Are You Registered Secretly in Any Political Party in Kenya?

Check your status here


  • Raphael ngigi Kamau

    I Wanted to know whether they have trade under my burner (u know they might have registered my name without my permission if that happened I will take them to the court. The space provided above was so small and unmaginifiable I was unable to check

    KSB: You were to click on the photo which was to take you to the relevant website…


    I ave found myself rigistered with TNA without my concent.

  • Harrison Sika Songa

    I have checked my registration status and found am in TNA a party that I have not in anyway associated with. please help me to be in a party of my choice ODM. my ID No 23797123,phone No 0713789786,please help

    KSB: You need to call the registrar of political parties immediately and lodge a complaint. This can only be done by you. Regards.

  • Naukot Anderson lowoi

    Im not a registered member of mwangaza party their no. Mp 188666 is wrong.let them delete my name from this list of shame.

    KSB: You need to get in touch with the Registrar of Political Parties then make your request. it is their job to keep the record up to date. In case you are interested in joining KRA, let me know.

  • Francis Ngugi Njenga

    check which party am I registered in

    KSB: Send yr ID or Passport number or navigate to the website and check.

  • Found myself registered with ODM.never had anything to do with them. Iwant to be registered with TNA or whoever pushed my name should do it to URP instead.

    KSB: Register with KRA instead.

  • The website is not opening now and i need to know if they’ve stolen me as well

    KSB: i will call Kibaki and find out the problem?

  • Kepher Isinta Momanyi

    Am I registered?

    KSB: Navigate to the website and check via your ID or PP number.

  • Kepher Isinta Momanyi

    Am I registeted?

    KSB: Navigate to the site and check via your ID or PP.

  • I can not believe this fraud, i have just discovered that i am a registered member of a political party that i never knew even existed leave alone subscribe to.I am heading to court,these fraudulent parties must be de-registered and also someone has to answer where my info came from a)either central beural of statistics or my mobile service provider

    KSB: Welcome to the world of Kibaki, masheitani and icc suspects.

  • Grace Wamhbui Gitau

    The web is not opening and i really nid to know where i am. don want to be where i am not comfortable.

    KSB: Try later. It could mean that at the time it was not opening, it was experiencing high traffic.

  • The site is down. Something is fishy

    KSB: Sometimes, the site fails to load if it is experiencing high traffic. Try later.

  • I’ll be happy two known which party am registered to

    KSB: Navigate to the site and find out with your ID or PP.

  • veronica muthoni

    the website ain’t opening.

    KSB: It could be experiencing high traffic. Try later.

  • I am Juma Levis Ludovico I have not taken any initiative to join any party but I am shocked to find my name registered with FEDERAL PARTY OF KENYA whom I don’t know the owner or anything to do with it. My question is, I want to know what happened. I am astrong supporter of CORD under ODM, How comes My names are associated with such like aparty

    KSB: Because of fraud. Contact the Registrar through email and complain.

  • The website seems to have been disabled. Couldn’t this be another fraud?

    KSB: Sometimes, it doesn’t load when too many visitors are browsing it at the same time.


    I have just checked my status and found that I have been fraudulently been registered as a member of Progressive Party of Kenya. If the IIEBC can’t come out clearly and punish these people then why can’t the normally aggressive Civil Rights Groups take up the issue with the respective Parties & Registrar of Political Parties on behalf of the affected people since it will be a monumental task to the Courts if each individual takes legal action


    Keep me updated pls.

    KSB: send yr details.

  • The website is not opening now and I need to know my status as well .

  • Am neither registered in any of the parties what is the procedure of registration?

  • i want to confirm whether someone has registered me without my knowledge,how do i do?

    KSB: navigate to the website then enter yr id or pp number.

  • Can the smart Kenyan’s enable this site it has been disabled in my own thinking. We need to know how status. Why would someone deny Kenyans information when they need it and its there. When shall our politics change for good of our beloved Kenyans and Country.
    Those who love peace and would want to see this nation going forward, help to get it active, we need to see the level of integrity for out politicians.

  • I have never registered. my membership to any political party . i am surprised to find out that i am registered as a member of the least known farmers party. Peter pmukoma muthama kitui.

    KSB: pole sana. Blame Kibaki and his government then vote wisely in March.

  • Check my party

    KSB: You are in TNA brother. We just checked.

  • i cannot be able to send an email to the registar of political parties is there any other email address i can use apart from the one given here because i hv been trying to send wth it for the last two month without success

    KSB: Which email have you been using? Send your details to kenyastockholm(at) and we will let you know if you are registered in any party.

  • my identity stolen by PNU.I have never been associated with that party. i want to change to my party ODM. Advice

  • I ave found myself rigistered with farmers party
    without my concent

    KSB: Pole sana. Write to the registrar.

  • Allyphonse Mutuku kavila

    why should a political party register me without my authority?pliz njoki,take action coz somebody registered me to GNU of which idont even know the meaning.

  • Can Brave Kikuyu Please Speak Out

    Monday, January 7, 2013 – 00:00 — BY NGUNJIRI WAMBUGU

    Last month a group of powerful leaders from the Kikuyu community decided to summon Uhuru Kenyatta to a meeting. They explained to him that the Kikuyu community especially, stands to suffer great loss under an Uhuru presidency for as long as he is still an ICC suspect. They broke down the monetary losses to cash crop farmers (most of whom are Kikuyu and Kalenjin), international traders (again, most of whom are Kikuyus), financial institutions (again a large stake owned by Kikuyus) and so on as well as explained the challenges his government would face in international politics, aid and commerce. They pleaded with him to shelve his ambitions until after the ICC and support someone else. Uhuru saw the wisdom of their words and drove to Musalia Mudavadi’s home with his political colleagues. He offered to step down for Musalia for the sake of his community and the country. They signed on it.

    A few days later Uhuru’s personal interests, which I assume revolve around the ICC, protection of his family’s wealth and the political careers of his friends, took over. He chickened out of his promise to Musalia and is now back on a course that will ultimately lead to great losses for the very same Kikuyu community that he purports to lead and whose support his career is built on.

    My local church has ‘Positioned to Transform’ as the theme for 2013. It is drawn from the book of Esther Chapter 4 verse 14, which says: “For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?'”

    For those not familiar with this text the context is that Esther, an Israelite girl, was queen to King Ahasuerus, the King of Persians and the Medes and a man who reigned over 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia.

    In the course of the usual court politics a powerful government official called Haman came up with a devious plot to deal with his adversary, an Israelite called Mordecai. He manipulated the King and had a decree passed that would have seen the total annihilation of all Israelites.

    Mordecai, who also happened to be Esther’s uncle, went to her and told her about the plan. He then told her that she must do something about it because for all they knew, maybe she held such high position because of such a time as this.

    The challenge that Esther faced was that to initiate communication with her husband, the King, she would have to walk into his chamber un-summoned.

    Now, in the traditions of the land if she did this and the King refused to acknowledge her she would be summarily executed. On the other hand she could choose to ignore Haman’s dastardly plans and let the annihilation go on as decreed, with the hope that as queen, she would escape with her life.

    However Mordecai told her that if she chose that option he believed deliverance for the community would still come forth, but she would still lose her life.

    Esther chose to put her life on the line, and God gave her favour with the King. She saved her people, had the evil Haman executed on a cross he had set up for her uncle, who ended up taking over all of Haman’s estate.

    Ironically her moment of courage resulted in a situation where it became dangerous not to be an Israelite at the time when they were supposed to all die!

    I want to specifically call out to the ‘Esthers’ amongst my community the Kikuyu, starting with the same group that Uhuru now refers to as ‘Mashetani’.

    This group, which must be very powerful indeed if they can summon Uhuru and make him do what he did, are leaders in our community. They understand the difficulty Kikuyus and other Kenyans will have under an Uhuru presidency. Do not say it in board rooms, say it out in the marketplace.

    I am sure these are people worked under Prime Minister Raila Odinga and President Kibaki for the five years of the coalition government.

    They know how the coalition legacy that President Kibaki is so proud off, came about. They know who is best suited to take over from Kibaki.

    I assume the second plan of what they suggested to Uhuru is so that they continue in influence after Kibaki retires; however if that is not working they must think beyond wanting to keep their jobs.

    I call upon them to speak out and show the Kikuyu community how not to become politically irrelevant for the first time since independence, as we led around by the nose by politicians pursuing selfish agendas.

    I am also calling out to all the other ‘Mordecais’ and ‘Esthers’ from other communities. You know what is in the communities best interest and you know whether the man or woman fronting themselves as the representative of your community actually represents the interests of the community; speak out and show your people what they should do so that we can all build Kenya together.

    The writer is the head of Change Associations.

  • Abdijabar Mohamed Garole

    I do want to know whether am secretly registered in any political party membership?

    KSB: send id number.

  • I have never registered as a member of any political party but to my suprise i am registered as member of TNA. Irequest that my name be removed from the register.
    by Wilson Akuma Nyasinga

    KSB: Wilson, write to the Registrar to remove yr name. You are at KSB and we don’t remove names from the Register. Good luck.

  • I hv found that am secretly registered with Party of me RPP’s no.

  • I found my name in TNA register never had anything to do with politics

    KSB: Pole sana. You are another stolen member of TNA. Contact the Registrar and get justice.

  • racism in Vienna

    Kenyan woman pushed on subway tracks for loud cell conversation

    A Kenyan woman was pushed onto the subway tracks in Vienna on Saturday, causing her to break her leg and suffer serious injuries. The 36 year old lady has been identified as Nelly. Three onlookers scrambled to help Nelly from the tracks where she lay in pain, while another pressed the emergency button to stop the train that was to come in in about 30 seconds.

    A police statement says the 51 year old man complained of being disturbed by the woman’s loud cell-phone conversation, and that he hit her before shoving her into the pit. The man who was with his spouse at the time defended himself saying he didn’t mean to push the lady but was instead trying to defend himself as he felt threatened. State broadcaster ORF said the man uttered racial slurs before pushing the woman, who is black.

    The man was arrested and charged with attempted homicide. Nelly was operated on and is currently in the hospital recovering.

  • please check our status as the site has been “down” ID nos 1681140, 21963756

  • Peterodumahochokolo

    I want to know which party i am registered

    KSB: Send you ID number.

  • I want to know All parties that have gotten funding from the government as at a candidate on P.o.a party and want to know if we will receive any funding

  • i would like to join tna as a party member … i am interested in politics

  • paul kamau kieme

    I was registered sometimes back in labour party of Kenya , how can I change now to the party of my choice ?

  • Justus mutisya mumo

    If have found been registered under a certain political party without my knowledge, how do I unregistered ?

  • Kefar murangiri mbaya

    I want to know weather am registered to any political party

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