Kenya-Stockholm Woman “Comes Back from Hell”

Winnie (L) and best friends having a good time at the party

A Kenyan woman has told KSB that she “has been to hell and back”. Winnie, who is a mother of three, and who had just become a grandmother, said that there is a period when she “lost it” before friends began to desert her. In a stunning revelation when friends paid her homage to welcome her grand-daughter, Winnie said that she wanted the news of her “return from the living hell” in Stockholm published at KSB so that all Kenyans can know about her new status.

Winnie, who is divorced, said that her troubles started when she started losing direction. As a result of frustrations, she narrated to KSB how she sunk into alcoholism and other “bad habits” before she lost her mind completely.

“I was gone and now I am back”, she said as friends who had congregated at her apartment in Norsborg last Saturday congratulated her. She said that losing one’s mind is the most tragic experience a human being can undergo, adding that coming “back to life” is the ultimate victory.

“I became useless and my life became meaningless. Some of my best Kenyan friends then began to desert me”, she told KSB in front of friends who witnessed the dramatic revelations. A top KSB operative had been invited to the Party as a friend of Winnie and when the story appeared to have been served on a golden platter, the operative simply scooped it and here we are.

Many Kenyans who have or continue to undergo negative experiences rarely try to make their experiences public. This is why it was surprising when Winnie accepted to go public. Asked why she wanted her story known, Winnie said that when her mind “was captured by the devil”, many Kenyans knew about it but they refused to help her.

Apart from a few friends (whom she named) and whom, she said, were very helpful during her tribulations, Winnie said that majority of her long-term friends used her tragic predicament to spread negative propaganda about her before dumping her, hoping that she would be transferred to a mental asylum, never to be seen again in Kenya-Stockholm.

Luckily, and with the help of loyal friends, Winnie narrated how she began her long journey “back to the world of normalcy”, the challenges she underwent and how she overcame the difficulties before coming “back to life”. It was a very moving story and as she narrated her ordeal, it was all ears.

Without going into detail about what Winnie said, she stressed that the sad experience had enabled her to separate real friends from fake ones. “All my friends stood by me and I now know them”, she said. The friends who were in attendance had been treated to a heap of Nyama Choma during an out-door grilling session before they retreated into the house when the weather began to misbehave.

Your best friend could be your worst enemy
At first, Winnie’s contacts thought that she had called a “Caai wa mwana” and as information swept across Kenya-Stockholm that a crowd had gathered at Winnie’s apartment to celebrate the birth of her grandchild, mobile phones began to heat up as friends at the Party were mobilized to explain that the Party was an informal “courtesy call” and not a “Caai wa mwana”.

The big problem was that if the occasion took the distinction of a “Caai wa mwana”, it was incumbent that key stake-holders who had not been invited be part of the business. From inquiries that began to pour in, it was clear that “Caai wa mwana” is a very big deal in Kikuyu culture and regardless of Winnie’s personal circumstances, it could not be organized without certain forces being informed. Winnie said that she would soon consult with her relatives in Stockholm to organize a Caai wa mwana so that everybody who was interested could be invited.

Winnie assured all her relatives who were never invited to the Party that when the time for Caai wa mwana comes, they will all be involved at each and every stage of the process. “This is a Party for friends who stood by me at my weakest moment”, she said, adding that her idea was to thank these friends because without their relentless support, she may never have made it back to the “real life” of the living.

With a lot of “opening up” sessions taking center stage as Vinywaji “took over thinking systems”, the Party was a minefield of juicy storos but the KSB agent who was present, was strictly warned not to get out any “hot gossip” that flew in the air during the happy hours. According to insiders, if this agent “loses his senses” and begins to “open up”, the kind of crisis that can be precipitated in Kenya-Stockholm can be of colossal proportions. For this reason, the agent “has kept his mouth closed and lips tight” since leaving the Party. Not even an induction with hot vinywajis has been able to alter his position and this goes a long way to show the level of discipline of KSB agents. Sadly, the pilipili hohos may never hit KSB until they are de-classified some day!

What appeared striking was that in Kenya-Stockholm, when you are in problems, friends may desert you and when you are totally messed up, “good Samaritans” may begin to surface to explain how you could have been helped if Kenyans knew about your problem. With her tribulations having found their way to KSB during critical moments, Winnie said that no one can claim ignorance about her case.

“Some friends who knew about my problem are the same friends who took it to KSB before disappearing into thin air”, she said. Interestingly, she was not bitter with KSB for having covered the story because KSB never named her. She was also positive because since the storo was published here, no one can claim not to have known about it because despite the fact that she was never named, “Wakenya walijua! She congratulated KSB for the good job the blog site was doing in keeping Wakenya “on-toes”. The top KSB operative who was invited to the Party is a long-standing friend of the Winnie family and, according to some revelers, the guest list could have been incomplete without him.

KSB crew takes this opportunity to congratulate Winnie on her brilliant come-back to the world of the living. Winnie is a good example among Wakenya in Stockholm to the effect that despite the difficult circumstances individuals may face, there is always an opportunity for a come-back. The most remarkable observation was the role of friends in Winnie’s come back.

According to the general mood at the Party, friends can either make or break you. The revelations proved Bob Marley’s message that sometimes, “Your best friend could be your worst enemy and your worst enemy your best friend”.

eOkoth Osewe


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