Why #IEBC Could Be In Panic Mode

IEBC is in panic mode…How true is this statement?

Please take off your Tribal hats before reading this. It might be harmful to your health. No one attained the 50+1 threshold. Simply check this out:

The official IEBC figure of total registered voters is: 14 337 399. If the voter turnout was 86.815% that means 12 447 012 Kenyans voted. Hence, to get at least 50%, one needed to garner 6 223 506, but instead the purported winner obtained 6 173 443, which is 50 073 votes less, representing 49.59%.

Professor Saitoti the ex-Math Genius, must be turning in his grave wondering who taught us the very basics of Maths in primary school.

Sent by a Corded Reader:


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