“We Are Dealing With Criminals Who Should Be In Prison, Not State House” – #Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga finally understands how the thieving capitalist ruling class operates. KRA has been saying this for years. They are answerable to nobody but themselves. They always use the State apparatus to get their way. They will violate the Constitution if their interests are at stake. They amass wealth by looting public coffers as millions starve to death. They appoint their cronies to top positions in government as this is the only way of protecting their stolen wealth. They will send security forces to break bones, maim, cripple and execute civilians demonstrating in the streets because they believe that they can only rule a fearful population. They will role back all the democratic gains of the past, bull-shit reforms and re-introduce tyranny in the name of safe-guiding State security. Through-out the world, they NEVER leave power voluntarily. The only way to overthrow this Mafia cartel that calls itself government is through revolution.



  • Oppen Society Democracy

    How Comes Central Province (Nyeri, Muranga,Kiambu,Meru,Embu Voted Muderers Rapists ,arsonists,and mass-muderers especially William Ruto who burned ,the same Kikuyu children in a Church .
    The Kikuyu Ruling-class is known to bull-shit Luo Community since independence through Killings Detention suppression ,terrorising ,assasination EG: Tom Mboya,Robert Ouko etc and latest Saitoti . What rights do Kikuyu-Ruling-Class have to suppress the freedom of Kenyans? I think they have Rigged a wrong Person by the name of Raila Amollo Oginga Odinga . A man of the People.(peoples President) who has fought the Present freedom in
    Kenya inclunding the New constitution being RAPED by Kikuyu thieving-class of (Waitinas) .It will not succeed Majority of marginalized Kenyans across the Nation wont be succumbed and suffocated by a cabal of thugs in Power posing as Liberators .while trully are Muderers,oppressors using State-Power . This time it wont work .The people of Kenya has friends and true friends who defend and protect democracy and freedom to all mankind in the Universe.
    Democracy will not allow Wanted criminals by ICC in Hague to rule by hijacking (rigging)election in Kenya . This Must be clear to Kikuyu ruling class thugs and their(GEMA) Military commanders (lackeys).

    KSB: The good thing about your mail is that you are differentiating between the thieving Kikuyu ruling class and ordinary Kikuyus who have nothing to do with election rigging and who only exercised their right to vote. Ordinary Kikuyus suffer together with other Kenyans.

  • Kikuyu riling class-Aka- Mashetani are not secure with CJ MUTUNGA!The ultimate legitimacy of an election rests with the Judiciary. That solemn task rests with CJ Mutunga’s Judiciary.

    2) Only the CJ Mutunga stands between Kenyans and tyranny, or mayhem.

    3 There’s another reason why CJ Mutunga is the pivot of the country. That’s because the legislature doesn’t exist; it was disbanded for the elections.

    4) Some malignant fellows want to lower CJ Mutunga’s moral standing and probity for their own nefarious agendas.

    5) They are afraid of an upright chief justice, one whose ear they can’t bend, or whose heart they can’t weaken.

    6) Kenya fortunate to have the calibre of Dr Mutunga for a chief Justice.

    7) “Dark forces” may believe that only the CJ and the judiciary stand in the way of a power grab. They are right –

    8) CJ Mutunga’s fidelity to the Constitution is beyond question. He’ll defend it to the death.

  • I was one day sitting with my friends and even relatives at my kitchen table, some of them swallowing and promoting kb(kenya breweries) though i took my stand on the other side promoting ktda by convincing the world that kenya was producing the best tea,until i hinted that it seems we are heading towards sanctions,two weeks prior to election,little did almost find my self under the oven with a temperature exceeding 280,my own brother and a friend decided,to grill indoors,but as they were almost done seasoning the steak and ready to put me on fire,my wife came inn just on time for my rescue,and that was the end of nyama choma drama,just because i mentioned that Raila was going to loose and Uhuru will be declared winner in the fast round through undemocratic back door,My question was, at what speed changes of events were taking place just as we closely approach election was disturbing and sending a very uncomfortable signal,why were the opinion polls changing and why was Uhuru asking Raila to concede a deafeat even before the first score or rather waiting for a final whistle after 90 minutes?.The game was already planned long ago but cord eyes were set on tv sets watching the opinion polls untill the stock market started droping ,but this would mean taking avery drastic measures to put it back to balance,Now kenya is heading towards a very delicate and fragile situation both in terms of domestic and international affairs incase juduciary fail to deliver,and incase they decide on a re run cord must go back to a drawing table and play a defensive game, watch mudavadi wamalwa etc,jublee will still need to do damage in western and still learn more on how to steal,they dont care about kenya and kenyan people,they talk of democracy during the day and at night they are busy training criminal forces to protect them and their wealth which has no audit.we need a leader who is elected through a fair and a clean democratic process,This country belongs to 40 plus tribes,we should be busy preaching development health reforms,education,economic development employment poverty security issues and put kenya in the world map as a tourist destination,we need the west,Uhuru please watch out you might end up drinking all the milk you produce by yourself,join cord you are much safer,icc medicine was to unite all kenyans,not just central and rift valley,who knows Muthaura might be a witness he took a very low profile most of the time,pls dont send him to ngong forest it might not help or it will be too late

  • I will marry when i want.

    Tuju In Shit-pit (Kweli Marrying a Kikuyu Woman You might be in Shit-men(Expensive Divorce!

  • The Core and defender /protector of Ruling GEMA -class Kikuyu You cant rule without them>Chief of Kenya Defence Forces General Julius Karangi, the Director of the National Intelligence Service, Maj Gen Michael Gichangi and the Head of Public Service Francis Kimemia.

    Raila Odinga has no Army Police force> But what he has is a formidable Army (The People of Kenya who loves democracy and freedom>Thats why kenyans must wait the Courts verdict

  • Ruto the Kiambaa butcher

    Ruto Kabuga the Kiambaa Church Butcher is now sitting with Uhuru Kenyata son of the worst land grabber in Africa to rule Kenya. Ruto is the most dangerous person in Government and the poor Kikuyu have no choice but to be sheeped around in the interest of these greedy politicians. Where is justice for the Kiambaa victims? Tuamukeni poor Kikuyus.

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