The Joseph Funeral: Vote of Thanks

The Joseph funeral

This is to thank all friends, sympathizers and well-wishers who showed solidarity with me following the demise of my brother in Kenya. I am back from the funeral and I would like to take this opportunity to send my gratitude to friends who turned up to condole with my family during a very difficult moment. I must admit that the emotional support I got from friends, individuals and families during this difficult time was just overwhelming.

In this respect, I take this opportunity to thank: Jared Odero, the Mark Gaya family, the entire Kimani Mberi family, the entire Laban Mberi family, the entire Caroline O. Omino family, the entire Martin Ngatia family, the entire Hellen Opwapo family, the entire Sven Gunnar family, the Nelly Musira family together with the family of Joyce Lindberg for the support they gave me during my hour of need. Thank you all for the great assistance you gave me and family at a time when I was weak and deserving.

Likewise, I take this opportunity to thank the Gikandi family, the Ngolia Kimanzu family, the Rose Adero family, the Giddy Oyundi family, the Joseph Goga family, the Magnus family, the Jasper Orieny family, the Gideon Asum family together with the families of Hulda, Alice, Mapenzi Oberana, Lenza and Rukia for their great support at a time when I needed comfort and solace following the sad loss of my loving brother. In these friends, I did learn that in our human relationships, friendship truly does give value to survival during moments of sadness and sorrow. Your presence when I needed you most will last in my memory for a long time to come.

In this humble vote of thanks, I also wish to mention the family of Queen Johansson, the Otieno Owiyo family, the Manto family, the Silus Njuguna family, the Makan family, the Nancy Wandaka family, the Mama Lydia family, the Mama Monie family, the Antony Muraya family, the Jack Mulo family, the  Serah Nielsen family together with the family of Munala wa Munala who were all very instrumental in adding strength and vigour in my emotional well-being during a dull and poignant moment when all that a friend needs is nothing but support. These friends all brought my mortal human consciousness to the realization that the power of friendship is far much greater than the mystery of death. To all these friends, I say “May God bless you”.

Further, this vote of thanks would be incomplete without mentioning the two sisters of the two families whom I have known for a long time – Mary and Beth Mugo. Thanks for your inspiration and consolation.

Because of circumstances, it might be impossible to name everybody who supported me during the difficult moments. However, I took note of all those who could not be able to be with my family but made phone calls to console me, sent kind SMS messages, emails or sent friends to deliver their condolences. It was a sudden and tragic event which came at very short notice. However, you all came to be with me and my family. We are all very grateful and thank you very much.

I can assure you that your prayers and songs of praise reminded me that the soul can, at times, go down on its knees but with support from friends, the strength to move on can, indeed, be generated for life to continue. My brother was buried on Friday, June 8th 2012 and at the moment, my family is still trying to come to terms with this great loss. May God bless you all, now and in the future.

Mrs. Anna Okoth and Family

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