Ambassador Purity Muhindi’s Overstay at Embassy Cost Taxpayer Ksh 31.8 Million

Muhindi earned Ksh 1 million per Month in salary and allowances

Ambassador Purity:  part of the vultures milking Kenya.

Ambassador Purity: part of the vultures milking Kenya as million starve to death.

Kenyans paid Sh265.1 million in rent and remuneration for 13 diplomats who have either refused to return home or are held up by bureaucracy after their tours of duty ended. The envoys in various foreign missions have stayed on for periods ranging between five and 32 months after the expiry of their tenures with one costing Kenyans Sh48 million.

The report, tabled by Parliament’s Defence and Foreign Relations Committee chairman Adan Keynan, shows the total amount spent on the envoy as at August 2012 — including for salaries and foreign service allowances, expenditure for overstayed period and rent — amounted to Sh265,068,127.

“As clearly seen in the list of ambassadors (as at August 2012), it is evident that the same ambassadors continue to overstay even after December 31, 2011. This amounts to breach of law and by extension is the height of impunity,” said the committee report.

The Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, which conducted inspection visits of the 52 Kenyan missions abroad in 2011, concluded that several envoys manning the missions were irregularly appointed, others continued to serve in their stations beyond their contract periods, while others refused to return.

“The amounts government is spending on their rents and remuneration leaves a lot to be desired — a possibility of illegal spending — by government,” said the committee.

The committee singled out Mishi Mwatsahu, who was stationed in Islamabad, Pakistan, as having overstayed for 32 months and drawn a total of Sh48.3 million. She earned a monthly salary and foreign service allowance of Sh851,515. Ephraim Waweru Ngare, stationed in London, and Mary Mbiro Khimulu, based in Unesco Paris, overstayed for 25 and 24 months respectively, drawing Sh41 million each.

They earned a monthly salary and foreign service allowance of Sh1 million each. Kenya’s envoy to Sweden Purity Wakiuru Muhindi and Richard Titus Ekai (Bangkok, Thailand ) overstayed for 19 months each, drawing Sh31.8 million and Sh29 million respectively.

Muhindi earned Sh1 million while Ekai pocketed Sh851,515 in monthly salary and allowance. Kenya’s envoy to Kuwait Mohamed Aden Mahat stayed longer by seven months, accumulating a total expenditure of Sh12.8 million. He earned a combined monthly wage of Sh1 million.

Four ambassadors, Festus Kaberia M’Mcheke (New Delhi, India), Catherine Muigai Mwangi (whose Dublin office in Ireland was abolished by Parliament), Prof Ruthie Chepkoech Rono (The Hague, Netherlands) and Thomas Boniface Amolo (Pretoria, South Africa) over stayed by six months each.

Prof M’Mcheke, who earns Sh815,515 in monthly perks, incurred a Sh8.8 million expenditure while Mr Amolo, who earns a similar salary and allowance, cost the taxpayer Sh10 million during the extra period.

Prof Rono and Ms Mwangi each earn Sh1 million and cost Sh10 million each in the overstayed periods.

The last of the 13 envoys, Robert Mutua Ngesu (Khartoum, Sudan ), Benjamin Adam Mweri (Bujumbura, Burundi) and Daniel Sindiga (Gaborone, Botswana) remained in office for five months each costing the country Sh7.5 million.

They earned a similar salary and foreign service allowance of Sh815, 51

The committee found out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lacks a clear policy on recalling and extending terms of service for diplomatic appointees and other officers in missions abroad.

The committee has since recommended that envoys who decline to return after recall be surcharged.

Irregular appointments

“Senior ministry officials should be held responsible and accountable for irregular appointments, unauthorised extensions of duration of postings and non-recall of diplomats at the expiry of the stipulated periods,” the committee said.

The MPs are proposing a Foreign Service law to govern appointments and recall in line with Articles 232 and 250 of the Constitution which lay emphasis on values and principles of public service and regional and ethnic diversity.

The taxpayer is also paying Sh142.4 million monthly to offset rent for 26 out of 52 Kenyan missions abroad.

Kenya’s mission in Japan, says the report, tops the list with a monthly rent of Sh120.8 million while Seoul in South Korea draws the least rent of Sh63, 200. The figures as at August 2012 were calculated using the exchange rate as at November 2012.

READ: Embassy properties falling apart, warns House team

“As indicated in its earlier report on the scrutiny of the budget estimates, it will be prudent in future, for government to purchase property for the missions abroad (either in cash or mortgage financing arrangements,” said the committee in its audit on the Foreign Service appointment.



  • Last night the usual suspects (Walambaji and Wakristo) gathered in a restaurant in the trendy part of Stockholm to bid Ambassador Purity Muhindi goodbye. After overstaying her tour of duty for 19 months, she got a recall order from Nairobi on Wednesday that warned her not to be in office from January 31st 2013. She has to leave Sweden by next Saturday otherwise she will be forced to refund a total of Ksh31.8 million that she has earned so far, for overstaying. Her belongings will be shipped in a container after afterwards.

    Ambassador Muhindi is on record as the most anti-social diplomat ever posted to Stockholm, at least according to many Kenyans. It is good riddance and we hope she will be grounded once and for all in Kenya. She is a gluttonous Vulture in a Kitenge!

  • Wow! A big house paid by the poor taxpayer’s money;
    A big car paid by the taxpayer’s money;
    All her vitenge, bought by the taxpayer’s money;
    School fees for her children, all paid by the taxpayer’s money;
    Her monthly salary of Ksh1 million, all paid by the taxpayer’s money;
    And it is all tax free.

    Surely Purity, don’t you have sympathy for the poor Kenyan taxpayer? Could you not go back in time so that Kenyans could save the Ksh31.8 million to help others who are poor and cannot have a shilling a day to survive? Think of the poor children in Kenya who would have benefited from the money you have squandered by overstaying.

    I know you love your job, but deep inside you must be greedy to have intentionally overstayed without caring about the costs of keeping you in Sweden. It is a crying shame that you Mama, who poses like a Mkristo, can leave Sweden with a yoke around your neck filled with shame for bleeding the poor taxpayer dry.

    Shame on you Purity.

  • Pesa ya Wizi ….

    Eye bando masikini

  • Ewe Wakenya People weho sits in darkness and who will never see the light A city built on a hill cannot be hidden away : Purity Wakiuru Muhindi is a daughter of Mumbi & Gikuyu who owns Kenya when do you blind wiklings will open up your sick eyes and ears blocked by wax? first remove the wax blocking your ears and operate your blind eyes and hope to be opened so that you may be ready to see whats happening in Lala-land of Bongos and Zombies!

  • SHAME: State pays Sh 856, 000 rent for UN envoy MACHARIA KAMAU in New York

    Saturday February 2, 2013 – Kenyan taxpayers have been paying almost a million shillings in rent for the residence of Kenya’s permanent representative to the United Nation, Macharia Kamau, a parliamentary report has said.

    The committee said Macharia Kamau is “arrogant” and he declined to stay in the Mission’s official residence and decided to rent an apartment in New York, which is costing taxpayers US $9,835 (Sh855,645) a month.

    “Since the residence was built to the standards of a Presidential suite and is in a good location, there was no justification as to why such a huge residential building could be abandoned by the permanent representative. At least he would have occupied part of the building awaiting renovations.” Adan Keynan,the chairman of the parliamentary committee said.

    Keynan said that the committee was convinced that Kamau’s ego may have driven him to rent such an expensive apartment and accused him of not having the “passion” to protect waste of public funds.

    But Kamau denied the claims and insisted that his decision to stay in a flat near the UN was because of logistical complications of living far away in the Bronx, where the official residence is currently located.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

  • Suttytize Mothuti

    Perhaps this Guy failed to asassinate THe PM >Let him spill the Gema beans >

  • shameless kabisa huyu mwanamke. kumbe KSB was right about her.Ashindwe!

  • This is unbelievable. GEMA at play as usual, greedy for money by all means. I hope all the Swedish people and other foreigners Purity mixed with officially can read this so that the good impression they had of her diminishes. Fallen from grace to grass. A very negative goodbye.

  • i dont get it how could kenyans have saved 31.8 m for muhindis overstay. we would still be having an ambassandor who will correct that money. plus the enjoyment she was having good car, house etc isnt it the result of her education

  • Purity is a shameless GEMA daughter who has no morals.Whatever respect she had is gone with this mega scandal.Walambaji who wine and dine with her are also part of the misuse of the taxpayers’ money.

  • Audit Exposes Rot at Kenyan Embassies

    Kenyan taxpayers have spent millions of shillings in salaries and allowances for 13 ambassadors whose terms have expired.

    A new audit by a House team showing the extent of regional imbalances in staffing of Kenya’s diplomatic missions says the envoys who have overstayed in their stations had consumed over Sh265 million in salaries and rent by December 2011.

    The Departmental Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations says the amount spent on the officials may have gone up substantially since most of them are still keeping their jobs.

    Some of the ambassadors have overstayed in their workstations for as many as 32 months, according to the committee’s report.

    “It is evident that the same ambassadors continued to overstay (their postings) even after the December 31, 2011,” the report says of the officials.

    Islamabad’s Mishi Mwatshahu is listed as the ambassador who has overstayed at her post longest— 32 months, consuming Sh48 million in pay and rent. Mr Ephraim Waweru of London is second having consumed Sh41 million.

    The team notes that the Foreign Affairs ministry lacks a policy on recalling and extending terms of service for diplomatic appointees and other officers in missions abroad.

    It recommends that rules be formulated to guide the recall of diplomatic appointees at the end of their tour “unless under special circumstances, which must be communicated to the concerned appointee”.

    The Report on Appointments to Diplomatic Service tabled in Parliament on Wednesday notes that most ambassadors serving various missions come from home areas of President Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka.

    Leading the pack are President Kibaki’s Nyeri County and Prime Minister’s rural home county of Siaya, which account for six per cent of the appointees each. Kitui County, the home region of Mr Musyoka, accounts for 4.6 per cent of the appointments.

    “There is an apparent correlation of skewed concentration of appointments to diplomatic service from counties represented by the President, PM and VP,” says the report.

    Regions of Foreign Affairs Minister and his Permanent Secretary were also found to be having a huge representation of diplomats. In contrast, Tana River, Elgeyo Marakwet, Laikipia and Bomet counties did not have any representation at the ambassadorial or deputy ambassadorial level.

    Of the unequal representation, the committee chaired by Mr Adan Keynan said, the appointments defied the requirements of the Constitution.

    “Despite the fact that the law does not recognise relationship as a disqualification to public service, presence of nepotism could not be ruled out in the appointments especially where appointment procedures were overlooked,” the report said.

    The team recommends an urgent enactment of the Foreign Service Bill to streamline diplomatic service.

    The committee set out on the work following a question raised by Narc presidential aspirant Martha Karua who had asked then Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula to release the list and qualifications of people appointed to the diplomatic service since 2008.

    Ms Karua argued that there were two relatives of Mr Odinga, although she did not name them.

    “If there is a pattern of appointing cronies of members in the Executive, it would be contrary to public policy,” she said. – Daily Nation

  • Kibaki Era Scandals 2002-2012


    15/12/2012 9:08 pm

    Agriculture , War on hunger benefitted a few: Individuals behind the Sh2 billion maize scandal that rocked the ministry of Agriculture in 2009 are yet to be prosecuted. Some of the top officials who were suspended following the scandal were reinstated in their positions after investigations failed to implicate them,…..

    and the reports clearing them were not made public.

    The swindle was first reported in 2008 when the government initiated a subsidised maize scheme to fight hunger that had affected more than 10 million Kenyans. However, the scheme fell prey to corrupt officials who exploited it to their benefit. A report by PriceWaterhouse Coopers captured incidents of “briefcase traders”, who participated in under-dealings with millers to run down the programme. Senior officials were linked to the scandal that led to the loss of maize worth Sh150 million from the Strategic Grain Reserve. After the revelation, Prime Minister Raila Odinga ordered a thorough investigation by the Efficiency Monitoring Unit and the Inspectorate of State Corporations.

    His attempt to suspend the then Agriculture Minister William Ruto to allow for investigations hit the brick wall after President Kibaki revoked the suspension within hours. Permanent Secretary in PM’s Office Mohamed Isahakia and Principal Secretary Caroli Omondi were also recommended for investigation. The two alongside Agriculture Permanent Secretary Romano Kiome were suspended as investigations began but were back to work three months later. Apparently, the three had been cleared by the investigators. No one has taken full responsibility for the sandal.

    Education: Who stole our children’s cash? The unresolved loss of Sh4.2 billion meant for free education programmes will remain a blot on President Kibaki’s legacy. The trail of how ministry officials embezzled the funds remains unclear, a year later since a fiduciary audit was conducted by both the UK Department for International Development and The Treasury. The audit revealed how education officers diverted colossal amounts of money meant for schools and doctored documents to justify non-existent expenses.

    An estimated Sh8.2 billion could not be accounted for when auditors from Treasury assisted by a UK financial consultant first embarked on the review of the Kenya Education Sector Support Programme (KESSP) between 2005 and 2009. The figure came down to Sh4.2 billion after audit review of some of the documents that had not been submitted earlier. About Sh1.9 billion of the money did not reach schools as top officials in the ministry diverted the funds to private accounts. Prof Karega Mutahi served as the Permanent Secretary during the entire period when the loss of the money occurred, before he was transferred to the Local Government docket. This occurred even as the audit said the PS should accept overall accountability for the correct expenditure of the funds. The then Education minister Sam Ongeri denied involvement in the scandal. Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission led the investigations that led to top directors of the ministry facing court charges but were later to be acquitted for lack of evidence.

    Foreign affairs: Sh1bn vanished in embassy’s thin air. The Kenya Anti-corruption Commission is yet to piece together fresh details on the controversial purchase of land for the Kenyan embassy in Japan.

    The investigations were based on evidence compiled by Japan and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission’s (EACC) officials who travelled to the country to establish the truth on the purchase of the property in Tokyo in which it is estimated that more than Sh1.1 billion of tax payers’ money may have been lost. Recent correspondence between Attorney-General Githu Muigai and EACC acting boss Jane Muthaura showed that the government was keen to quickly conclude the investigations. Prof Muigai had written to Ms Muthaura to speed up the translation of a Japanese report detailing the questionable purchase of the land. EACC spokesman Nicholas Simani said they will analyse the evidence gathered by the Japanese government to enrich their recommendations. Then Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula and his PS Thuita Mwangi were forced to step down over the deal but were later reinstated. MPs and EACC condemned the move to reinstate the two.

    Local government: Millions buried in graves land deal. The ghost of the Sh283 million Nairobi City Council cemetery land scandal still hangs on the heads of a land surveyor and a valuer after former Mayor Geoffrey Majiwa was acquitted recently. In August, the then Senior Principal Magistrate Lucy Nyambura (now a High Court Judge) ruled that there was no evidence to prove Mr Majiwa and former deputy Town Clerk Geophrey Kahindi conspired to purchase the controversial cemetery land in Mavoko, Machakos County. She ruled that surveyor Cephas Kamande Mwaura and land valuer Boniface Misera had a case to answer over their role in the scam.

    The four were jointly charged in October 2010 with conspiracy to acquire Sh283.2 million from the ministry of Local Government. They were charged after a report by the Controller and Auditor General released to Parliament implicated council officers for overvaluing the 120-acre land by Sh259 million. Valuation by the Ministry of Lands quoted the land price at Sh24 million. Mr Misera is defending himself against the charge of fraudulently acquiring Sh10 million from the council while Mr Kamande is accused of fraudulently acquiring public property.

    Medical services: Medical scheme that never was. The scandal involving Sh1.2 billion meant for the first round of a medical scheme for civil servants is the most recent graft case to hit Kibaki administration. Under the scheme, the National Hospital Insurance Fund lost Sh91 million that saw the entire board and the fund’s chief executive suspended. The board was sent packing after irregularities were reported in the award of tenders worth Sh634 million.

    The irregularities included payment to ghost clinics, unprocedural selection of clinics and creation of an unapproved unit at NHIF to run the scheme. A caretaker board was appointed in May and revealed that the suspended board had listed 112 ghost clinics as service providers in the medical scheme. Of Sh91 million lost, Sh66 million was paid to Clinix while Sh25 million was given to Meridian hospitals. Officials behind the mess have not been prosecuted. Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko has accused Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of delaying the files on the investigations. He said he was still waiting for the files which had not been forwarded to him.

  • Africa is a land flowing with milk and honey because from the Horn to West, East, Central and South there are various mineral resources such as steel, metal, copper, iron ore, gold, diamond etc.

    There are also marine, aquatic and wild lives, abundant produces such as cocoa, coffee, tea rubber, palm oil and other agricultural seeds, some of which are suitable for bio-fuel (not crude oil and gas) and of course crude oil and gas (reasons for Western terrorism in the Middle East).

    The resources in Africa are consumed in other continents of the world from Asia, Middle and Far East. And Western Europe is the only exploiting continent using educational scholarship as barter trades in the 1960s hence creating mass exodus of mainly West Africans into Europe and the US such that was never seen since days of slavery.

    The African continent, particularly West Africa, has used meager income received from its resources sold to Western European buyers to fund scholarship for its citizens to gain Western qualification. In the 1970s some of those migrants who could not stand high level of daily social injustices and oppression (racism, prejudice etc.) while living with their host countries, decided to return without completing their studies.

    They came back with personal effects hence Western luxury goods replaced their qualification and snowball effect was soaring demands for Western education as households wanted to own Western goods.

    There are those individuals from poor background in West Africa whose families sold all they had to privately sponsor a family member, but on arrival in the West they got carried away with the Western way of lives hence becoming permanent sojourner in the West until today with no qualification and living in abject poverty.

    The increased demands of Western education in West Africa were made worst by the increased demand of Western qualifications in both public and private organizations all over Africa. Also the demand for Western goods increased alarmingly because owning Western goods became an indication of individual Western connection amongst Africans hence enhancing social status.

    However, 1980s became an era where there was excessive increase of investment into foreign housing, property portfolios including luxury goods such as private airplanes and expensive vehicles by many West African leaders through to civil servants as well as rich individuals, hence their country suffered decline in foreign reserves and an increase in ‘I owe you’ (IOU) to bridge the gap.

    The snowball effect of many IOUs led to borrowing

  • Kamithi: yours is a typical rotten GEMA reply full of immorality and less care for the Kenyans. You are the only one sympathizing with a clear breach of the well-stated law concerning diplomatic posting. Purity’s appointment was more political than a career one. Even if the country would have been spending the Ksh31.8m on another Ambassador, the point is she has gone against the law. Impunity must be stopped.Her education should have taught her to obey laws.

  • Harry Kavila: Your reference to tribe in beginning your reply is moronic and stupid. Would addressing Kamithi’s comments without tribal vitriol put some major strain on your brain? And your intelligence is apparently minimal since you claim Purity has gone against the law. I am not at all defending her, but your statement is just not true. Which law? This is a question of impunity, and moral bearing , but she has certainly not broken any laws by overstaying her tour of office. This impunity is mirrored by our MP’s, Ministers and other public servants since the days of Kenyatta’s government. If laws were being broken the prisons would be full of the political elite from each successive government and we would not see outrage being expressed by Kenyans everywhere. Learn to get your facts right, instead of regurgitating assumptions and politics of the illiterate.

  • OJ Hatari, you are simply stupid! Am entitled to my opinion and I have no apologies.

    “As clearly seen in the list of ambassadors (as at August 2012), it is evident that the same ambassadors continue to overstay even after December 31, 2011. This amounts to breach of LAW and by extension is the height of impunity,” said the committee report.

  • Kavila: I may be simply stupid but Purity may have breached the terms of her contract, stayed in office without mandate but certainly did not break any Kenyan laws. Alluding that she broke the law is not an opinion as you put it, but an accusation that typically bears the hallmark of one of those “repeat what was said by someone else” theories. I suppose you also actually read the report and not some newspaper article with someone else’s opinion which you are now parroting as fact. Since you seem to know something I do not and just out of curiosity, which law did Purity breach by remaining in office? By the way you may parrot, sorry I mean articulate your opinion, until the cows come home.

  • Keep it up.

  • Why did WILLIAM RUTO lie to Kenyans on KTN?

    Monday February 4, 2013 – Immediate former Eldoret north MP William Ruto is one of the most respected politicians in the country currently due to his command of the vote rich Rift Valley region.

    Ruto rose from a mere University graduate to one of the most successful politicians in Kenya’s history – thanks to former president Daniel Moi political grooming. His political articulacy was spotted by former President Moi when he was leading a church choir in early 1990’s.

    But last week Ruto launched a scathing attack at one of the CORD stalwarts William Ole Ntimama claiming that he read about the veteran politician while studying civics in primary school.

    William Ole Ntimama was first elected to parliament in 1984 as MP for Narok and was appointed Minister for Supplies and Marketing, according to information from the State.

    If Ruto was born in 1966 then he was 18 years old in 1984 – hardly the age to be in primary school unless he repeated more than one class or was a late entrant to school.

    Can Ruto tell Kenyans the truth?

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

  • Is this GEMA related too?

    Landlords in Geneva have refused to lease their property to the staff of Kenya’s mission in the Swiss city for failure to pay rent on time. Kenya’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Tom Mboya, has allegedly not honoured a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalling him to Nairobi.

    Instead, he has written back to request that the recall be suspended until after the elections in March. A parliamentary committee reported late last year that the rent issue has affected operations at the mission.

    The MPs called for Mboya’s immediate removal for gross misconduct and misuse of public funds. The report by the Defence and Foreign Relations Committee says a number of officers seconded to the mission have had to stay in expensive serviced apartments for months as property owners have been refusing to rent apartments to the mission.

    “The mission’s inability to pay rents on time has undermined its rating among estate agents in Geneva,” the report says. According to the report, some landlords have been threatening some junior officers with eviction after Mboya failed to respond to their requests for payment.

    Efforts to get a comment from Mboya yesterday were futile as his phones went unanswered and he did not respond to text messages sent to him.

    The report, which was tabled in January before Parliament dissolved on 14th, accuses Mboya of running down the key mission leading to a loss of Sh33.7 million used to rent a residence that was unused for 18 months.

    “It appears that the only viable solution at the missions is for the government to consider redeployment of the current head of mission to a less demanding and sensitive station as a matter of urgency,” the report says.

    The report accuses Mboya of high handedness, incompetence, arrogance and neglecting his duties by cancelling meetings with international agencies and as a result costing the country in terms of bilateral relations.

    “The permanent representative to World Trade Organisation lacks interpersonal skills. He is managing the mission as his personal property, making unilateral decisions on matters concerning financial management in total disregard to the laid down regulations governing procurement,” the report says.

    According to the report, the mission’s main account lacks an alternate signatory, which has led to the delay in payment of staff salaries and bills, causing a diplomatic embarrassment to the country.

    Mboya withdrew that alternate signatories alleging that his deputy was allowing procurement of goods and services without ascertaining availability of funds, the report says.

    “This explanation, the team found to be unacceptable as there are mechanisms to control this area which may include disciplinary action against the concerned office,” the report says.

    According to the report, the lack of an alternate signatory has led to non-payment of the mission’s bills whenever Mboya is unavailable. It says that Mboya has total disregard of the laid down regulations governing procurement as well as financial management.

    It also states that the mission has outstanding debts that affect its credit rating among its suppliers and creditors. The mission lacks a fuel management system and drivers are required to fuel vehicles and seek refunds later, the report says.

    “Due to its poor credit rating, the mission is not able to enter into an agreement with petroleum companies to fuel its vehicles. The government should immediately direct the Efficiency Monitoring Unit to carry out investigations on any financial mismanagement and abuse of office by the ambassador and any other officer(s) in the Geneva mission,” the report says.

    Mboya has run down operations at the mission to the extent that none of the other officers can effectively conduct their work, the report says.

    “Other accusations are locking up the official seal so that other officers have no access and therefore none can issue note verbales, an important commercial tool between missions or international organisations,” the report says.

    According to the report, Mboya has on several occasions cancelled key meetings and this has led to the risk of Kenya losing its current role as coordinator of the African Group at the World Trade Organisation.

    “The permanent representative has cancelled some key meetings he had previously called or failed to attend without notice, leading to embarrassment and erosion of Kenya’s standing in the eyes of other nations. Our reputation is now at its lowest ebb,” the report says.

    The report adds that Mboya has thus demonstrated his lack of zeal and commitment for his work as well as negligence of his duty. It also says that the management of the mission is poor taking into consideration the haphazard manner in which duties are allocated and finances are mismanaged among other issues.

    The report says Mboya has a serious problem with his ego and lacks interpersonal skills. His staff accuse him of not being a team player and humiliating the staff through unsavoury remarks.

    The report says Mboya rarely seeks their advice or input even in areas where their expertise is mandatory. The report accuses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of failing to act on a report by a team sent to inspect the mission.

    It recommends that these officers should be reprimanded. “They should not only be held responsible but also accountable for the funds lost,” the report says.

  • Kenyans are their worst enemies and some of the comments here are irrefutable proof of this phenomenon. A thieving politician or public servant from their tribe is not committing a crime, just “helping” themselves cross over the river of poverty to prosperity , to borrow a phrase from renowned author Ngugi wa Thiongo. If the villain belongs to the “other despicable” tribe, then it is a genetic trait found in all members of that tribe and they cannot be trusted. The thieving political elite will always come out on top because the majority of the people allegeable to vote are blinded by tribalism. Sadly, even those with a decent education seem to have this tribal sickness that causes one to degenerate into a walking, taking tribal zombie. Kenyans have been enslaved and like the house Negro of the old American south think that they and their master share one identity.

  • OJ Hatari: I once held you with very high esteem for your analytical acumen and intelligent comments at KSB. However, your recent posts are slowly degenerating into personal attacks which to you sound correctional, yet for an independent observer, are nothing but barkings which diminish the high esteem you portrayed in the past.

    Ethnic alliances and emotions will never end soon among Kenyans and the best is to touch on them without reducing yourself into unwarranted squeaks and beeps.

    You challenge others for using what to you is crude language, yet you freely invoke the N word without care. Stay above the fray and revive your former analytical skills.

  • Lockarm Shaft Beam

    This explains why wakikuyu are the most stupid ,idiots brainwashed wachenzi who loves their oppressors and adored very filthy corruption barons as long as these rulers of impunity happens to belong to nyoomba of Mumbi offsprings of ruthless and corrupt tribes..

    Their time to eat will never end yesterday it was Jomo Kenyatta Uhurus thuggish and thieving dad who grabbed millions of acres in every province of Kenya, Now again Jomo Jr Uhuru wants again to become 4th Kenyan President hoping 42 kenyan tribes are a bunch of Nincompoos in comatoze waiting and hoping the Wakikuyu to be leading them and thinking for these sleeping tribes of Kenya.

    Sometimes one may think otheher 42 kenyans tribe deserves to be led and ruled by Kikuyu tribe for ever hence their lack of understanding (born) Zombies who are doomed to be kikuyu obedient slaves.

    In fact these drum.-beating tribes has a tendency of forgeting and suffer collectivelly from their feodolism metality of master slave relationship .where they offer their sons and daughters in the alter circrificed to their superiour God the Gikuyu tribe.

  • Ki-gas B lack AfriAme

    Religion is the Opium of the Poor illitrate Black people of Africa and Latinos>The audience – overwhelmingly young, white and middle class – appear excited to be part of something new and speak of the void they felt on a Sunday morning when they decided to abandon their Christian faith. Few actively identify themselves as atheists. “It’s a nice excuse to get together and have a bit of a community spirit but without the religion aspect,” says Jess Bonham, a photographer. “It’s not a church, it’s a congregation of unreligious people.” Another attendee, Gintare Karalyte, says: “I think people need that sense of connectedness because everyone is so singular right now, and to be part of something, and to feel like you are part of something. That’s what people are craving in the world.” The number of people declaring themselves to be of “no religion” in England and Wales has increased by more than six million since 2001 to 14.1 million, according to the latest census. That makes England and Wales two of the most secular nations in the Western world

  • Bahasha ya Ocampo

    Artist: Juliani & Jaya
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    lakini kenye naogopa hata zaidi
    finger of God
    yule yule yule yule
    yule yule, yule yule

    yule yule yule yule
    yule yule, yule yule

    Verse 2 (Juliani)
    maboy ni wa-humble
    wakiwa na warembo
    trouser inateremka down to earth
    wanapenda from the belt down
    si from the belt up
    flower, coffee, movie si free
    pakipa nikiku-hug haimaanishi naku-love
    after episodes za Tyra Banks
    wanadhani urembo ni kuvaa tighter pants
    wanafunika less
    so na-address
    hizi issue
    mguu split ka sign ya peace ka DBD
    ni ma-player, wanahitaji CDs
    sell self, wanaume
    ni river
    upate bank
    lazima u-get wet
    hio ndio advice tunawapea
    njaa hustler fala

    Chorus (Jaya)
    niliponea bahasha ya Ocampo
    lakini kenye naogopa hata zaidi
    finger of God
    yule yule yule yule
    yule yule, yule yule

    yule yule yule yule
    yule yule, yule yule

    Verse 3 (Juliani)
    unatumia Panadol kutibu H1N1
    there’s none but one
    kwake uje
    zingine zote
    ni ka watchman kulinda police station
    haisaidii, walivaa high heels
    wakaribie heaven
    nili-bend knees
    nika-touch heaven
    mtulivu husema sorry zitabaki thirty two
    mjuaji usimpikie githeri, ni ngumu ku-chew
    mwili yake ilipata shimo ka flute
    Yesu, kupata haikuwa flukes
    after ile kisa Eden
    ngumu kupata visa heaven
    great mathematician
    alitoa one earth, ndio apate all together heaven

    Chorus (Jaya)
    niliponea bahasha ya Ocampo
    lakini kenye naogopa hata zaidi
    finger of God
    yule yule yule yule
    yule yule, yule yule

    yule yule yule yule
    yule yule, yule yule

  • The most cursed Filthy black thieving elites who has contributed and coorabolated in thieving and enslaving their own nigroes of Kenya .

  • if the parliamentary committee members found that purity acted against the law,then they are the ones to be questioned and not the ksb commentators who have that script alone to refer too.quoting the same is in order since this is the only information used in assessing the overstay situation.there are commentators who think by calling others stupid and politically illiterate,they are better than them.some of us are silent readers of ksb and keenly watch those who assume they are intellectually superior to others.when a commentator abuses the freedom of speech by demeaning the intellect of others,then they are the ones who are intellectually inferior.if theykeep commenting on the education of others,then they are the ones who are cannot keep on commenting on the same thing by devaluing the intellect of others if they are not the ones suffering from the same things they mention.

    sleeping on the sofa after being kicked out of the bedroom by your wife/girlfriend is very traumatizing, especially when you are replaced by a stud who does a better job than you in the bedroom.ksb acts as the only platform to ease off that rage to maintain sanity.g’day.

  • @Former admirer – I feel flattered by your earlier high esteem. As much as people derive pleasure from being esteemed, it is not my purpose to elicit such emotions when I write comments on KSB. I write to challenge, give my honest perception and attack bigotry whenever and wherever I find it. If this appears as personal attacks, then unfortunately you do not find bigotry as repulsive as I do. I equate bigots with illiterate, uncouth and backward striving people who need to be halted in their tracks with the strongest language possible. A Kenyan bigot is easily recognized by their love to tribal references whenever they articulate their arguments, just like their counterparts that claim white superiority. I will not be a fence sitter in this aspect and will continue to take these despicable characters to task. Sorry to be a disappointment but, life is full of them.

    @Sthlm babe – I feel inclined to comment since I pointed out Kavila being of questionable intelligence and you have implied that by doing so I have displayed a sure sign of being intellectually challenged. I have no doubts whatsoever in regard to my intellect and very secure in that knowledge. However, anyone that attributes someone’s comments on KSB, or elsewhere for that matter, to their tribe is illiterate in my book. Only a fool would use tribe to attack a commentator since tribe encompasses a whole community that cannot and should not be held accountable for the actions or opinions of an individual. This is basic common sense of which unfortunately many lack, hence my superstition to diminished intelligence levels by those engaging in such behavior. This is primeval in nature and should be present only in pack animals that have no reasoning capacity. Interestingly the part about being kicked out of the bedroom and a well performing stud escaped me, but my conclusion is that you are well versed in how the politics of the bedroom can be used to effectively put a certain caliber of men in their place. Neither my cup of tea nor area of expertise I am afraid, but defer to your obvious dexterity in the subject. I trust you will keep us posted and amused with these going games.

  • Former-admirer: Point of information. I did not use the N word. The word I used was Negro in reference to the race of people held in slavery in the old American south. Negro is the name attributed to people with dark skins aka. Black and curly hair, just like Caucasian is used in reference to people with pale skins and straight hair aka. White. The phrase “the N word” is used for the word beginning with an “N”, has an “I” and double “g” and ending with an “a”, often used to describe people of the Negro race in a derogative matter. Now you know what the “N” word is.

  • Hatari: The term Negro falls within the sphere of the N-word in the eyes of many southern states Americans.There are many who are equally offended with its usage and believe that n-igga/n-igger is only overly derogatory. This was clearly the case during the 2010 US population census which included the word Negro to be checked as race. Germany is currently debating whether to drop the translated version of Negro, n_eger, from school textbooks. Similar usage has been avoided in Sweden. Therefore, branding Kenyans Negroes was just as bad as what you felt was a generalization of a community by Kavila.

    Since you last commented at KSB, the term GEMA has been used at least six times without distinguishing the persons in the mentioned cases. My point is, you cannot police people’s level of understanding and how they use words becuase they are different. Categorizing people foolish because you differ with their level of thinking unless they attack you personally, does not change how they think.

  • Democracy is Universal (tell it to gema youth robots)

    OJ HatariEsq Please sir ,You do not need to keep on explaining and perhaps feeling sorry to Kenya Zombies who cannot diff btw democracy and farcism niggerism and nugunism hence their inferiority sick mind complex .Perherps you could have asked Whats the Diff Btw Wakenya and black Monkeys .
    Its only the Kenyans People who love slavery ,oppression ,corruption and being raped ,maimed ,detained ,robed ,tortured, humiliated and killed and their assets confisicated by their filthy tribal barons such as Uhuru Kenyatta . Majority of young Central Kikuyu youth would kill you in the name of defending Uhuru and Kibaki gegemony and chauvinism hence being brainwashed to Zombies.

  • Former admirer,
    You and I are apparently commenting on different issues. Firstly I used the term Negro as an identifier of a certain race, I could have used Blacks or African American but I chose the anthropological term instead. This is semantics really. The term Negro does not have the same connotation as that of “neger” as used in European countries with Germanic roots, as it is sorely derogatory in nature. I likened many Kenyans to the Negros (Blacks or African Americans) of the American south, and my point was that they portray the same behavioral traits they did when relating to the slave masters, who in the Kenyan context would be the corrupt political elite. Instead of you trying to deciphering the intended message you latched on to the term Negro and created a minor fracas. GEMA is not an anthropological term and your comparison therefore is null and void. I am against tribal and racial bigotry, and would rather expound my energy to discuss this issue within the Kenyan diaspora than dwell on who or what a Negro is. What is illuminating however is the fact that you consider my opposition to tribal bigotry as policing the understanding of fellow KSB commentators. Tribal bigotry has to be eradicated in the mind first before Kenyans can realize their dreams and they have no other choice but to change their way of thinking if they are to join the developing nations of the world. What is so difficult in addressing a person without having to refer to their ethnicity? I honestly believe tribal and racial bigots are morons and Neanderthals, and have much in common with pack animals that display a strikingly similar level of intellect.

    Let me give you another likeness that will amplify what I seeing happening to Kenyans in the near future. In India today there is a crisis as a result of horrendous rapes that have been the order of the day and voices everywhere are being raised in unison condemning the perpetuators of these hideous acts, at least in public. What many people do not know is the root cause of these rapes. One word, bigotry. Indians have refused to cast of the caste system and the untouchables (lowest caste) have borne the brunt of violence in that society for centuries. Due to their dehumanization in the course of many years, it became acceptable to force one’s self or in brunt terms serial rape their women- Indian society basically turned a blind eye with the same attitude you have articulate, “that you cannot police people’s level of understanding and because they are different”. Until the shocking attack on a young lady that epitomized the modern Indian woman free of the shackles of a polarized society. Suddenly, they realized none of their young women were safe from a similar fate and they were all in the same boat regardless of caste.

    A report prepared for the UN showed that Kenya was in the preliminary stages associated with societies where genocide has occurred post 2007 elections. In this stage dehumanization of victims was the classic telltale sign of the coming storm, and this process did not cease with the formation of the coalition government.

  • Hatari: Times change and culture is dynamic just as old racial terms get dropped. The term Negro has gone beyond its Anthropological meaning and has become passé to many African Americans because of its negative application during slavery and the racial struggle periods. There are many Black South Africans who do not want to be called black since the end of Apartheid. Many biased documentations by white anthropologists have been revised over the years to fit into politically-correct terms that can be applied academically. It is within this background that I emphasized the N-word is equal to Negro, which is currently not acceptable to a large section of Americans in the southern states whom you referred to.

    What I have gathered from your responses is you have a rigid way of perceiving certain things and feel they must remain as such. That is a limitation because if you are not contesting a theory, you will find that discussions at KSB are non-academic banters and require a generalized approach. I threw in the careless way some commentators refer to tribal matters. Before you commented yesterday, a lot of snide remarks were thrown at GEMA. Within this article, a commentator urged you to forget about ‘zombies’ who do not understand the term Negro (#33). Basically, you will not police commentators to write what you feel is wrong.

    I fully understood what you wrote and wanted to emphasize that at the moment, to many African-Americans, the word Negro is politically-incorrect and it does not matter the context of application. It might not be a racial term, but the feeling exists just as many colonial and anthropological terms used on Kenyans are derogatory today even if merely used within a comment at KSB.

  • Former admirer : You still refuse to address the singular issue of tribal bigotry I raised and insist on pursuing semantics regarding the use of the term Negro. The nuances of the term Negro are scarcely going to make a difference in the improvement of the mindset of Kenyans in the Diaspora in regard to tribal bias. Let us focus and debate issues or attitudes that affect us and not dwell on pointless semantics. Do not make the mistake that many do by equating the argumentation of semantics to intellectual prowess. And yes, I am extremely rigid and practice zero tolerance when it comes to tribal bigotry and as such cannot generailze my approach but unflinchingly tackle the bull head-on by the horns.

  • Hatari: My valediction to the topic.

  • By all means, semper ad meliora.

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