Who Was Surprised With Supreme Court Ruling on Raila Odinga’s Petition?

who was surprised 1 who was surprised 2



  • Oppen Society Democracy

    The next Huge Project for Kiambu Mafia is to asassinate W S Arap Ruto(Saitoti Style)note-my words!What am I saying?
    Foremost, Raila in the opposition is very deadly…he deals fatal blows! Just revisit your political history. Dont be cheated that Raila will be retiring…he is so much of an enigma to move to Bondo now! He knows his worth, and he is ready to try or better said push this UhuRuto government to its knees. Raila will be keen on wanting to continually remind Kenyans this…”isn’t this the presidency you chose?”

    Secondly, once Uhuru gets sweared in, the Kiambu Mafia will move in immediately and surround him, which means that Ruto starts getting jittery. I tell you, this political marriage, even though was made up of willin
    g partners, will be more tumultuousness than thhe forced marriage between Kibaki and Raila. Mark you, Raila and Kibaki were statesmen, but Uhuru and Ruto are young blood…Uhuru with his temper and his external stimulations, and Ruto with his Power hunger and mobilisation skills (Never mind that he took good lessons from Raila).

    And if 2007 PEV is anything to use as evidence, then Uhuru and Ruto must be feared. Something else…land issues in RV havent disappeared

    BTW, did u see how the political positions have been shared between URP and TNA….jijazie!

  • No one ! All the material evidence produced in court and online, were ‘computer generated fakes’, the SC appeared to belive. Had the ruling contained a rider to the effect there were anomalies but not sustantial enough to invalidate the result in the judges’ opinion, it would be seen as a fair assessment. Perhaps it might be in the judgement in detail expected to be out in 2 weeks time. It would make interesting reading how the Court came to the conclusion the elections were free, fair and credible.

    The country in general and the judges were cautioned by the defense team of dire consequences in case Uhuru Kenyatta’s win was invalidated. A constitutional crisis and the resultant breakdown in law and order being foremost would tear the country apart, it impressed on the court which was apparently bought at offer value, and the bench perhaps resolved unanimously that the country could not afford the expenses of another election, and running a re-election in two months was not practicable because the discredited IEBC would have to be reconstituted within that time.

    One way of looking at this historical verdict is it’s the second time an illegality was legalised in a span of 5 years – first by the international community, and now by the Supreme Court of Kenya. Kenyans are now being kindly exhorted to ‘move on’, a refrain we usually hear from the platforms of murderers, rapists, pillagers and arsonists who spearheaded the 2007/8 PEV.

    So as things stand, Kenyans can look forward to an absentee president and a deputy president. The regime will have to be necessarily bureaucratic and authoritarian as the absence from duty of the president and his deputy is hitherto unheard of in any other country. The implications of this unfortunate situation is anyone’s guess.

    Maina Kiai is right. Next time the aggrieved might not go to court.

  • I remember commentator Hatari putting up a story from The Kenyan Daily Post and KSB calling it “gutter press” information and it should not be given much attention. I guess this two articles fall under the same umbrella using KSB measurements.

    KSB: You are mixing the meaning of “gutter press” with reliability of individual articles published on gutter press. KSB is a blog and, whether true or false, the stories published at KSB does not elevate its status to that of a “newspaper”. Seek the definition of “gutter press” then come back for debate.

  • Its time to move on Osewe,i understand pple r very bitter coz thy had faith with the supreme court to rule in their favour,i urge yu to start a campaign to bring people together n stop with the politics of isolating the innocent kenyans who respect the rule of law.The attacks from this blog on president elect Uhuru which has run in years should desist henceforth,you are in a position to move into constructive debates when Uhuru government takes over,or forever remain a bitter man,its up to you.Raila will definetly move on n i hope all his supporters will follow n live to fight another day,let mi finish by saying that am sorry that you guys have lost this battle but focus on the ways of motivating people towards the building of our beloved country.

    KSB: I bet you have two legs and you should have just “moved on” and allowed others to decide if they want to embrace the pacifist philosophy of “moving on” in the face of fraud or whether they want to “soldier on”. The issue at hand is not about Osewe, Raila, Kenyatta and KSB. It is about Kenya, the future and democracy.

  • This is what made W S arap Ruto cry in a church remembering Kikuyu Children he burned inside a church in Eldoret>

  • Uhuru/Ruto/Zonko Mike Buvi Kamata Shebesh Matako !Kenyans will defend democracy no matter what>have noticed a few things.

    1.There are some SINISTER forces that are trying to intimidate this forum.

    2. A few days ago I posted an article DENOUNCING Kimemia for criminalzing dissent. Some unknown people removed that posting. I put it back.

    3. Some dedicated and conscientious members of Jukwaa from North America, Europe, other parts of Africa and Kenya have alerted me to a series of attempts to technically scuttle access to Jukwaa. I do not have to speculate about the likely perpetrators of these cowardly attacks.

    4. On the other hand, some Jukwaa members who are ardent supporters of Uhuru Kenyatta have started sending me chilling private messages, urging me to clamp down on other Jukwaa members who are critical of some political developments in Kenya. This is simply UNACCEPTABLE. Perhaps these individuals are unaware that I am a veteran social justice activist and well connected human rights defender with friends across Kenya, around Africa and all over the world. Some of us will not allow Kenya to go back to the dark days of the one party dictatorship.

    5. All these childish and ultimately DOOMED acts of threats, intimidation and attempts at censorship speak to the growing stature of Jukwaa as a vibrant, independent, critical social media platform of fearless democratic debate and discourse. Those members of the police, NSIS and affiliated government security intelligence establishment squatting and lurking here in Jukwaa will be EXPOSED and COMBATED.

    I am announcing to the world today, Sunday April 1, 2013 that SHOULD ANYTHING HAPPEN TO ME OR JUKWAA then everyone should be aware that forces of impunity, retrogression and fascism are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE.
    Such Nyokonze Nyazolet ole Muglet wo maima should not deter democratizing Kenya!

  • Nichima konzi.

    The presidency is not that important.. its importance may be limited to bragging rights.

    Kikuyus have produced three out of four presidents of Kenya and yet, the jigger menace dominates Central Kenya. If the presidency cannot eradicate jiggers, alcoholism, prostitution, thuggery, gang-rapes by Mungiki, etc then its value may only be limited to the bragging rights.

    Let Kenyans therefore rise above the primitive feeling of superiority because “our man is the president”It is our time to eat Na tuwageuse Wamama warembo kitako upande mbele na nyuma!

  • Nairobi Special News.

    as far as they can see, their biggest hurdle now, (having bagged the presidency) is to compromise the ICC. In terms of a place to start, the Prosecutor Bensouda would be as good as it gets. I wonder if they’ve dared try. did you see what the Nigerian/Canadian Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji had to say about the dropping of Muthaura’s case?

    As the ICC goes about it’s work, I hope the whole lot of them have as much love for that court as they presently do for Kenya’s

    slapping Supreme Court.Slapping Kenyas (BANDIA COURT)Slapping Kenyas Kangaroo Court >Uhuruto Slapping ICC in Hague as Kenyas slapped Supreme Court!

  • Sasa Uhuru/Ruto Wataanza Kulana Matako Juu Ya Hague !The Movie Ruto Talked About is beggining to emerge ! Never Ever Trust A Kikuyu with(MOU) ( mKalenjin Boss (Ruto) ata-Najiziwa na Uhuru Kenyatta. Rutos Case is Gonna Start very Soon In MaY LETS HOPE IF ruto shows up in HAGUE DO YOU THINK HE WILL BE LOCKED IN THAT LUXURY-CELL?can now guarantee you that Uhuru Kenyatta and his sycophants will embark on the stupid project of undermining Hon. William Ruto even though without Hon. Ruto, Uhuru would be nothing. I GUARANTEE YOU.(BOTH HAVE BECOME dUME zA nYANI)

  • You dont escape ICC hague just because you have killed all of the witness !Infact you should be dealt without mercy hence you are equal to ADOLF HITLER.

  • SUPREME COURT is very IRRELEVANT as far as presidential elections is concerned. I DARE SAY the lands commission will DECLARE ” I HEREBY DECLAIRE that 300000 acres of land owned by KENYATTA in Taita taveta was VALIDLY Acquired.

  • Gatundu Resident.

    UHURU Kenyatta>I have created so many enemies and that is why i cannot travel anywhere without my body-dogs like UK president >

  • African front News

    You can run but you cant hide >USA long hand!USAhas arrested and caged One of west African Drug-warlord >read here>

  • I have great respect for those who feel aggrieved that CORD was not granted a reprieve. That is no reason to shorten lives with vitriol. For one our nation has two factions that are disjoint and hostile to each other. As such no one speaks for kenya . Its sectarian opinion. The fact that over six million votes were in favour of JUBILEE and you rubbish it is a statement on your lack of maturity and tolerance. In any case I term most of our civil society groups as latter day propagationists of ideological imperialism. As such I see the attacks on our president as bitter mutterings of sore losers bent on milking all the emotions of their support. Its a paradox to tell people we are fighting for reforms peacefully and working up your support to the precipice of bitter action . Its not a a constructive rage here. That is what CORD is doing today. Our peace loving civil society personalities meanwhile are filling the media with messages condemning the will of at least six million voters. Well we can expect a failure since we have politics on our crosshairs while the enemy that is tribalism ,a common ally to CORD and JUBILEE goes onto heights only possible in the poisoned air that people are breeding through the intolerance we let bloom among us.

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