designed to restrict the play’s appeal to a tiny audience.

    This morning Education ministry officials and the Education PS on Sunday vetoed attempts by the media houses to cover S hackles of Doom live from Aga Khan High School Mombasa 4pm.

    Earlier the national Executive Committee had considered requests from TV stations to have live coverage of the play and granted them permission to do so.

    No sooner had TV crews moved to action setting up Outside Broadcasting equipment a communication to halt plans came through the top officials.

    “The PS has said it would be unfair to isolate one play for live coverage while the rest did not enjoy the same,” an official in the ministry said.

    Given the great national interest on the play editorial opinion was to have the rest of the nation who did not make it to Mombasa to see it firsthand.

    Now they will have make do recorded snippets during prime news.

    Keen observers has seen the latest move as way of frustrating further a play that has set precedent as the first to go to court for arbitration based on censorship.

    Today the venue is full of theatre-goers and security has been beefed up at the venue with all going through detailed checks and frisking at the entry points.

    Special doors at the auditorium have been marked ‘VIP ONLY’ as a long queue of those buying tickets for the evening session continue to stretch.

    Some people have travelled as far as from Kakamega, Nairobi, Lamu and Nyeri to come and watch the play.

  • Oil curse in Nigeria
  • Butere girls play
  • Shackles of Doom full play

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