Traditional Neurosurgeon Operating Patients Under Trees in Kenya



  • Kenya boasts of only 13 qualified neurosurgeons despite the ever-increasing number of casualties with brain injuries in hospitals across the country.

  • Very intressting.Amazingly without all the high tech.

  • Cursed Wakenya ( time to wake the sleeping dogs)

    That Primitivity and un-hygienic way of carrying such sensitive operations is equal with FGM (female genital mutilation) and the govt should prohibate (ban)such dangerous ways of treating walahoi-poloi in kenya.

    whoever watches such heinous way of a witchdoctor performing such anti-human primitive systenm which was used and practiced during BC (before christ) should not be applied in any country in this time and era!

    The Un-caring corrupt Kenya govt should not be allowed to sit and watch when poor Kenyans are being re-searched as guine-Pigs while rich And Poweful political barons fly Overseas for treatment!

    Think such babaric pain perpetrated to such poor patients yet the people of Kenya regards them as Civilized.
    Where are the corrupt and fake Reliogious leaders in Kenya ,who are busy campaigning for TNA &Cord abandoning their flocks?

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